Open Post | Weekend, January 12th – 14th

Graduate Transfer LT | Calvin Anderson: Last night, I spoke with Rice graduate transfer left tackle, Calvin Anderson. It’s no surpise, there are a number of schools pursuing the talented left tackle. He’s a plug and play guy with NFL draft potential.

In terms of what he’s looking for as he makes a decision about where he will play next year, Anderson says, “Biggest thing I’m considering is what a school can offer in terms of NFL prep. I also want to play against the best talent. Basically, all that pertains to NFL development”.

Coach Bedenbaugh reached out to Anderson this week and they spoke on the phone today. It sounds like coach Bedenbaugh will be visiting Anderson sometime in the next few days. The Sooners will try to get Anderson up to Norman for a official visit.

Texas, Michigan, Auburn, TCU and a number of other schools are sending coaches to see Anderson. In fact Jim Harbaugh will be down to see Anderson in person on Monday. Texas is sending two staff members tomorrow. So, the competition will be stiff but Anderson is very aware of the Sooners track record at offensive line development and he is aware that they have a vacancy at the left tackle spot.

Anderson says he will likely take all five official visits. Oklahoma and Texas will likely receive visits. – (Super K)

Moro Ojomo: We are told that 2018 DT, Moro Ojomo (Katy, TX) is expected to take a official visit to Oklahoma this weekend.

Last weekend Ojomo had mentioned to K that Ojomo was only certain about taking official visits to Texas and Oregon. So, this is welcomed news.

Ojomo dropped a list of top schools yesterday and not surprisingly the Sooners were in it along six others…

Keep an eye on Texas, TCU and Oregon as potentially the stiffest competition for Ojomo. TCU has a long standing relationship with Ojomo. And, as I mentioned, he’s been adamant about visiting Texas and Oregon. So, it’s likely they are threats. I do think it’s a positive sign that he chose to make his first official visit after the break to Oklahoma. – (Super K)

Tank Jenkins: Sooners OL target, Tank Jenkins, seems finally set to take his official visit to Oklahoma this upcoming weekend. Jenkins says this may be his final visit. So, if the Sooners push, don’t be surprised if something goes down.  – (Super K)

– Since the Sooners have not yet hired a 10th coach, they can, if they choose, activate a current member of the support staff to do visits in place of a 10th assistant. We are awaiting final word on whether they will do that but the most recent word we’ve heard is that there weren’t any plans to do so. Again, the staff will meet for the first time in a while today so that could change. – (Brandon)

Leon O’Neal | Trending Sooners: As most of you know, Leon O’Neal is very close to newly committed LB DaShaun White.

I spoke with White, about O’Neal, last night and he said his main focus was making sure O’Neal joined him in the 2018 class. He spoke highly of OU’s chances. One quote that really stuck out to me was when I asked him his honest feelings about where OU stood with O’Neal he said, “I think there is a really good chance. He’s really big on playing with the right guys and he loves me and Bookie.”

That is something K and I have heard from several sources, but it’s always good to hear it from guys close to O’Neal and ones that are recruiting him.

K spoke to sources close to Leon and says OU has made a major surge. For quite some time it looked like TAMU was a foregone conclusion. K says that is no longer the case and TAMU has real competition now from the Sooners. Also of note is Leon is still considering a official visit to Clemson later this month.

K’s source corroborates much of what we’ve heard, that Leon really feels like the OU class is one where he can surround himself with other great players and thrive. – (Brandon & Super K)

– Friday Visits | Coaches on the Road:

*2019 WR, Garrett Wilson (Austin, TX) tells us that the Sooners will be down to see him tomorrow. Obviously no small thing to be the first person wide receiver coach visits after the dead period. We’ll have more on Wilson shortly. This is an offer that appears to be close. – (Brandon)

*We are told that Sooners will also visit 2018 DB, Leon O’Neal tomorrow. Interesting note here, spoke with someone close to Leon who tells me that he is going to try to make it back up to OU for a unofficial visit this month. – (Super K)

*Sooners commits, DaShaun White, tells us that coach Kish will be visiting him tomorrow. Texas A&M is still fighting hard to bring White back into the fold. So far, it’s not working. Sooners won’t let up. – (Brandon)

*Coach Bedenbaugh and Coach Mike Stoops will be in Tulsa tomorrow to see Daxton Hill, 2019 OL Richard Stromberg and Sooners 2020 OL commit, Andrew Raym. – (Brandon & Super K)