Open Post | Weekend, December 15th – 17th

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Rodney Anderson | Team Note: As you all know by now…

Anderson has been working out with the team all week. As of earlier this week he was at practice but not participating due to a minor injury he’s nursing (nothing serious…just being held out for precautionary purposes). As of right now it doesn’t appear there is any reason to believe Anderson won’t be on the field against UGA. – (Super K & Brandon)

Nik Bonitto: After last week’s in-home visit with OU and Texas, I spoke with 2018 OLB, Nik Bonitto (Fort Lauderdale, FL). Texas and OU are pushing hard for the athletic linebacker. Bonitto is an intriguing prospect in that he can possibly play any one of the various linebacker spots in multiple schemes. How athletic is he? He’s the son of a division 1 basketball player and holds multiple division one basketball offers himself.

I asked Bonitto what Stoops message has been to him, “he’s telling me about the championship culture at Oklahoma that everyone sees and he’s letting me know that they have guys leaving and that I’ll get a chance to be on the field right away.”

Thus far Bonitto has taken visits to Texas and Louisville. He also noted that “Florida just got into the mix” but it’s not clear just how serious talks are right now. What does seem clear is that Texas and Oklahoma are two key players in this recruitment.

Bonitto will take a official visit to Oklahoma this upcoming weekend. In terms of a commitment timeline, “I want to commit at the Under Armour game but I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to sign on the 20th or sign in February”. – (Super K)

Riley Visits St. Louis: As previously noted, coach Riley was in St. Louis last night to visit Ronnie Perkins and the family of Ayodele Adeoye. I confirmed yesterday’s report, Riley did fly from St. Louis immediately to Tulsa to do a in-home visit with Josh Proctor. Here is where things stand.

Perkins – Perkins is locked in. Perkins recently visited Missouri where his older brother plays. Spoke with someone close to Perkins about that who said, “It was never anything. He went for him mom because a part of her would like to see her boys play together but in the end it’s nothing. She’s happy with Oklahoma”.

Ayodele – OU has had Ayodele’s mother in their corner for a while. Ayodele’s brothers have been in Texas’ corner. This past weekend, Texas made a good impression on the mother. Two weeks ago when I spoke with Ayodele he was torn between Texas and OU. I chatted with him immediately after the Texas visit and he said he wasn’t torn at all. And that he is all in with Texas. The big issue continues to be the position opening at OU vs. Texas. OU is telling him that they plan to move Kenneth Murray to the WILL and the MIKE will be open for competition. I just don’t think Ayodele is convinced. I believe this one will end up in Texas’ favor but I’ll continue to stay in touch with Ayodele to see if things change. He is prone to rethinking things and I know his interest in Oklahoma was/is genuine.

Josh Proctor: All I heard regarding last night’s meeting with Riley is that Proctor’s parents are fine with whatever decision Josh makes and they are leaving it in his hands. Before the visit a source on the OU side said they felt OU’s chances were at 30/70…Ohio State being 70. I’ll be checking more on this today. I still find it hard to believe that Proctor will leave the state. That’s just my gut feeling. If he doesn’t sign with Ohio State on the 20th then I believe it’s an indication that while the idea of going to Ohio State was nice, the reality of going that far is different. But again, I don’t have a ton to go on here.

DaShaun White: Spoke with DaShaun White last night to see how things went with coach Riley and the in-home visit this weekend. I’ll have a full write up with quotes later but wanted to share this quick quote from DaShaun regarding Riley and his family

“He (Coach Riley) won my whole family over. Had grandma and grandpa here”

White’s family is very traditional. Once they committed to TAMU, they did so as a family and a lot of this has been about OU trying win over the family.

Again, more on this later… – (Super K)

Who Will Sign Early: We’ve been checking with the current commits to find out who plans to sign during the early signing period. Here is what we have so far. Still trying to double check some of this but with the 20th rapidly approaching we’d prefer to put it out and update it as we go:

TJ Pledger – Signing early and early enrollee

Tanner Mordecai – Signing early

Starrland Balwdin – Early and possible early enrollee

Tavion Thomas – awaiting a response

Ron Tatum – Signing early

Miguel Edwards – Signing early and early enrollee

Ronnie Perkins – Signing early and possible early enrollee

Jalen Redmond – Signing early and early enrollee

Jaquayln Crawford – Signing early and early enrollee

Delarrin Turner-Yell – Signing early

Jordon Austin – Austin really doesn’t communicate with any of the commits and it doesn’t sound like Oklahoma has visited him. I do not believe he will sign on the 20th. Stay tuned for more on this…

Jaylon Robinson – Signing early

Brian Asamoah – Signing early

Darrell Simpson – Awaiting a response

Brey Walker – Signing early

Treveon Johnson – Johnson will not sign early. This is unrelated to how committed he is to OU.

Kundarrius Taylor – Signing early

Tramonda Moore – Signing early and December JUCO grad

Jordan Kelley – Signing early

Patrick Fields – Signing early and early enrollee