Open Post | Weekend, April 30 – May 2nd

5-Star 2023 DT Jordan Renaud to Visit in June
– CJ Vogel

Last week I stopped by Lewisville where I was able to see 5-star DT Jordan Renaud with the pads on for the first time.

Renaud is everything you want in a five star defensive lineman. He is disruptive, quick and explosive, and was causing issues all day for a pretty talented Lewisville offensive line.

It goes without saying, but Renaud is hearing from just about everyone. Just four years into his football career, he has 20 offers from some of the biggest programs in the country and was on the phone with Nick Saban as recently as last week.

Renaud told me he hopes to visit Norman on June 18 for the Sooners’ BBQ outing. It’s already slated to be one of the biggest weekends of the summer for Oklahoma and the addition of the five star defensive tackle puts even more of an exclamation mark on the weekend for the Sooner staff.

As for schools Renaud hopes to see in person other than Oklahoma, he mentioned Texas, Texas A&M and LSU.

There is a very long way to go in this recruitment, and I do think it’s going to be a pretty  tough pull to keep Renaud out of SEC country.

I don’t get the sense that any of the Florida schools will have an edge in this recruitment despite Renaud having grown up there. For what it’s worth, I got the sense he wanted to distance himself from the Sunshine State.

ChampU22 | Defensive Back Big Board
– Charlie S

Continuing with the rollout of the OU Big Boards.

Currently posting the ’22 recruits who hold Oklahoma offers.

There will be additional names added to most position groups as names of interest as we get deeper into the cycle.

***Defensive Backs***

Denver Harris – North Shore (Houston, TX)

Jeadyn Lukus – Mauldin (Mauldin, SC)

Terrance Brooks – John Paul II (Plano, TX)

Earl Little Jr. – American Heritage (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Toriano Pride – Lutheran North (Saint Louis, MO)

Ephesians Prysock – Bishop Alemany (Mission Hills, CA)

Jacolby Spells – American Heritage (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Benjamin Morrison – Brophy College Preparatory (Phoenix, AZ)

Myles Pollard – Ravenwood (Brentwood, TN)

Lorenzell Dubose – Neville (Monroe, LA)

Jaylen Lewis – Haywood (Brownsville, TN)

Avery Powell – St. Peters Prep (Jersey City, NJ)

Jayden Rowe – Union (Tulsa, OK)

Kamari Wilson – IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)

Bryce Anderson – West Brook (Beaumont, TX)

Zion Branch – Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV)

Xavier Nwankpa – Southeast Polk (Des Moines, IA)

Bryan Allen Jr. – Aledo (Aledo, TX)

Chace Biddle – Garland (Garland, TX)

Austin Jordan – Ryan (Denton, TX)

Sherrod Covil – Oscar Smith (Chesapeake, VA)

Cristian Driver – Liberty Christian (Argyle, TX)

Markeith Williams – Evans (Orlando, FL)

Jarred Kerr – Lexington (Lexington, TX)

D’Arco Perkins-McAllister – Stratford Comprehensive (Nashville, TN)

Gentry Williams – Booker T. Washington (Tulsa, OK)

Azareyeh Thomas – Niceville (Niceville, FL)

Maurion Horn – Broken Arrow (Broken Arrow, OK)

Chris Graves – Bishop Verot (Fort Myers, FL)

Defensive Back Bottom Line:

Not gonna lie, been a bit of a weird cycle at defensive back to this point for the Sooners.

There have been multiple cases where OU had a recruit heavily leaning their way, only to pause the push for them.

At this point, for me, it all starts with Gentry Williams. He is a must-have this cycle for the Sooners and getting the home state stud on campus several times in the coming months (including the spring game) will be key for the Sooners.

Obviously, we have made it clear that we believe OU is in a very good spot with Jayden Rowe who is likely to announce his commitment to the school of his choosing in the very near future.

Then you start to look around and really try to hone in on ‘who rounds this thing out’. I’m working under the assumption that OU will look to take at least FOUR and most likely FIVE defensive backs. With Oklahoma, it’s almost not worth trying to separate the corners from the safety as Grinch and company truly do look for ‘defensive backs’.

So, with Gentry and Rowe being two priorities, you can then turn your attention to guys like Myles Pollard, Jarred Kerr, Austin Jordan, and Chace Biddle for certain. All of those guys are expected to visit Norman in the coming months.

At one point we felt OU was in a very good position with Terrance Brooks, but he just left the Sooners off his top schools list. However, OU is still likely to get an unofficial visit from Brooks at the very least.

Last night, Oklahoma extended an offer to Chris Graves out of Florida, which I found pretty interesting as it is evident that they are still evaluating targets. Not a bad thing, but definitely noteworthy as your Big Board is still evolving.

Will be interesting to watch this class play out. OU has a chance to bring in another stout DB class with the names I focused on alone. The fact that they are still evaluating and offering should not be a concern to you, in my opinion. It is encouraging to me that OU is not being complacent and they are being rather picky with who they pursue…so long as they land them at the end of the day.

Visitor Note | ’23 OL Luke Montgomery
– Charlie S

Sooners 2023 offensive line target Luke Montgomery (6’5″ 260) out of Findlay, OH will be visiting Norman for an unofficial visit on June 19th.

The Sooners offered the quickly rising offensive line prospect back on March 2nd and they have already taken him through a virtual tour and had multiple facetime conversations with him and his family.

Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to an elite OL prospect from Ohio who holds a very commitable offer from Ohio State, but if you recall from my post on Luke back on March 11th, in the comment section I mentioned that Luke’s father, Mike, reached out to me in an effort to get things going between Luke and OU after Luke had a coaching change at his high school.

‘I actually had been in touch with Mike (Dad) prior to OU even reaching out to Luke or himself. When things opened up for communication between 2023 kids (via their schools) and college programs, Luke’s High School was going through a coaching change and Mike reached out to me and let me know that if OU had any interest they would have to go through the AD.

Long story short, OU did not have a regional guy on him and this was all Bedenbaugh and the father connecting I would imagine.’

So while I think Ohio State has to be the perceived favorite here, the Montgomery’s sure are going through their due diligence, and making the trip to Norman on their own dime for the June visit is a good sign that the interest in OU is sincere.

Managing the Portal | Ahead of the Cutoff Date
– Charlie S

Ladies and gentlemen, the game has changed.

With the introduction of the transfer portal and the one-time transfer rule, it is truly never the offseason when it comes to personnel moves in college football.

While the Sooners have already used the portal and transfer rule, largely to their benefit, one of the lesser-known aspects of the transfer process is rapidly approaching.

From my understanding, July 1st is the date for players to make a move this cycle in order to be eligible for the upcoming season. Going forward, that date will be May 1st for fall sports.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to try my hand at some roster management and I’m going to take a walk through the Sooners position groups and take a look to see if I would look into the portal to bolster the roster prior to the transfer window closing.

OU will likely lose some guys as well who hope to better their situation via geographical cure. That would obviously impact how I would go about monitoring the portal, but we can address that when/if it happens.

Following the list of prominent players at each position listed below, I will note the level of focus (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest level) that I would put on checking the portal over the next few months if I were crafting the roster.

Interested in hearing your thoughts in the comment section!


QB: 4

Spencer Rattler, So., Caleb Williams, Fr., Micah Bowens, Fr., Tanner Schafer, Sr. : 

Portal Interest: 1 – No room at the Inn. 

RB: 4

Eric Gray, Jr., Kennedy Brooks, Jr., Mikey Henderson, So., Marcus Major, So.

Portal Interest: 6

If I can get a difference maker, no matter what class, I pursue heavily. I would also pursue a 1 year guy who could serve as depth if they were interested in coming to OU to win a ring.

HB/TE: 3

Jeremiah Hall, Sr., Brayden Willis, Sr., Austin Stogner, Jr.

Portal Interest: 7

I’m watching this position closely for both impact guys and depth guys, 

With Stogner working his way back from injury and Willis also having injury history, I would be heavily invested in focusing on picking up a big bodied TE type. I would also not hesitate to bring in a wide bodied back to work in the HB rotation because after Jeremiah Hall…you have little more than freshman walkon Jackson Sumlin (who looked good in the spring game).

WR: 9

Jadon Haselwood, So., Theo Wease, Jr., Jalil Farooq, Fr., Marvin Mims, So., Drake Stoops, Jr., Brian Darby, So., Mario Williams, Fr., Mike Woods, Sr., Cody Jackson, Fr.

Portal Interest: 5

You guys are probably surprised that my number is only at a 5 for the wide receiver group as I have been whining about the numbers for the better part of 2 years. The reason my interest in the portal at this time is lukewarm is simply based on believing OU can get by on what they have this year and I do not want to give any reason to disrupt the ‘22 and ‘23 recruiting classes. OU would only be wise to take a one year guy who would have to be elite in order for it to make sense to me at this point. Those guys don’t come around too often, but I would be open to that sort of addition.

OL: 19

Anton Harrison, So., Wanya Morris, Jr., Stacey Wilkins, Fr., Brey Walker, Jr., Marquis Hayes, Sr., Andrew Raym, So., Marcus Alexander, So., Robert Congel, Sr., Chris Murray, Sr., Ian McIver, Sr., Tyrese Robinson, Sr., Erik Swenson, Sr., Tyrese Robinson, Sr., Noah Nelson, Fr., Savion Byrd, Fr., Cullen Montgomery, Fr., Nate Anderson, Fr, Aaryn Parks, Fr., Darrel Simpson, Jr.

Portal Interest: 3

OU has a full 3-deep at the very least numbers wise. The reason I have my interest even at a 3 is because, well, I believe if you can get elite athletes along the OL, you take every one of them that comes your way. I’m not actively working on anyone, but if someone tells me they are interested, I kick the tires at the very least.

DL/Rush: 18

Isaiah Thomas, Sr., Reggie Grimes, So., Ethan Downs, Fr., Nathan Rawlins-Kibonge, Fr., Perrion Winfrey, Sr., Josh Ellison, Jr., Jordan Kelley, Jr., Isaiah Coe, Jr., Jalen Redmond, So., LaRon Stokes, Sr., Kori Roberson, So., Nik Bonitto, Jr., Marcus Stripling, Jr., Clayton Smith, Fr., Brynden Walker, So., Noah Arinze, So., Marcus Hicks, So, Kelvin Gilliam, Fr.

Portal Interest: 6

You can never have too many defensive linemen. Yes, this is one of the strongest units in the entire program. However, I would keep my eye on the portal for different reasons along each position on the DL.

At DE/RUSH, I’m looking to upgrade my depth/impact with an established guy (Think of why they pursued Bih Kat Bryant). After Isaiah Thomas, you have a lot of potential, but little in the way of proven production. So I’m looking for a 1-2 year dude who has produced and provides quality depth or immediate impact.

At DT I’m looking for the future. Right now, at every position group on the defense, I can see the future in the young guys. I don’t see that at DT. I see 4 former JUCO guys at the front of the line (not hating them as I think Winfrey and his crew are good for this year) but I don’t see the future aside from Gilliam (who will arrive in June) in terms of young potential impact guys. Maybe Coe turns into that guy, but right now, he’s just a guy making his way and I need more than he and Gilliam in order to keep feeding this beast. I’m going to the portal looking for a 3-4 year player who fits my measurable desires and is someone with a high ceiling who I can mold. Kelley, Roberson, Hicks and Arinze are there, but to this point, none of them have shown me they are going to be difference makers to this point (No, I am not saying they are terrible and yes they COULD take an Isaiah Thomas like path). I would be keeping an eye on guys I have a recruiting relationship with over the last 2 cycles and if one of them jumps in, I’m definitely looking to speak with him.

LB: 8

David Ugwoegbu, Jr., Caleb Kelly, Sr., Bryan Mead, Sr., Danny Stutsman, Fr., Brian Asamoah, Jr., DaShaun White, Sr., Shane Whitter, So., Jamal Morris, So.

Portal Interest: 2

The only way I am venturing into the portal at linebacker this cycle is if Justin Flowe (or someone like him) pops up. Need a ‘too good to be true’ type to get me to even engage. I like what I have in the room currently, I like the addition of Stutsman in June, and I really like where things are heading in the ‘22 class with Kobie McKinzie and the possible addition of Kip Lewis here in the near future.

DB: 16

Jeremiah Criddell, So., Billy Bowman, Fr., Kendall Dennis, Fr., Justin Broiles, Sr., Woodi Washington, So., Jaden Davis, Jr., Josh Eaton, So., Damond Harmon, Fr., Delarrin Turner-Yell, Sr., Bryson Washington, Fr., Jordan Mukes, Fr., Pat Fields, Sr., Key Lawrence, So.,  D.J. Graham, So., Latrell McCutchin, Fr., Justin Harrington, Jr.

Portal Interest: 3

My interest here is for depth purposes. I would keep an eye on a guy who is an established safety who is looking to come in and win a ring as a depth piece towards the end of his eligibility. Aside from that, I really like the depth and quality of this group and I don’t want to interfere with the growth of the young guys by taking some of their live game reps.

So, that is the way I would approach monitoring the portal ahead of the cut off date if I was in charge of the player personnel at OU.

Malachi Nelson | Decision Date
– Super K

I am told that Malachi Nelson is beginning to get a sense of his decision date. It sounds like he’s hoping to target July 18th as the day he’d like to announce his commitment.

Obviously, that will only be valid if he feels he has a decision by then but based on what I’m hearing from his camp, it sounds like they feel they’ll be ready to announce by then.

By that time they will have had a chance to take their visits. They have a visit to OU set up and that will be big. While they really like OU, Malachi and Makai Lemon want to play together. They’re both southern Cal kids and so a big part of the trip to Norman will be to see if they can see themselves in Norman for their college careers.

Clemson is also making a push to get Malachi on campus for a visit this summer. Does not sound like that is locked in yet though. I’m told it’s still up in the air whether that happens.

Visitor Note | ’22 DL Nico Davillier Official Set
– Charlie S

Add another name to the long list of visitors for the June 18th weekend as 2022 Defensive Line prospect Nico Davillier (6’4″ 275) out of Maumelle, AR let me know he will be taking an official visit to Norman that weekend.

If you recall, Super K was out to see Davillier back in early March.

Davillier is an interior defensive line target and he gave K the impression that he thinks very highly of the Sooners defense and Coach Thibbs.

‘But again, the perception of the OU defense is changing and Nico’s answer was only one example of that, that I recently heard.

“Georgia and Oklahoma because they have two of the best defensive line coaches in the country and they put a lot of defensive linemen in the NFL”.’

We will have more on Davillier prior to the visit, but mannnn there are a ton of kids heading to Norman that weekend!

Update to the Defensive Backs Board
– Super K

As you know, the Sooners have been pursuing 2022 DB, Jaylen Lewis out of Brownsville, TN. Lewis was seen as a heavy OU lean. He was planning on taking an official visit to Oklahoma this summer.

However, it sounds like things are on hold on that front for now as the Sooners pursue other targets.

I don’t know if this one will come back around, but I get the sense it will not.