Open Post | Weekend, April 23rd – 25th

Can the Sooners get Back in it for Terrance Brooks?
– Super K

Early on in the process we mentioned that the Sooners were at or near the top for 2022 4-star DB, Terrance Brooks (John Paul II).

Last week, I was told (and reported) that the Sooners had suddenly fallen behind in the race and even the prospect of receiving an official visit from Brooks was dimming.

I was able to ascertain the reason for this drop. I was told that there seems to have been a drop in communication at some point fairly recently. The communication has come back online and I’m now told that Brooks plans to at least take an unofficial visit to OU (likely in July after his OVs).

I have been told that there is a possibility of Brooks making it to the OU spring game. At the very least, I know he has a teammate going up to Norman but I don’t yet if he has any conflicts like track, etc.

My sense is TAMU and Bama are the top teams in this one with Texas having a puncher’s chance.

But, I feel fairly confident that the Sooners at one time led here and I still think there is a chance they can work their way back in. But, it’s still an uphill fight at the moment.

Cam Williams Commitment Date & Possible Spring Game Visit
– Super K

One of the Sooners top 2022 OT targets is the incredibly massive, Cameron Williams (Duncanville). If you watch his film and go back and watch Orlando Brown’s film, you’ll see quite a few similarities though I think Cam moves a little better at this stage than Orlando did in high school. Both are monstrous.

Cam throwing guys around is comical. He’s just the type of guy that coach B likes and can mold. He’s demonstrated that. When I’ve spoken to Duncanville head coach, coach Samples, about him, he’s told me that if Cameron puts the work in, he can absolutely be an NFL guy. Coach Samples really loves his upside.

As CJ has reported, Cam is set to take an official visit to OU this summer. His other summer OVs will include Miami, Oregon, and Texas Tech.

Cam has announced that he will commit on July 1st. So, it sounds like he’s just waiting to take the officials. I have to think that bodes well for OU, assuming they do what they should on the official visit.

Cam also tells us that he is trying to make it up to Oklahoma for the Spring Game, this weekend. He said he’s confirming whether or not his mom will be able to take him up. (confirmed below)

Either way, I’m seeing the very real possibility of OU landing another top OL out of Duncanville.

Mike Woods | The Latest
– Super K

Here is the latest I’ve heard on Arkansas grad transfer wide receiver, Mike Woods:

***I’m told that one of the reasons Woods decided to look elsewhere is he’s hoping for somewhere around 12+ targets per game. It sounds like he wasn’t confident that that would happen at Arkansas.

***Woods and his mother were on a Zoom call with some of the offensive coaches yesterday afternoon. I’m told that Woods did not commit.

***I have been told Woods has other Zoom calls set up with other programs for this week.

***Nothing about my sense that he’s likely headed to OU has changed but it does sound like he wants to listen to what some other programs have to say.

The Latest | 2022 Denton Ryan DB Austin Jordan
– CJ Vogel

I caught up with 2022 Denton Ryan DB Austin Jordan yesterday following his track practice.

Not much has changed in this recruitment, but there are some updates to his visit official schedule for the summer.

  • June 11-13 : Ohio State
  • June 18-20 : Oklahoma
  • June 25-27 : Texas

Jordan and the Denton Ryan 4×200 team will be in Lubbock this weekend for the regional track meet so no spring game visits for him.

For what it’s worth, Jordan said the Sooners have continuously been on him since he dropped his top three on March 3. He said communication with Roy Manning, Alex Grinch and Lincoln Riley has been very strong.

With three official visits locked in, there is still the opportunity for two more trips. Jordan said he is in fact looking to take the two extra official visits and has been toying with the idea of heading west to see USC. Nothing is set in stone, but don’t be shocked if the Trojans get an OV.

How Solid is Raleek Brown? | Visit Plans
– Super K

When I saw Raleek Brown back in March, I asked him on a scale of 1-10, how solid he was to Oklahoma. He responded by saying, “seven, eight, nine”.

Raleek’s baby was set to be born within days of my last full conversation with him.

I recently spoke to someone very close to Raleek and was told that Raleek will be at the OU BBQ, this summer. That would be an unofficial visit.

His plan is to take his official visit to Oklahoma for the Nebraska game. However, I am told that Raleek will take additional official visits. I’m told the likely official visits will be USC, Oregon, Arizona State and Georgia.

While I maintain that Raleek is solid to the Sooners, I do want to say that with Raleek now having a child in California, I don’t know what impact that might have on his decision come crunch time in December. That was essentially the message from a source close to him – how will he react to leaving California and his child when it becomes real?

I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that question.

Spring Game Visitor List
– Charlie S

The Sooners will have the eyes of some recruits and commits on them as they take the field for the Spring Game on Saturday.

Below is a list of guys we have previously mentioned who are planning on making it to the game for a self guided visit.

I am sure there will be other recruits who show up and it is never surprising to see a guy or two on the list not be able to make it for one reason or another.

22 LB Kobie McKinzie – Commit

22 TE Jason Llewellyn – Commit

22 LB Kip Lewis

22 DL Chris McClellan

22 OL Jacob Sexton

22 OL Cameron Williams

22 OL Cole Hutson

22 DB Gentry Williams*

22 DB Jordan Hudson* – Commit

22 DB Jayden Rowe has a track meet and will not be able to make it.

*Hudson and Williams are ‘possible’ right now. (Have not confirmed as of this morning with either)

21 OL Signee Savion Byrd was planning on attending the game but he had a change of plans due to personal reasons.

21 OL Signee Cullen Montgomery has prom and will not be able to make it.

21 LB Signee Danny Stutsman will be there and he is looking forward to the trip very much!

Will update this post with any additions and/or subtractions.