Open Post | Wednesday, November 29th

Deontay Anderson: In case you missed it, Ole Miss defensive back and Houston area native, Deontay Anderson announced he will transfer from Ole Miss and has received a full release. Anderson, with the help of legal counsel, is petitioning the NCAA for immediate eligibility.

This morning I was able to catch up with Anderson. The Sooners appear to be a priority, “OU is actually the first place I will be contacting. I’m going one school at a time so if OU doesn’t work out probably next will be TCU”.

Anderson isn’t looking to draw out the process saying, “just trying to get it over with and waste no time” so if the Sooners are interested something could happen quickly.

In terms of their plan to speak with the OU staff, Anderson said, “we’re calling the [OU] compliance to know that everything is good for me to talk just to do things right and should talk to them (coaches) early this morning”.

We will check with our sources on the OU side to see what kind of interest there may be from the staff.

In 2016, Anderson was named Freshman All-SEC second team. – (Brandon)

More on Anderson: Told that the staff will discuss Anderson as a prospect and how he may fit in the defense this week. – (Super K)

Bobby Tre Brown: Following their in-home visit with coach Thibodeaux I caught up briefly with Bobby Tre Brown’s mother. I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to push them on questions about a possible decommittment.

I just general asked how the visit was, to which she said, “It was a very nice night. Coach Thibs is so down to earth. We had a great time. I cooked Sunday dinner and persuaded him to eat with us.”

Tre’s friends were at the house as well, “They were already here. Our home is the ‘hangout spot’ and I enjoy every minute of the guys being here. I’m going to miss them next year.”

I included that last quote because it tells me that if Brown doesn’t end up at TAMU, he’s going to OU or Texas. I just don’t think he goes far from his mother. – (Super K)

– Interesting note regarding defensive line recruiting. Spoke with a source on the OU side who confirmed what I suspected, you’re going to see a lot more 6’3+ defensive linemen being recruited. Oklahoma has wanted to go in that direction for a while but Lampkin seems to have solidified in their minds that the simple physics dictates that the days of the 6’2 and under defensive linemen at OU should be over. They want big body guys and they’re excited about Derek Green. – (Super K)