Open Post | Wednesday, November 1st

Booms: I know a lot of you are waiting on some “Booms”. They are coming.

Again, on the first commit, we are still trying to find out what the plan is there. I will say that I spoke with a source earlier this week who said that while this particular player has been evaluating other schools, that all along “if he didn’t end up at (leaving out the name of the school) he was going to end up at Oklahoma”. As we understand it, this is a done deal

As I said, the second commit won’t come until November but it is a done deal. So breathe easy.

Third commit was Perkins. Still shocked about that. Though I spoke to his coach and he said it’s not a shock at all and that he saw it coming.

The fourth commit is working on a special way to let his mom know about his commitment. I expect it to come at anytime this week.

As far as Ayodele, I know there was a lot of smoke about him possibly flipping. I’ll address that below. – (Super K)

Ayodele Adeoye: I have spoken with Ayodele and he said his current plan is to first take a couple of visits and then make his decision. Ayodele will visit Texas on November 11th when Texas hosts Kansas. He also says he plans on visiting LSU. Those are the only two visits he has planned.

Here are the important things to know.

– LSU and Texas have an advantage in that Ayodele’s brother played for or was recruiting by both Arranda (LSU DC) and Orlando (Texas DC) so his brother will vouch for both of those coaches. That has always been the draw for him to Texas and LSU.

– Texas also has the advantage of Ayodele’s uncle living in Houston. He visits there from time to time.

OU has a few advantages themselves though.

– Ayodele wants to be a pilot and OU is the only one of those three schools that has a aviation program. That’s actually a pretty big deal.

– Another draw is that the Sooners have let Ayodele know that they will have an opening at the MLB position. Ayodele is an early enrollee. The Sooners have told Ayodele that Kenneth Murray will likely get moved to the WILL spot leaving the Mike open for competition.

– The commitment of Ronnie Perkins obviously works in OU’s favor. As Brandon mentioned. The situation went from Ayodele recruiting Perkins to Texas to Perkins recruiting Ayodele to OU. Both guys are alphas though, so I don’t know how much this will really factor in.

Jeremiah Martin: We’ll have a write up on 2018 DE, Jeremiah Martin (San Bernadino, CA) but wanted to pass along an initial note that despite the 2018 numbers being tight, I am told that he is a take for the Sooners.

Micah Parsons: Recent Sooners visitor and top 2018 DE, Micah Parsons has announced his commitment date.

Last night I did have a chance to speak to the father of Micah Parsons. I’ll have a write up about that in the next day or so. But I wanted to pass along one of the interesting notes from our conversation.

Parsons’ father said that they are close to the family of TJ Pledger. Parsons’ father said that Micah has actually been out to California and stayed with the Pledger’s family for a week. They are also friends with Bookie and his family. They are also close to Brey Walker and his family. – (Super K)

Team Note | Addison Gumbs: A bit of a random note here but I was going through my notes from a conversation I had with a source last week and forgot to note that the source told me that Addison Gumbs has been really coming on in practice, “You can’t block Gumbs in practice. They can’t block him”. It definitely sounds like Mark Jackson is going to have some very very stiff competition next year and the Sooners will have yet another elite pass rusher. Though, going back and watching Gumbs HS film, it’s not that surprising. – (Super K)