Open Post | Wednesday, December 20th (UPDATED 2:45 PM)

Abdul-Malik McClain: The mother of 2018 CA OLB/DE, Abdul-Malik McClain let us know that Malik will be signing tomorrow…

McClain’s coach who is usually responsive has gone quiet so I haven’t gone a sense of things from his side. You’ll recall his head coach, Pat Harlow, was a first rounder pick out of USC.

McClain took a visit to USC this past weekend and we had been hearing it was down to OU and USC. However, Brandon tells me that according to his sources the OU staff isn’t nearly as confident as they were last week.

It looks like this one is going USC’s way. – (Super K & Brandon)

Nik Bonitto: Here’s what we have…

*As of Tuesday morning a source in the building at Louisville believed it was Texas

*As of mid-day on Tuesday, Texas was confident as well.

*It is probably worth nothing that Bonitto’s head coach was coached by Texas coach position coach, Stan Drayton.

*As of around 9:00 pm Tuesday evening, sources on the OU side were feeling confident.

We are also hearing there is a chance that Bonitto will hold off on signing tomorrow.

As of last Saturday, Bonitto had told us he would sign on Wednesday. We reached out to Bonitto Tuesday night to see if he still plans on signing early but we have yet to hear back.

We will update this as we get more. – (Super K & Brandon)

UPDATE (2:45 PM): Alright here are some updates for you…

*The latest we’ve heard on Nik Bonitto has been via his HS coach who told our Andrew King that Bonitto is no longer expected to sign today. I know that as of last night he was incredibly torn about the decision so this wouldn’t come as a surprise. It also wouldn’t surprise me if this changed suddenly but the latest we have from his coach is that he won’t sign early but still plans on announcing at the Under Armour game.

*ICYMI Abdul-Malik McClain did commit to USC as expected.

*Ayodele is expected to sign this evening. Our last update on him was from around 1:00 PM which was that he was taking a couple finals today so he wasn’t speaking to coaches for a bit but before that he was in communication with Texas and OU. Texas still looks like the safe bet here but we’ll see.