Open Post | Tuesday, November 14th

DaShaun White: As you all know, DaShaun White has been a Texas visit this past weekend. I exchanged some texts with him while he was on the trip. I spoke with him over the phone last night and will have a more complete write-up shortly. For now…

White remains the Sooners number one LB target. We’ve been told that coach Lincoln Riley is dead set on landing White.

First, White definitely enjoyed the Texas visit. In terms of Texas’ pitch, “it was different variations of how they can get me to league in the defense that they run”. With Texas record not being what they’d like, they’re leaning heavily on the play of their defense and Todd Orlando’s scheme to sell guys like White. It does sound like that message resonated.

I asked DaShaun to bottom line the trip for me, “They’re giving me a lot to think about. It was a big deal. I loved it and got a great feel”. But I also asked if the trip was enough to cause him to rethink his position on TAMU and OU to which he said, “I don’t know if I’ll say that. Got to look at some things first it most definitely gives me some things to evaluate”.

I’ll get into the details of what these “things” are that DaShaun feels he needs to evaluate but based on what I know of Texas’ pitch, I would guess it very much is connected to OU’s defensive stats. – (Super K)

Reuben Unije: Sooners were in a good spot to pick up another commitment this upcoming weekend as Unije was set to announce. The Sooners were in a very good spot. They were in such a good spot it was…eye opening. Yes, Unije was one of the Cookie Monster eyes.

However, yesterday Unije tweeted out…

Yesterday, we shared a few details on the donor board because they’re probably things best for a more private space but we can say that this, without a doubt, came from OU’s side. Unije let us know that the Sooners pulled back in this one. Again, the reasons we won’t get into but can say that Unije does not sound upset with OU. So, we don’t anticipate this hurting OU with other IMG guys.

And yes, this is why Cameron Wire visited this past weekend. – (Super K & Brandon)

Team Note | Secondary: Regardless of the status with Jordan Thomas, expect to see a lot of the freshmen from here on out. – (Brandon & Super K)