Open Post | Tuesday, November 10th

Quick Postgame Thoughts | OU vs Kansas
– Charlie S

The Sooners did what they were supposed to do and demolished a very bad Kansas team.

Some quick thoughts following the game…

***The bye week comes at a good time as it looks as though a couple important pieces on the OU offense will need to get healthy. QB Spencer Rattler suffered what appeared to be a hip injury (I’m assuming a bone bruise as he continued to play, but I am no doctor) and TE Austin Stogner spent the second half off the field after returning to the locker room shortly after halftime. Something we will be keeping an eye on obviously.

***Rattler looked a little cavalier to start the game and paid for it by turning the ball over via an interception for the first time in 3 games. I will say, Rambo (the intended target) just quit on the play which helped the defense, but to be fair, I think Rattler was really feeling himself and expected the game to be a cake walk and paid for it.

***Rhamondre Stevenson is the best back on the roster (captain obvious) and he makes the entire offense better. Stevenson had 11 carries for 104 yards which is a 9.5 yard per carry average and 2 touchdowns. He also added 4 catches for 60 yards. Such a great weapon and certainly a complete back.

***The receivers had another dropped touchdown pass this week (Wease) and Rambo wasn’t out there exactly helping Rattler on his interception as I mentioned above. Still, a ton of guys made catches and Jadon Haselwood made his return and registered a reception.

***Defensive line was ferocious once again as they helped the defense put 9 sacks on the board. As I am typing this, they just knocked out the Kansas QB on a sack by Isaiah Thomas. The game started with no Perrion Winfrey as he did not see any time in the first quarter but once the second quarter began, he made his presence felt. Bonitto had 3 sacks of his own to this point as well (early 4th quarter). Really looking forward to watching their film. They just lived in the Kansas backfield.

***Shane Whitter got to see a bunch of snaps at linebacker and he looked like exactly what he is…a true freshman linebacker with a lot of potential. On one series, he was badly out of position on second down and got taken for a little ride by a Kansas OL, but on 4th down in that series you could see his speed and athleticism come through as he forced the stoppage.

***David Ugwoegbu got the start, which I am a fan of, and he flashed a couple times, but was pretty quiet on the night as were Asamoah and White. The older guys missed a few tackles from what I saw, but overall, from what I could tell, they weren’t atrocious, but they also didn’t make many stand out plays. Still waiting on that group to become more dynamic.

***Two more interceptions for OU this week as Bookie got one (which he fumbled back to Kansas) and Tre Brown picked off one of his own.

***A ton of young guys got some valuable snaps defensively. That is a very good thing in my opinion as it will pay off down the line for OU and in someone game. cases (like Whitter) you could see it pay off in

***The OU defense allowed under 180 yards through three and a half quarters in addition to the 9 sacks and 2 takeaways.

***Fun moment there as Chandler Morris calls his own number and gets into the endzone for his first touchdown at OU!

***The offensive line appeared like they did a good job, not sure how well they did individually as I really was not focusing much on them, but they are another group I will be looking forward to watching film on.

***Oklahoma will take the week off as they prepare for Bedlam and hopefully, none of the injuries are too serious.

Jardin Gilbert | Another Update
– Super K

Last week, we noted that the Sooners would be receiving good news over the weekend. And, most of you figured out that OU was anticipating a commitment from Jardin Gilbert.

On Saturday, we reported that things had changed and the commitment would not happen on the weekend as Gilbert was rethinking things. The biggest obstacle seems to be Gilbert’s hope of receiving an LSU offer.

On Sunday I was told that things are picking back up with Jardin and the commitment could be back on. I’m working on getting a potential timeline but I don’t have anything yet other than that the speed bump in the timeline appears to have been just that – a speed bump, not a wall.

I would surmise that this is connected to the fact that, over the weekend, LSU landed another safety.

Inside the Numbers | OU Defense vs Kansas
– Charlie S

Let’s take a look at the snap counts and a few other numbers from PFF following the Sooners win over Kansas!

Snap Counts:

S Pat Fields – 48

LB Brian Asamoah – 47

S/NB Tre Norwood – 47

CB Tre Brown – 43

CB Woodi Washington – 39

DE Ronnie Perkins – 38

DL Isaiah Thomas – 37

LB David Ugwoegbu – 34

CB DJ Graham – 34

DT Josh Ellison – 33

NB Bookie Radley Hiles – 33

S Delarrin Turner -Yell 31

DE Reggie Grimes – 30

DT Kori Roberson – 30

RUSH Nik Bonitto – 28

DT Jordan Kelley – 28

DT Perrion Winfrey – 27

LB Shane Whitter – 26

CB Jaden Davis – 22

RUSH Jon-Michael Terry – 22

RUSH Brynden Walker – 21

LB DaShaun White – 21

DE Marcus Stripling

DB Jeremiah Criddell

S Justin Broiles

LB Jamal Morris

S Bryson Washington

CB Josh Eaton

LB Bryan Mead

Top 5 Rated Overall Defenders for the game:

1. Ronnie Perkins – 98.4

2. Nik Bonitto – 94.8

3. Kori Roberson – 81.0

4. Tre Brown – 73.8

5. Brian Asamoah – 73.6

***2 single game season highs for the OU defense…by far.

***Both Perkins and Bonitto also had a ‘Pressure’ rating of 95.5

***Next closest ‘Pressure’ rating was Isaiah Thomas at 77.5

Top 5 Rated Defensive Tacklers for the game:

1. DTY – 81.2

2. David Ugwoegbu – 80.3

3. DJ Graham – 79.3

4. Woodi Washington – 78.8

5. Shane Whitter – 78.8

Guys PFF was not kind too for overall defense:

1. JMT – got killed on ‘Tackle’ rating

2. DaShaun White – also was held way down due to ‘Tackle’ rating

3. Woodi Washington – ‘coverage’ rating hurt him

4. Pat Fields – ‘coverage’ rating also hurt Fields