Open Post | Tuesday, June 8th

Update | Former LSU Running Back Kevontre Bradford
– Charlie S : Posted on: June 6, 2021

Quick note here…

Talked to Super K a few minutes ago and a source confirmed with him that the Sooners have extended an offer to former LSU running back Kevontre Bradford.

As we previously noted, OU is in the market for a running back and they identified Bradford as a prime target:

‘As K mentioned above, we do believe OU has an interest in adding another running back via the portal and Bradford is a prime candidate.

Right now, we believe OU is monitoring the situation and going through the evaluation process and if they like what they see, this thing could wrap up shortly.’

With the offer extended, as mentioned above, this could wrap up very shortly.

Quick-Hitters | Gentry Williams & Gabriel Dindy
– Super K : Posted on: June 7, 2021

***Checked in with Gentry Williams following his Florida official visit. He loved it. Told me it was a 10/10 and he loved everything about it. Sounds like he got pretty close with Evan Stewart and they will be taking their USC official visit together.

Next up for Gentry is his OU unofficial this weekend followed by his SC official.

***I know most of you are now aware of the fact that it appears Gabriel Dindy’s father is accepting a position with BCS Church of Christ in the College Station/Bryan Area. It appears he will be the first director of a new school called the “Texas School of Preaching”.

This was something that had been in discussion for the past few months. The thing that is perhaps most noteworthy here is that it was my understanding that the Sooners were under the impression that the elder Dindy would ultimately not be taking the position. So while they are aware of this now, I do not believe they expected this to actually come to fruition.

I don’t know what kind of impact this will have. Gabriel Dindy grew up in Louisiana so he knows people down in this part of Texas. Also, Gabriel wants to be a preacher so being near his father’s new school might be appealing to him.

I’m certainly not going to dismiss the possible advantage this might give the Aggies. Having been around Gabriel, he is a very family-oriented guy. He’s different than just about any player I’ve ever met. His faith and his family being his top priority is not lip service.

Update | Bear Alexander Decommits From Georgia
-Charlie S : Posted on: June 7, 2021

2022 defensive lineman Bear Alexander (6’3″ 325) out of Fort Worth, TX has decommitted from Georgia.

Alexander committed to Georgia back in February and this past weekend he took an official visit to Texas A&M, so you are going to see a lot of buzz about Bear and the Aggies in the short term.

The Sooners had previously extended an offer to Bear and had a good relationship with him prior to his commitment to Georgia.

We had not heard a lot about any real communication between OU and Bear of late, however, sources did previously tell (about two weeks ago) us that Alexander may be a visitor for the BBQ weekend. We will obviously now work more diligently to confirm that or shoot it down.

Quick Hitter | Raleek Brown Visiting USC
– Charlie S : Posted on: June 7, 2021

USC will host Sooners elite offensive commit Raleek Brown for an unofficial visit this evening.

As you know, Brown committed to the Sooners back in February.

Brown will be in Norman for an unofficial visit for the June 18th weekend, but USC will get the first visit. I would also expect them to get an official from him during the season.

We expect Brown to potentially take a few other visits to some other schools, but USC would serve as the biggest threat to OU based on geography and his family situation in my opinion.