Open Post | Tuesday, December 19th

Isaac Taylor-Stuart: Earlier this month, 2018 California DB Isaac Taylor-Stuart (San Diego, CA) dropped a top 6 and Oklahoma, along with Texas A&M, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and USC made the cut.

As Taylor-Stuart has narrowed down his list throughout the process, the Sooners keep making the cut. But since we haven’t heard much about him, it’s no surprise that people would wonder if there was any real mutual interest.

I spoke to a source on the OU side,  along with Taylor-Stuart himself.

As far as OU goes they are recruiting him, but guys like Proctor and O’Neal are regional guys so the Sooners made them a priority. But it’s looking less and less likely that OU will land either of those.

Last week, Taylor-Stuart and I spoke and he told me that he does plan on visiting Oklahoma in January before the February signing day. Oklahoma source tells us he is hit or miss in communicating, but if there is a spot they do intend on bringing him in.

This will start to clear up after this week’s signing day. – (Brandon)

DaShaun White: Sunday night, I was able to speak to DaShaun White for quite some time about where things stand after his Texas A&M visit. DaShaun was pretty straightforward about his feelings on the Texas A&M visit, “I didn’t get all that great of vibe to be honest with you.”

White had close ties to the previous staff and it always felt like OU was playing catch up in that department but the roles have quickly reversed, “I know some people say you should pick a school and not a coach but the relationships matter to me”. White went on to say, “Being around Chavis, he was that dude. It’s almost like once I figured out they were losing Chavis…I don’t know. I had nearly a identical relationship with coach Riley and coach Kish. So, I can go there and have that relationship”.

For a while it also seemed like Oklahoma was fighting hard to get White’s mother on board. As we mentioned in previous updates, the Sooners were able to do that. DaShaun talked about where some of his mother’s concerns stemmed from and what ultimately assuaged those concerns, “It felt like she was a bit down on OU because she didn’t get a picture for the academics. There was a lot about the academics and the alumni base that wasn’t there for Oklahoma or that she didn’t know was there. When coach Kish came in and broke that stuff down for her it helped a lot to get her on board”.

Here’s where things have shifted…

On Sunday night DaShaun had said he was still likely to make his decision and sign this week but last night White had a bit of snag. White told me that while he’d like to sign this Wednesday, he does not have his mother’s blessing. I asked him if it was about the school selection or just the timing to which he said, “I feel like she doesn’t want me signing early”. I asked White what he will likely do and as last night he said, “Wait it out”. – (Super K)

Abdul Malik-McClain – Checked with a source and was told that McClain’s decision as of right now looks like it’s between USC and OU. Last week McClain said he would be visiting Washington but it would appear, instead, he opted to visit USC this weekend. As K mentioned, McClain’s mother told us that as of last week they were undecided on whether they’d sign early. Also of note, McClain’s head coach is a USC alum (Pat Harlow). K reached out to coach Harlow to see if Malik plans on signing early. Coach Harlow said, “He was going to wait but now I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him since last Friday before his trip”. Sources on the OU side tell us that the McClain’s have not given them final word on whether they will sign Wednesday. – (Brandon & Super K)

Brey Walker – Because of how quickly things changed on Sunday with Walker, we’ll continue to check with him. He said once again that he plans to sign on Wednesday. – (Brandon)

Kenyon Green: This is pretty significant news. 2019 TX offensive tackle, Kenyon Green (Humble, TX) has decommitted from LSU.

Green had hoped to make it up to OU this past season for a visit. I do not believe that ever materialized but I have little doubt he will get to Norman for one of the junior days (which should be coming up soon). I’m told he has Oklahoma pretty high on his list. At one point earlier in the season I’d be told OU was LSU’s biggest threat.

Micah Parsons: Parsons is set to decide tomorrow. If Parson’s offer to Penn State is currently committable then we would surmise he ends up there. If not, the Sooners could get a steal.