Open Post | Thursday, October 19th

Bobby Tre Brown: The Sooners are looking for top 2018 defensive lineman and Bobby Tre Brown is near the top, if not at the top, of their list. Brown was hosted by Texas this year for the OU/TX game, but that didn’t stop the star Arlington Lamar DL from reaching out to the staff after the game and tweeting.

As a matter of fact, Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley and defensive line coach Calvin Thibodeaux both had plans to reach out to Brown, but they were reached out to instead. Brown’s mother, Erica, told me that they congratulated Riley and Thibodeaux shortly after the game. The staff was, obviously, excited and told them they were glad they were there to see the game. Erica also said, “That game was amazing.”

It was Brown’s first experience at OU/TX and the game didn’t disappoint, but with Brown still set to visit Bama this weekend and likely A&M the next there is still some work to be done.

If the Sooners staff can talk Brown and his mother into taking an unofficial to OU/Tech instead of A&M on the 28th, it will go a long ways in the Sooners chances to land Brown when he is set to announce on November 2nd. – (Brandon)

Ronnie Perkins: Squeezing information out of Perkins is tough these days but I was able to speak to a source who confirmed Perkins upcoming visits. According to the source Perkins has:

Oklahoma: official this month for the Texas Tech game on October 28th

Texas: Tentative return visit to Texas. I’m told this has not yet been scheduled but Perkins wants to make a return trip before the season is over. We’ll see if OU changes his mind about that.

Michigan: December 8th

I’m also told that Perkins’ current plan is to sign on the second signing day and plans to make his announcement late. This one still has a ways to go yet. But OU will finally get their chance to impress Perkins next week. – (Super K)

Dax Hill: Last week I noted, via a source, that Dax Hill to Oklahoma State is nearly an inevitability. I softened that blow by noting that the Sooners have a connection with another top 2019 DB in Jalen Catalon (Mansfield, TX) whose mother attended OU.

Still, why get one when you can get two? Am I right?

Well if Hill really is ultimately headed to Oklahoma State, his actions, so far, still give Sooners a reason to hope. Hill tells me that he plans on attending next week’s OU vs. Texas Tech game. – (Super K)