Open Post | Thursday, May 1st (Updated 1:45 pm)

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– I have to start with some news that got me excited. As most of you know OU signee Dwayne Orso was a big kid. Most sites had him listed at around 6’5 (which is accurate) and around 250+ lbs (which was accurate). Last night my friend down at Homewood sent me with a text saying that Dwayne Orso weighed in this week at 294 lbs! He always told me that Dwayne was “just a baby” and he always insisted that Dwayne still had plenty of growing to do but dang! He said that Dwayne should be 300 lbs by the time he checks in at OU. And the weight isn’t “ho ho weight”. It’s just natural growth and working out.

And by the way, Homewood HS has a couple 2016 DLinemen to watch and I can guarantee you the coaches there will make sure they both take a good look at OU.

– Yesterday one of our favorite 2015 Oklahoma HS players, OG Kaden Clay Jackson out of Kingfisher picked up his second offer from New Mexico. He now has an offer from North Texas and New Mexico. We believe it’s just a matter of time before Jackson picks up a BCS offer. It may not come till his senior season but we believe it will. Oklahoma has seen him and they like him but they want to see him in camp. Kaden weighs around 270 lbs right now and really OU has been looking for 300+ lb interior linemen. Either way we still love seeing Oklahoma kids pull offers. I still contend that Oklahoma talent is vastly underrated but fortunately we’re starting to see more Oklahoma kids pull more offers from more diverse places. And the more kids like Dahu Green, Kaden, Tristan, etc. leave the state and go on to be successful at other programs the more those various programs are going to mine the state.

– Speaking of underrated players we want to introduce y’all to a very athletic and talented 2015 Oklahoma HS Defensive Linemen. His name is Joshua Little out of Millwood, HS. I would encourage all of you to take a look at this young man’s film. He has great size at 6’3/6’4 230 + lbs. He looks like he’s going to grow into a B gap player. And he has great explosion. We’ll have a more extensive write up on him but for now I just wanted to bring him to your attention. He’s a player we believe will garner a lot of attention in the near future and I actually believe he’s a player OU should at least begin to evaluate. This young man is going to see his recruiting really pick up. He’s a high major D1 player on film.

– Last night Oklahoma extended another offensive tackle offer. This time it was to Bowie HS, Madison Akamnonu. We’ll be reviewing his film and asking around about Oklahoma’s chances with Akamnonu. On a related note, we did some checking and it sounds like OU is looking to take 5 and possibly even 6 OLinemen in this class!

– Yesterday coach Jerry Montgomery stopped by George Ranch HS in Richmond, TX to see star defensive lineman Kingsley Keke. I chatted with Keke a bit and he was very excited that coach Montgomery stopped by and it sounds like the visit went well. I plan on speaking to him some more to see if he’s considering a visit to OU but after my initial exchange with him I get the sense that he’s a player we should be recruiting…and obviously we are.

– Coach Jay Norvell was down in east Texas yesterday and he stopped by to visit OU DB target Jaylon Lane.

UPDATE (1:45 pm): Oklahoma has extended an offer to Indianapolis, Indiana ILB Darrin Kirkland Jr.