Open Post | Monday, October 9th

Insider Game Reactions: Below are quick quotes I got as I asked folks close to the program about the vibe after the OU loss.

Source 1: “You can see disappointment in the players but you can also sense urgency to get to next week”

Source 2: “It’s just quiet.”

Source 3: “Only two ways to go and we’re going to find out pretty quickly which it will be”

Source 4: “Deflating. No energy. Everyone is in cruise control…Defensively it’s bad. Coaches need to re-evaluate themselves.”

Source 5: “A look in their faces like ‘what the f*%^’. Disbelief. Guys need to make plays”.

– (Super K)

Staff Meetings: I know Sooner nation is pretty down about the loss. No one is more disappointed than the staff and the players. We are told that the staff has been in the film room since the loss. I know we’ve heard it before but they are very aware of the fact that they are going to have to start playing a more aggressive style defense. We are told, that is in the works.

We’ll know pretty quickly if those plans come to fruition as Texas is coming up and they have a freshman QB with a banged up offensive line. If you’re going to dial up some pressure, that would be the time to do it. – (Brandon)

Josh Proctor Visit Notes: You can imagine that it’s tough getting information directly from Josh Proctor these days. The initial word we’ve gotten is that folks on the OU side feel like mom would like to see Proctor stay home but Proctor himself is a tough read.

*We are told that Proctor had a long sit down with Mike Stoops. They went into a lot of detail about what his role would be in the defense.

*One source close to Proctor said that per Proctor, this was his best ever visit to OU. Source said, Proctor felt comfortable and finally felt like he could see himself there. Also it can’t be understated how close he is to a number of players and commits. At this point it seems like OU just needs to give Proctor a reason to stay home.

*Heard from additional sources that reinforced I mentioned above via another source; it does indeed seem Proctor’s mother would prefer he be at OU. Proctor himself seems torn.

*While we aren’t expecting anything to happen right now, as our other sources noted, the feeling is that if OU can right the ship, Proctor will eventually end up a Sooner. That’s obviously just different folks around him that are reading the situation and offering an opinion so take it for what it’s worth. – (Brandon)

More on Proctor: I spoke with a source close to Proctor who said, “he’s still committed to Ohio State for now. He likes OU a lot but just wants to take his time to find a place that fits him best. I think he’ll end up at OU but I believe he will stay committed to Ohio State for a little longer”. – (Super K)

Team Note | Badet: For those of you asking why Badet didn’t play more, we were told that it was due to early drops in the game. It also sounds like he may not have had the best practice leading up to the game. – (Brandon)

Team Note | Rambo: Also, for those asking why Rambo hasn’t played yet. We are told that the Sooners made a decision early in the season to red shirt Rambo. This sounds like a situation where he just wasn’t comfortable enough yet in the system and there were already too many guys who were. Sources tell us the staff believes, “he’s going to be a star” but he needs a bit more time. We are also told that the staff will not pull his redshirt this late in the season. – (Brandon)