Open Post | Monday, October 30th (UPDATED 11:47 AM)

Ok let’s talk about this massive recruiting weekend for the Sooners. This past weekend will be one we are discussing for at least the next few days.

Four Commits?: Let’s start with Lincoln Riley’s Cookie Monster eyes tweet.

As you all know these are meant to indicate there are four commits. Some of them are players who have committed to OU and will announce soon or have given Oklahoma the indication that they will commit soon. Obviously we cannot divulge who they are but some some of the rumours floating around are true.

Commit 1: Is a talented defensive player

Commit 2: Is the player we noted a few weeks back on our donor board was in the bag for OU

Commit 3: The third was…

And one minute later this happened…

Commit 4: Was expected to announce last night. He may do it today but we are checking to confirm.

Ayodele Adeoye: This will be brief and to the point, but I spoke to a couple of sources and things really look to be moving in the right direction with Adeoye and the Sooners. With there being four IMG targets in Norman this past Saturday, Oklahoma really made a good push with all of them. That, though, isn’t the only thing helping OU with Adeoye. The relationship he has with close friend Ronnie Perkins helps as well. Adeoye has long been working on Perkins to join him at Texas. The tables have turned in this situation.

Perkins and a host of other OU targets have really put on the pressure to Adoeye. One source told me, “I don’t think he will need much prodding.”  The source added, “Things could happen as soon as this week.” This would be another big get in what looks like the most successful recruiting weekend in years.

K spoke with Ayodele yesterday evening and Ayodele told him that he is uncertain what he is going to do but is considering flipping. I’ll let K update you on that. I believe he and Ayodele are going to speak again today once Ayodele has had a chance to sleep on the decision. – (Brandon)

Micah Parsons: Texted with the father of Micah Parsons. I asked him how the visit is going and he said, “Oh it’s AWESOME. Great atmosphere.” I hope to speak to him more after their visit. Parsons is staying in town until today. I can tell you that OU made a massive impression on Parsons. I was told Parsons is down to three which I’ll talk about in a more completely right up.

Check out the great pics they sent us this weekend… – (Super K)

Leon O’Neal: I spoke with someone close to O’Neal. Leon O’Neal loved the visit but here is the deal. I am told that there is only one spot left and it’s for either O’Neal or Proctor. Baldwin is working on O’Neal as are others around him who would like to see him in a stable spot. It does sound like O’Neal considered flipping but has decided to wait and take his visit to Clemson. OU has a very real chance to flip Proctor so the staff is going to have to decide if they want to give Proctor an ultimatum or push for O’Neal. If TAMU loses another, I could see O’Neal wanting to pull the trigger…quickly.

The behind the scenes situation on this one is a little sensitive so this is the most we can tell you but you can read between the lines. Again, there is only one spot left and Proctor has been the top of the board for a while. – (Super K)

Reubun Unije: The talented offensive has had his eye on this visit for a while. He said about his visit very simply, “it went perfect”.

Unije tells us he will announce his decision on the date he had originally planned which is November 19th.

DaShaun White and Raymond Scott: We will have more on this later but for now I want to note that the Sooners only have one spot for both of these recruits and that has been discussed with both. The Sooners do have a preference between the two.

I spoke with White last night and though he has visited OU a number of times he said this trip was “special”. He said, “A lot of questions were answered this trip that I’ve had. The trip just like we were part of the team. We felt invested like, in the loop”.

Again, White has been on campus a number of times so he had an expectation going in but said that this visit was, “A lot better than I thought it would be”. – (Super K)

UPDATE (11:47 AM): I know my wording on the LB situation may have been confusing. So let me clarify, Ayodele is a take regardless.