Open Post | Monday, November 6th

A 2019 Kinda Weekend: We get the sense that in the way OU made that Texas Tech game a massive 2018 event, they may be trying to do that for the TCU game but for the 2019 class. Smart, if you ask me. In the past OU has scrambled at the end with their class so they get a late start on the next. Not this year.

2019 OU OL offer, Branson Bragg (Crandall, TX) will be at the TCU game. Bragg likes OU and Texas. Also, while he has yet to confirm it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see LSU 2019 OL commit, Kenyon Green (Humble, TX) make it up for the TCU Game. The Sooners are within striking distance on Green.

Other visitors for this upcoming weekend include:

Arjei Henderson – Oregon WR commit who was at one time a Sooner commit.

Theo Wease – Brandon already mentioned him coming

Jordan Whittington (2019 ATH out of Cuero, TX) – This one is interesting because the Sooners weren’t in his original top four and a little over a month ago he was on the verge of committing to Texas or TAMU. Whittington is a big kid and extremely explosive. Can play both ways. Most are recruiting him as a WR but I know some folks believe he has even more upside as a defender.

Marquez Beason – Dallas, TX prospect who recently dropped a top list and the Sooners were in it

EJ Ndoma-Ogar – Confirmed he will be in Norman Sat.

Isaiah Spiller – Confirmed as well.

Ronnie Perkins & Jack Buford: Last week, 2018 St. Louis, MO (Luthern North HS) defensive lineman, Ronnie Perkins, committed to OU on his official visit. Perkins is one of the most sought after DL in the country, so as you’d expect teams are still pursuing him. One team in particular is Texas.

I spoke with Perkins, Friday night, after his teams big win and when asked about the possibility of him of visiting UT he said, “I don’t know right now.”

When talking to those on the OU side, they are well aware that UT is pulling out all the stops to get Perkins down to Austin one last time.

Here is what is interesting, OU is recruiting Perkins teammate, 2019 OL Jack Buford (will have a write up later on him) and Buford might be headed down to Norman for the TCU game next week. Perkins is unsure yet if he can come down with him, so we will continue to monitor that situation.

Texas has an uphill battle to get him to flip and get him back down for a visit. Until NSD this one will be a battle for the Sooners to keep Perkins in the fold.

Note: Riley and Perkins texted quite a bit after the Sooners win last night vs OSU. – (Brandon)

DB Numbers: Previously we mentioned that Josh Proctor is a take till the end. That has recently changed.

According to our sources, its very simple now. Between Leon O’Neal, Jaden Woodbey and Josh Proctor it is first come first serve.

The 2018 DB class, I am told, will be complete if any one of those three commit barring any future decommittments. – (Super K)

2020 Commit, Jase McClellan: 2020 RB Jase McClellan committed to OU at the #ChampUBBQ this summer. The young star was just set to start his sophomore season. Unfortunately, that season started out rough for him.

At the very beginning of September, Jase suffered a fractured wrist. He was scheduled to be out 4-6 weeks; he ended up being on the long end of that timeframe. His first return to action was last Friday. McClellan rushed for 3 touchdowns on 4 carries for a total of 41 yards. Only 75% of his carries were touchdowns – what a slacker, amirite??

The McClellan family returned to Norman for the Iowa State game; speaking as someone who was there, it wasn’t exactly the best atmosphere for a recruit (or anyone for that matter). They had a good time though, and wanted to return soon.

I spoke with Mia McClellan, Jase’s mother, Friday about his progress. She mentioned that he, “has some stiffness in his wrist still, but other than that everything is smooth.” I suspect that his return had an impact on his low number of carries last weekend.

Additionally, I asked her when they would be returning to Norman. She said that their plan was to come up for the TCU game. With the obvious fact that plans can and often do change, that is something to look forward to for all Sooner fans. That weekend is shaping up to be a big recruiting weekend, as we alluded to earlier today. – (Ryan Lewis)

Leon O’Neal Update: I’m sure many of you saw this tweet…

I know some thought this might mean a flip is coming. I’m told that O’Neal is thinking over the idea of decommitting from TAMU and also considering the possibility of a flip to OU. However, it sounds like he will hold off and would like to first visit UGA.

While O’Neal likes OU, something tells me that he has a genuine desire to be at OU irrespective of the staff and may end up waiting a little too long. But that’s just my gut read on it. He certainly has a lot of folks around him that believe OU is the right spot for him and I know if he were to make a quick flip it would be to OU. – (Super K)