Open Post | Monday, November 13th

Arjei Henderson: 2019 WR, Arjei Henderson, a one time OU commit, is now a one time Oregon commit as he decommitted from Oregon yesterday…

Last week, Brandon dropped this note regarding the commitment to Oregon: “Their relationship with the Oregon staff won out, but when asked if they were solid to Oregon RJ told me: “Nothing is set in stone, you know?” “

Henderson was expected to be in town this past weekend but he did not make the visit. We are told that something came up. So, the decommittment was not connected to a visit to Oklahoma. However, we very much like where Oklahoma is in this one. Especially because Henderson has close to ties to Sooners star freshman wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb. – (Brandon & Ryan)

Linebacker Visits Pushed Back: As many of you may recall, this past weekend, the Sooners were supposed to host 2018 LB, Chris Oats (Cincinnati, OH) and 2018 LB Nik Bonitto (Fort Lauderdale, FL) this past weekend. However, it sounds like the Sooners have postponed Oats visit to the West Virginia game.

As far as Bonitto goes, he planned on attending this past weekend but tells us that his coach preferred he wait because the team is still in the playoffs. He is another prospect expected to visit for the WVU game. – (Brandon)

Cookie Monster Eyes: I’m sure many of you saw coach Riley drop the Cookie Monster eyes last night…

Not much we can say on the main board here but the eyes are not in reference to a 2018 prospect.

Weekend Recruiting Notes:

Over the next couple days we will be talking to recruits and sources and have post visit notes but wanted to get a few notes up.

– The Sooners had some additional visitors in town…

Sooners are got a surprise visit from a top 2019 CA DL who does hold a Sooners offers.

Also a surprise visit from 2019 WR and OU offer, Jalen Curry (Houston, TX). Interestingly, Sooners 2019 TE commit told us last week that Curry is one of the guys the current 2019 commits are working on.

Top 2020 TX DB, RJ Mickens was also in town.

Should note that the mother of Bobby Tre Brown let us know that they weren’t able to make it up to Norman due to a family issue. Also, Leon O’Neal did not make it

Stephon Wright’s teammate, and 2020 OU QB offer, was also in town…

Another 2020 QB…

Also, a number of OU commits were in town including: Jordan Kelley, Ron Tatum, Jalen Redmond, Patrick Fields, Jeffery Carter and Jase McClellan.

– In terms of how the weekend went, let me first bottom line this. OU is absolutely killing it right now. The coaching staff, the play on the field, the stadium environment, the facilities, the clear path to a Big 12 championship game and a Playoff berth…they’re rolling. They planted the OU flag in the 2019 class.

– The Sooners extended an offer to 2020 CB, Dwight McGlothern (New Caney, TX). McGlothern visited OU this weekend. He already holds offers from LSU, Alabama and others.

– One source said, “everyone is feeling OU. The vibe is really cool. Recruiting always has a scripted part but OU is the least scripted place I’ve been. It’s more real.”

– Another source said in RE Theo Wease, “Theo is going to commit but it’ll be in the spring”. I actually think this is a good thing for OU. You don’t want 2019 kids to jump in the boat too quick. It ends up being tough to keep them engaged.

– Not sure if we mentioned it earlier but 2019 OU DB offer, Jalen Catalon (Mansfield, TX) let us know that he visited this weekend. He was just in Norman last month. As you’ll recall, Catalon’s mother went to OU. Catalon is a elite safety talent with offers from Ohio State, Stanford, Texas, TCU and others.

– Heck of a picture here from Trejan Bridges’ father which includes guys like Jalen Curry, Austin Stogner, Theo Wease, Trejan Bridges and Marquez Beason. As I mentioned, Curry made his way up to OU with Austin Stogner. The Sooners are likely going to have their pick at the skill positions.

– Regarding 2019 standout LB, Marcel Brooks I was told, “Marcel loved it. He’s already talking about wanting to go there. Coach Kish and coach Stoops were showing him a lot of love. They spoke with him before the game and they made him feel special. It’s always been between OU and TCU so he wanted to see that game.”

– Source said, “Theo Wease was loving it. Him and Trejan [Bridges] were attached at the hip the whole time. Jalen Curry was loving it. Jordan Whittington had a great time but all these guys know that they can’t all go there. The kids see that the heat is on with Trejan already in the boat”.

– One source had some interesting things to say about the overall vibe and Lincoln Riley, “Baker was running around before the game pumping up the stadium and it got so loud. Very few stadiums in the country get that loud and the recruits just loved it”

Regarding Lincoln Riley source said, “In my eyes they couldn’t have made a better hire. It was so impressive the way he got the kids together at the end and said, ‘we are going to get ready for Kansas’ and the kids kinda laughed and he said, ‘no no I’m serious. We are going to be ready to beat them and the committee is going to love us and a lot of people are going to try to jump back on the bandwagon but if you weren’t with us before, then you aren’t with us now’ and the players went crazy. This guy is putting a chip on his players’ shoulders for freakin’ Kansas”. – (Super K)