Open Post | Jan. 19th (UPDATED: 8:40 pm) (Jordan Thomas Commits!)

With all the recruits in this weekend we thought it would be a good idea to have an open post so that those of you who see anything interesting on twitter can post it in the comments section. We can’t catch everything. We’ll add things to the post if it seems highly important but all chatter is welcome.

If y’all dont like the idea of these “open” posts please let us know. If you do like the idea we’ll continue them. It’s just something we figured we’d try.

A couple things that did happen this weekend:

– Courtney Garnett is enjoying himself

– The big time 2015 TE Hale Hentges picked up an offer from Oklahoma

– Unrelated to OU football but related to Oklahoma HS football: Seminole RB Papi White told us that the trip down to Southern Miss is fantastic. We could not be happier for him. In December his sole offer was from UCO. He’ll have a chance to shine at a quality mid-major.

– Somewhat related to OU football: Jonathan Thomas (LB out of Georgia who was an OU target) had a great in-home visit with UGA. The visit was so good that the UGA coaches will be back next week. We’re really hoping things work out for him.

– Talked to Du’Vonta Lampkin and it sounds like his friend and 2015 Houston area OT Toby Weathersby did indeed receive an offer. We haven’t spoken to Weathersby yet but Du’Vonta said it was Toby’s favorite school. Oklahoma is moving fast building their 2015 offensive and defensive lines.

UPDATE (9:56 am): OK HS Preps, Damian Howard out of BA has committed to Abilene Christian. Congrats!

UPDATE (9:58 am): Talked to Alex Dalton and he said the trip was good. Also, said that it seemed like the other recruits loved the trip…he added “OU is hard to pass up”. Interestingly he also mentioned the dorms and how nice they are. I asked him if it actually made a difference to him and he said they obviously aren’t the only thing that goes into the decision but he said they are “outstanding” and it definitely helps. I thought this was particularly interesting because I can tell you that a particular recruit that OU is interested in actually eliminated a school that he was on high on because the living quarters weren’t very nice. Just thought it was an interesting note because it seems like the dorms could definitely help…especially since our new coaches are getting an early start this year.

UPDATE (10:42 am): Curtis Bolton hit me up and said the trip has been great. He said, “I love it out here…can’t wait to get out here in June!”

UPDATE (12:17 pm): Talked to Courtney Garnett. He said the trip went great. He said his mom “fell in love with the place…she loves coach Stoops!” Also said that is mother “loved how much support is given to the student athlete”. He said he really liked Headington Hall (again a recruit highlighting Headington Hall – and I didn’t even ask him about it). Courtney also said that Tapper did a great job of hosting him…said they did some “shaking” so it sounds like they Tap showed him a good time.

UPDATE (12:35 pm): Sorry just noticed that Dallis Todd tweeted out that coach Stoops and coach Norvell will be visiting him later today.

UPDATE (12:57 pm): I asked Courtney if there was a chance he was going to commit today and he said he’s going to wait till after the Tennessee trip. But Oklahoma is definitely sitting pretty right now. It sounded more like “I’ll wait” as in I’m ready to do it but I’ll wait till after the Tennessee trip. At least that’s how I read it.

– UPDATE (1:05 pm): Ms. Dorshell Clark (Deondre Clark’s mother) just tweeted out: “Survived another official visit. Back to Reality!! For a 48hr visit, I give them a 93, really well put together! #SoonerNation”

I’m assuming that 93 is out of 100. Not bad! 🙂 Easily qualified with an “A”!

UPDATE (1:30 pm): Tristan Hill, 2014 OT out of Mustang, picks up a UTEP offer! NC State coming to visit him this week!

UPDATE (1:55 pm): Sounds like OU DB target out of Miami, Cornelius Floyd, had a great time on his Arkansas visit. Just saw that he tweeted out: “It’s been a fun weekend Until next time Arkansas”. Still not sure if OU and Floyd have confirmed his scheduled visit to OU for next week.

UPDATE (5:59 pm): Offensive tackle, Kenyon Frison has announced that he has decommitted from Utah. He did take a trip to ASU this weekend. Not sure if the decommittment is a natural progression in his recruiting process or if Arizona State made an impression.

UPDATE (6:57): OU picks up a commitment from DB, Jordan Thomas!

UPDATE (7:04): Coach Montgomery is in Alabama visiting Dwayne Orso and his family. Oklahoma sent coach Jay Boulware there just last week as well. Oklahoma realizes how much SEC interest Orso is getting so they aren’t taking any chances.

– UPDATE (8:40 pm): Just talked to Steven Parker’s father. He said Steven had a “great great visit!” He said he spent a lot of time with Coach Mike Stoops and with the other players. He also said he spent a lot of time with Deondre Clark and he added that the impression he got was that Deondre had a really good time. Also, should note that OSU did an in-home with Steven earlier today. Steven will be visiting Auburn as we previously reported. There was talk of an OSU visit next week and that might happen but still not certain.