Oklahoma’s 2014 Class is Filling up Fast

Last night offensive tackle, Joseph Paul committed putting the Sooners at 21 commitments. I don’t know exactly how many OU can take or will take but it will be more than 25 at this point. Let’s say between 26-30 with the middle points being 28. So for the sake of this discussion I’ll assume 28. If that’s the case (and I should be able to confirm that this weekend) things still look tight with possibly only 7 scholarships left.

Have to save a spot for:

Miciah Quick (6 left) – everything I’ve heard is that Quick is OU’s to lose. I heard that as recent as last week and that was before the Alabama game and before the Mixon commitment. No question those two things only help.

Steven Parker (5 left) – Steven will have a spot till the end and as we’ve said for a long time now…OU has a lot of reason to be optimistic here.

Tee Shepard (4 left) – Tee has to be at the top of OU’s board. He would certainly be at the top of mine. And as I’ve said, I’ve been told by a source that he’s OUs to lose so for the sake of discussion we’ll assume he gets a scholarship.

Other Players on the Board:

Juwan Dowels (CB) – Juwan is all about the Sooners. We always try to protect kids but in Juwan’s case his mentor and I are friends so there is only so much I can say but OU is sitting just fine here. Coach Bobby Jack will be down in Miami next week.

Kendall Randolph (CB) – Kendall is another CB who seems very excited about the Sooners. With the relationship he’s built with some of the fellas from the incoming class you’ve got to believe that his visit to Norman would have to be horrible for him to not seriously consider a commitment.

Cornelius Floyd (CB) – Don’t have the latest right now on the Gulliver Prep standout but I hope to get something this weekend.

Courtney Garnett (4i DE) – Texas is now out of the picture. That leaves only Oklahoma and Tennessee. With his teammate committing and with everything Courtney has said to me I’ve got to think OU is the favorite here.

Kenyon Frison (OT) – Last time I heard from him he said the Sooners were in.

Lukayas McNeil (OT) – Lukayas is still interested in the Sooners. Lukayas hasn’t had school due to the weather so I haven’t been able to get an update on how he’s reacted to the Charlie Strong situation but I’ll let you know once I do. Even if he does eliminate Louisville you’ve still go to think Indiana will be tough competition. Lukayas, by the way, is an incredible athlete.

Deondre Clark (OLB) (3 left) – This one could go either way but the Sooners are sitting pretty good. Family wants Deondre close but Deondre still likes LSU but he’s definitely interested in Oklahoma. As far as I know OU would save a spot for him assuming he’d be willing to take it but since he’s still more up in the air than I feel the first 3 (Tee, Steven and Miciah) are I went ahead and put him down here.

Adoree Jackson (CB/WR) – Again I didn’t put this one up at the top because he’s not nearly as likely as the 3 above but OU would definitely take him. OU did make his top 6 (top 5 really because I’m not buying that Tennessee is in it – just a hunch nothing more).

Jonathan Thomas (LB) – JT hit me up last night and I want to keep his situation quiet for now. I think it’ll be best for him as far as recruiting in general.

KD Cannon (WR) – I have no idea where OU stands with Cannon but clearly Joe Mixon is trying to get Cannon to Oklahoma. I threw him up here because again, I’ve got to believe that OU would take him regardless.

And this doesn’t take into consideration that OU might be in on some kids that we aren’t yet privy too. It seems like every year we hear about a player or two that Oklahoma gets in on late. The scholarship situation is going to get very interesting.

Addendum below added by Jordan Esco

I realized this was probably a mistake only after putting it together and spending way too much time trying to finagle a way to fit this chart in here, so even though it will probably just add to the confusion it’s staying.

By my math it appears as though there is very little room left for anyone in this 2014 class. You can obviously see the scholarship total, including this incoming 2014 class, is 83 and each D-I program is only allowed to have 85 total players on scholarship.

Now any number of things could happen between now and NSD that would allow for the numbers K has above, which are in line with what I think OU is looking at and what I’ve seen others suggest as well.  Just not sure how they’re going to get there at this point.

Anyway, I just thought seeing everything laid on on paper (so to speak) might help you all digest things a little better. I took some liberty with a couple guys with respect to possible redshirts, but I think this chart should otherwise be fairly accurate. Of course if you see something that isn’t right, just let me know in the comments and I’ll get it corrected.