Oklahoma Tabbed As The Big 12 Preseason Favorite (Again)

Image via Sooner Sports

For yet another year, Oklahoma has been voted as the Big 12 preseason favorite. Thursday morning the Big 12 released their official preseason poll, as voted on by the media who cover the conference, and the Sooners were a pretty clear favorite earning 47 of the 56 first place votes. This marks the third time in the last four years that Oklahoma has been picked to win the conference in the preseason.

Here is the full poll:

2014 Big 12 Football Media Preseason Poll

1.Oklahoma (47)548
2.Baylor (9)508
5.Oklahoma State312
6.Texas Tech308
8.West Virginia170
9.Iowa State121

First-place votes in parentheses

Everything seems pretty much in line in terms of the overall order given the general consensus around the league, though I’d expect Tech fans aren’t all that happy about being picked sixth. So do things look in line with how you expected them to? Give us your order of how you would have voted the teams in the comment section.

  • Jordan Esco

    Thought this was pretty great as well even though, IMO, 2012 shouldn’t really count.

    • Indy_sooner

      I don’t see a lot of us tooting the horn on that year, but it is what it is. We didn’t make the rules. K-State shouldn’t have lost if they wanted the thing outright… but that’s just me tho.

  • I like Boomer Sooner

    That’s actually eerily similar to my own prediction. The sole difference is that I would switch OKST and Tech. From what I’ve seen of TTU’s spring game, Webb is going to light it up next year. Whether or not the defense can do its job will determine if they surprise the conference, but I think they’ll probably end up being an 8 or 9 win team.

    I think TCU is trying to give UT a run for their money on “biggest enigma”. The defense will be solid, and it seems like Fields will be the media darling of the Big XII defensively, but the offense is a total question mark. A transfer QB, a new spread scheme on offense, and what could be a lack at WR might normally be a disaster. That hasn’t kept people from choosing them as a hot upset pick (14 points, really ESPN?). Personally, I don’t think they beat OU (call me a homer, but I just don’t see us being held to one TD again and I don’t see them putting up 30+) but I can definitely see them making a bowl game and maybe ruining someone’s season.

    • SoonerPhins

      Personally I think TCU will stay right where they are around 4-5 wins. I think WVU will do better than TCU. Texas i hope goes 0-12, but they will win around 6-7. TCU is just full of Offensive ?s and defense lost some key players.

      • I like Boomer Sooner

        I agree with the part about TCU’s offense, however I think they will be solid up front and could have one of the better secondaries in the Big XII (not that that’s saying too much with the safety situation of most teams).

        What makes you confident about WV though? I honestly haven’t heard anything good about them other than Smallwood and he decided to intimidate a murder witness soooo…

    • I thought about switching OSU and Tech as well but then I remembered that the last time Tech beat OSU was 2008 and they’ve been owned ever since.

      • I like Boomer Sooner

        Yes, but every streak must end and this year is as good as any if you look at OSU who is losing talent and Texas Tech who is coming in on fire after a great Holiday Bowl (They’re actually in an eerily similar situation as Baylor was at the beginning of last year).

        • I know. On paper that’s a logical assumption but I think people are overestimating the impact of the rebuilding year that OSU will have.

          • paganpink

            OSU will disappoint. As always. That is all….

      • J J

        Yeah but they have only at Lubbock twice ever… Where’s the game this yr! I really don’t know

  • Jordan Esco
  • Ryan

    Overall this is most likely where things will end up with the Top 3 being where they are. Could easily see Ok St, TCU, and Tech all realigned in the 5-7 slots by years end with possibly TCU even challenging Texas for fourth depending on TCU’s offense finding a pulse.

  • Eric Tauriainen

    Looks like OU and BU are separating themselves from the pack this year. I have a feeling that Mangino will improve the ISU offense enough to move them up to about 6th place. Texas has a chance to replace ISU in the 9th spot, if they don’t get their offense straightened out. Should be quite fun to watch that happen. 🙂

  • J J

    1,2,3 seem right. The rest is an absolute crap shoot. Except of course Kansas… No way WVU finishes ahead of ISU

    • leatherneck1061

      Lol….Kansas dead last seems more certain than us in first.

      • J J

        That’s hilariously true

  • SoonerPhins

    Just wondering how others feel, If WVU and TCU drop the ball again and under achieve, would they still be considered good additions to the Big12? or would it prove they can’t play in a big time conference?

    • I don’t think anybody could come into this conference and immediately contend, I don’t care who it is. I just don’t buy that narrative. On that note, I think both of these teams show improvement this year, more TCU than WVU. TCU isn’t far off. They just need some offense to hold court and they’ll be fine. WVU on the other hand, has seemed entirely overwhelmed in this conference.

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      I don’t mind WVU and TCU, they’ve played us tough since they’ve joined the conference and prior to that, as well.

  • EasTex

    OU picked first…and wind blows…and fire burns.

    • J J

      Water is wet

  • Cory Reedy

    Water is wet.

  • Sooner Ray

    I can agree, as most , with the top three. 4 to 7 I could pick by throwing darts after a twelve pack and four shots of tequila.

    • J J

      Getting into preseason form I see! 6 shots of tequila & I’ll throw punches over 4-7

  • OUMadman

    New member here! Awesome site. Been peaking at it for awhile now. I decided to join in the festivities. So excited for the season to start. This team has all kinds of potential. I’m ready for another run how about you guys?

    • SoonerPhins

      Welcome! I’ve been ready for another run since the 2008 NCG. This may be OU’s year

  • roygbell

    Texas is going to surprise people. I would stick them in at #2 right now.

    • Perry Dickey

      Are you the real ‘Red Tornado’?