OK Preps 2015 Feature – Dahu Green (WR)

Image from Newsok.com (Photographer: Bryan Terry)

Last week in our OK Preps feature we looked at OG/C Kaden Clay Jackson. He’s currently visiting Memphis and has also recently heard from North Texas and the University of Houston. I believe he has a trip planned to North Texas this coming weekend. We’re hoping he picks up an offer from there!

This week we want to take a look at a 6′ 5″ WR out of Westmoore HS, Dahu Green. First off let me say that Dahu is legit tall. He might not be quite the 6’5″ he’s listed at, but if he’s below it…it’s not by much. He’s definitely all of 6’4″ without shoes on. We had both Ryan Broyles and Yost do evaluations on Dahu Green a while back, but we are just now getting around to posting them.

We’ve also had a chance to speak to Dahu and his mother at length. As a person, he’s incredibly likable. His mother is as well! He has good grades, he’s a great competitor, hard working, etc. But it’s his likability factor that I think gives him just that little extra something that he would bring to a team’s chemistry. He’s the kind of kid that other recruits like, and if they were down to two schools and nothing was really separating those schools, he could be the deciding factor.

While both Yost and Broyles liked Dahu on film, Ryan was over the moon for him. Here were RB’s thoughts:

Good speed for a big guy. Pretty good change of direction as well. He high points the ball effortlessly and with confidence. He reminds me of a guy we all have heard of, A.J Green. He catches the ball with his hands, which makes his big frame even bigger. This guy has the potential to be a day one starter at a Division I school when his time comes. This guy is a jump ball king! I like the way he comes off the ball, head down and running at his defender. He looks to be well coached and his transition into college ball will be smooth. Great talent and will get better his last year in high school.

RB graded him at a 4.4!

Yost’s grade wasn’t nearly as high (3.8), but still had some great things to say about Dahu:

His ability to adjust in mid-air and snag the ball is a pretty thing to watch. He puts his hands in the area where he can secure the catch and make the play. With his size, he’s a great red zone target. OU hasn’t had a big body receiver in a while and Dahu is definitely that. He has good hands and uses them well, especially in traffic. Once he cleans up his route-running, it will make him even better because he will find the open space to run after the catch. With big guys, speed and quickness is usually a problem, but Dahu seems to be pretty fast after the catch on tape. He is listed at a 4.6 forty time. Bottom line is he seems to have all the natural athleticism a receiver his size would need.


Dahu has become a national prospect collecting offers from: Arkansas St, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, San Diego St, Southern Miss, Tulsa, Wake Forest, and Washington St. Of all those offers, we feel he couldn’t go wrong playing at a school like Louisville. What Bobby Petrino does with his QB and WRs is nothing short of amazing, and we’re pretty unanimous in our belief that under the right tutelage Dahu has a very good chance of getting drafted.

The question of whether Oklahoma or Oklahoma St. will get involved is still open. As we mentioned yesterday, OU likes Dahu but they took so many big WRs last year that there is a bit of an issue with the numbers at WR. Also, we’ve heard Oklahoma St. is only looking to take one or two WRs this year. What could change things for Dahu, in terms of how he is recruited by some of the bigger local schools, is landing a non-regional big offer.

Super K spoke to a friend yesterday who is tied into Ohio State who said there are a number of people on the Buckeyes staff that want to offer Dahu. However, it’s not a done deal. Ohio State is pretty systematic and slow with their non-regional offers, but the possibility is certainly on the table. An offer like that could really take Dahu’s recruitment to another level. We love it because we like Dahu, both as a prospect and person. But we also love those kinds of offers because national offers coming to the state do a lot for the future of Oklahoma HS football recruiting.

Believe us when we tell you that the reason Oklahoma kids aren’t recruited by more schools around the nation has nothing to do with a lack of talent. It has everything to do with a number of other factors that are too lengthy to get into here. But to see an Oklahoma prospect organically build a big national offer list, especially a prospect who isn’t listed by the recruiting services as a 4/5 star type player, is significant for the future of Oklahoma HS recruiting.


Week 1 – Kaden Clay Jackson

Week 2 – Dahu Green

Tune in next week for our third edition of the OK Preps feature player. We’ve already got him picked out, and he’s a dandy!

  • I feel like I am stealing information…Thanks guys as always….

  • Steven White

    Could OU take 3 WR this year? We could go with 2 smaller and faster guys for the slot and then take Green and another big man. I really do not like it when we don’t take instate talent that have the skill set to play. Hope OU pulls the trigger and gets this kid.

  • Sooner Ray

    Is OU afraid to be the first big time offer on the kid? Sad thing is, if we don’t pull the trigger soon Okie lite will get on him and he may be lost.

    • Zack

      Exactly my thinking. It would be a big mistake to lose out on a guy that’s in your back yard. But I also think the kid is going to be better than ofadile.

    • Jordan Esco

      Afraid? No.

      I think it’s as simple as K laid it out, they took three big WRs like Green last year and in almost all cases the numbers, re: scholarships, dictate who you offer. Doesn’t mean Green is lacking for talent, they just already have guys to play that same type of role so, at this point, a schollie used elsewhere would be better served (in their minds).

      • Zack

        And they have no seniors at the WR position. So not much room unless shepherd left (doubtful) or a couple guys left because of lack of playing time (possible)

        • Indy_sooner

          I think Shep will stay, but IMO he has the potential to put up some serious numbers this season and make 1st round after this year. I hope he stays healthy enough to make that run. He is special.

          • Zack

            He’s got potential that’s for sure he needs to stay healthy and knight needs to get him the ball. If he has 2 great seasons he may crack the first round.

      • wolfbuilder

        I think they have something like 5 WR of 6’2″ or taller on roster, 3 from the this past class and 2 from the year before. Also we have one walkon, so IMO if ur not one of the top guys on Jays list we shouldn’t offer.

        Also WR is one of those POS like RB and I guess maybe QB I don’t question our coaches on who they offer.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    It’s not that Green isn’t a great talent, it’s that we brought in 3 tall, solid WR’s in February. Hope he goes to Louisville so we don’t have to play him, and for the reasons you mentioned.

    Also, do you think Mbanasor might consider Arkansas since that’s where the TCU secondary coach went? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

  • Andy Montella

    We will have 11 scholarship receivers on campus at the start of the 2014 season. 4 of them who all happen to be freshmen stand 6’4 or taller. Of the 11 receivers that will be on campus, none is a senior or looks like they will leave early for the NFL draft.
    I can totally understand the need to go after more slot receivers in this class. I dont think Dahu Green is any better or more talented than Mead, Andrews, Todd or Cavil. But in the same breath its always nice to offer an Oklahoma kid.

    • Gary Robbins

      So right – it’s a numbers game. 11 receivers on campus in 2014 and all are underclassmen. Wide receivers and running back seems stacked with young and talented athletes. We lose 7 or so offensive lineman and 6 or so listed as de or dt after 2014. Stoops and company have always seemed to be good about recruiting based on needs.

  • Jim

    Not related, but it sounds like DeShon Elliott (an OU offer) may have committed to Texas this morning. A&M sentiments on TexAgs sound as such. Very underrated 3*, IMO. His JR-year film is absolutely fantastic, and I hope OU finds a way to get him.

    • Gary Robbins

      Probably right he’s been a heavy Texas lean since attending their Jr. day in Feb. Just looked this up- out of the 93 2015 OU offers, 41 are in Texas, 11 in California, 5 in Florida and Virginia, and a whooping 4 in Oklahoma . The rest are scattered. Also A.J. Greeley of Fresno, Ca. named OU as his leader, but only 2 offers-Arizona State and Colorado. I’m ready for a OU commit for 2015. From reading between the lines maybe on April 12th. Spring practice game??

      • Doobie74OU

        Maybe a couple that day!

  • Stephen

    If he is really THAT good, I don’t see why it is harmful to stack talent, especially in an unpredictable season (with injuries to the likes of Broyles and Peterson in the past). When you look at Bama, they’ve had excellent RB’s in consecutive seasons because they stack so much, I just don’t see why OU should let him get away.

  • SoonerPhins

    Hate to see great instate talent get passed over, but I can see their reasoning. If you could break down each position for this recruiting class, how many do you think OU is going to take from each position and how many recruits overall are they going to sign (25+/-)?

  • Doobie74OU

    I definitely understand the reasoning and need to get a couple slot receivers in this 2015 Class. I say get a couple of Slot Guys and then get Green a offer. The slot position is pretty well handled for a couple years between Shepard a JR Young a RS FR and Quick a FR. If we have to many Big WR to play they will sort out who is the best and somebody will transfer out because of Playing time. Still possible Andrews puts on a little more weight and grows into a elite TE. I wouldn’t see them passing on Jalin Barnett if we had signed 3 – 4* OG last year I say just get them all signed and the rest will work itself out. IT ALWAYS DOES!

    • Zack

      I agree 100%. I would like 2 slot guys to commit early so they can offer him sooner than later. Unlike broyles or other state products, he’s an oklahoma transplant and his impression of ou may not be high enough to get over feeling snubbed all summer.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    I get the reasoning for us not offering him yet, but still, it sucks to lose out on instate talent, especially if they’re this talented.

    • Sooner Ray

      It does suck Shelby but these coaches make a buck or two more than me so it’s their decision to pick the kids they want in the program. If it was up to me or many fans, there would be a place for all the best talent in the state. The problem is we are an elite program so our state talent has to be compared to all talent nation wide and unfortunately that will leave us watching some of our local best playing somewhere else. There’s not a better way to put it than “this sucks”.

      • Shelby is a Patriot

        Yeah, no doubt.

  • Alexander

    Going to make a point to study his film this week. Most of your assessments are very accurate. Sensing there may be a bias with some of them though due to the parents reading this and giving you insider access. Imagine you guys have made some great connections with this being a free site and the players/parents reading.

    Admin, could you do a feature on the WR prospects, in particular slot? That’s the biggest area of concern for me going into the spring game. If Neal will be a solid #2. Huge fan of Quick, really intrigued about how fast he will see the field & how much. Definitely expect him getting significant PT in the opener