Oklahoma 2015 HS Player Watch Intro

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We’ve started to compile a list of the more talented 2015 HS kids in the state of Oklahoma. As most of you know our blog has only been around for about four months so this wasn’t really something we could for the 2014 class.

We’re going to be watching a lot of film (in fact we’ve already started) and we’re going to be going out to see these players live in various settings when possible.

We’ve already got a number of kids on our 2015 list that we are evaluating but we need your help. Please email us, or comment below with names of talented 2015 players in OK (or anywhere for that matter) that you are aware of. Some of our best tips come from our readers! Our goal is try to make sure that as few kids as possible go “under the radar” this year.

In the short time we’ve been around we came across at least two Oklahoma HS prospects that could have played BCS ball had they been discovered earlier and they we’re both suggested to us by readers. Papi White had one offer from UCO when we came across him and is now committed to an FBS school (Southern Miss). Tristan Hill only had D2 offers and is now committed to Georgia Southern (the team that beat Florida last season…with a little help from Florida themselves…you’ll recall the Florida players blocking each other!) which recently joined the Sun Belt as an FBS program.

As native Okies we want to try to continue to help however we can. We understand not everyone can play D1 FBS ball but if we’ve got kids in our state that can play then we need to do everything we can to make sure they get exposure. And if we’ve got kids that are FCS or DII level then we need to help make sure those kids get enough exposure to be seen by those particular level schools. Most kids cannot play college ball at any level but we just want to make sure that if they can…then their name is out there. We’re very passionate about this.

I’ll leave you with film of a 2014 Oklahoma native who has D2 offers but has the size and athleticism to possibly play at a higher level. His name is Diesen Gorham and he’s an OG/DT out of Perkins, Oklahoma. He’s 6’2 and 3/4” without shoes on and weighs right at 300 lbs. He also happens to have a 30 on his ACT. Most people have never heard of him.

Tristan, Papi and Diesen are just examples. We’ll try to do what little we can to shine a light on the talented in-state players of 2015.

Here is Diesen Gorham’s film (now holds D2 offers):ย http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/1594294/highlights/124506379

Here is Papi White’s film (now a Southern Miss commit – and was NUMBER 1 on their board):ย http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/491996/highlights/77096398

Here is Tristan Hill’s film (now a Georgia Southern commit):ย http://www.hudl.com/athlete/797777/highlights/116856379?autoplay=1


  • Steve Cooke

    This will be a great feature and y’all should be recognized and commended for doing this!

  • sracer

    Kid from Bixby named Kyle Rhine. Plays wr/db he’s listed @ 6′ 175# . Seems like the power house schools get most of the recognition over here. I just think he could play at some kind of a d-1 school. Thanks for this site it is great.

    • Super K

      We will definitely add his name to our list and look at some film on him. Thanks!

  • Jim

    This could become such a wide search, but I would begin with 3 main criteria that will seem like no-brainers that do not necessarily translate to BCS-level success.

    1. Stats – seems simple, right? Find the state leaders (maybe top 20-25 at each position). BUT, then look at where they play and who they play against. Are they compiling numbers against decent competition, or against 170lb defensive ends? Obviously this isn’t a flawless theory; however, it at least includes how guys are playing against better competition and more physically capable players.

    2. Measurables – again, simple. However, take off at least an inch, 10-15lbs from whatever rosters or coaches tell you, and add 0.15s to whatever 40-time they tell you. Again, not a perfect method, but it could help narrow your search a tad.

    3. Call the coaches around the state (or maybe just 2-3 from each district), and ask them, “Who are some of the most physically dominant players (regardless of position) you saw this past year?” Sometimes stats don’t tell the whole story, so ask the coaches who has caught their eye.

    • Super K

      Excellent suggestions!

  • Sooner Ray

    Gorham’s deal might be the level of competition that he plays against. Without knowing that or seeing him in person, it’s hard to tell just how good he is. Appears on film to have a lot of potential.

  • lovethemsooners

    I know this is a little off topic in regards to this particular article, but I figured a lot of you would dig this……….if you haven’t seen it already. This would look pretty nice for 300M.

    Could probably enhance recruiting a little maybe?


    • Adrian

      If we were able to sell out 120,000 tickets on a regular basis, with people still not getting tickets (80+ straight sell outs which we may if prices also dropped on tickets) then I would love this. I think if (when) they add any seats, it will be new suits under the new press box and a new stacked seating in the North or South end zone to match the East or West seating. But that design would be badass. Would look/sound like an NFL stadium.

    • Jordan Esco

      I agree it looks cool, but this pic has taken on a life of its own online in the last couple days.

      While incredibly cool, what’s presented in that photoshop is NOT happening, not even under consideration. Something like that would put the seating capacity at 100k+ and not even in rumors has something like that been mentioned.

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      But…But it looks so different…. ๐Ÿ™

    • 38Special

      I bet that place would look amazing on a Thanksgiving weekend 11am game vs Iowa State. That’s an awesome design if it could top out at 90-94K. Also, a stadium with no press box or lights would be interesting.

  • ellisbr

    This isn’t necessarily the right forum for this update but I just heard that Adoree Jackson has eliminated the Sooners. Does anyone have an update on where we stand with the other high profile recruits we’re looking at? btw, I love this site, thanks for all the posts and updates!

  • Guys I have a suggestion too, can you all do a thread for visitors coming this weekend? There are quite a few prospects coming in. Thank you

    • Super K

      We’ll post some tomorrow bud ๐Ÿ™‚ Good suggestion!

  • Guest

    Brandon Pollard, QB #18 – Anadarko. Dual threat. Will be a senior next year. Freshman and Sophomore highlight videos are currently on Anadarko Athletics YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/AnadarkoAthletics. Junior highlights will be up within the next month.

  • joey

    Austin Cantrell from Roland Oklahoma, 6’4 240 DE, TE, H-Back


    • Super K

      Thanks joey! Yeah he’s nice. We’ve had him on the list. A reader emailed us about him.

  • Thomas Lenard

    too late for a 2014 WR that played 8-man football out Arkoma, Tanner Sweeten. wish he would have got more looks from the smaller colleges. Only 8-man player that made all-state though.

    • thegoodmagneto(CJ)

      I remember playing against Tanner when I believe he was only a Freshman and his older brother Tyler was a stud at the time. We lost 86 to 68(football) or something ridiculous like that.

  • deeyung

    Brandon Pollard, QB #18 – Anadarko. Dual threat. Excellent QB smarts. Great athletic ability. Solid arm and accuracy. Excellent leader. Will be a senior next year. Freshman and Sophomore highlight videos are currently on Anadarko Athletics YouTube Channel. Junior highlights will be up within the next month.

    Pollard led Anadarko to the 2012 4A State Championship as a sophomore and again to the 2013 4A State Championship as a junior. Anadarko is the favorite to be back in the 4A State Championship in 2014 as well.






  • Adrian

    Connor McGinnis 6’5″ Dual QB/Safety. Very fast, runs the Zone Read like he plays for Oregon. Not sure if his passing mechanics/weight are quite D-1, but he has the athletic ability, speed, knowledge to get recruited to maybe a small D-1

    • Adrian

      Forgot to mention he is out of Heritage Hall, like Barry Sanders jr. and our own Sterling Shepard. Watch #77 as well (class of 2016) he is a 6’6″ 320lb O-Tackle


      • Atlantasooner

        Got a name for this behemoth 2016 OT???

        • Adrian

          Apologies, I thought I put that. Luther Harris. He is fun to watch and they even play against Josh Wariboko at Casady

    • pitbull17

      I heard that name several times on the radio this year listening to football on Friday’s on the Tulsa animal. He seems to shine for Heritage.

      • Adrian

        Great player

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Not related to OK high school, but it looks like 2014 DE Brandon Glenn will be going JUCO instead of OU due to academic reasons.


    • Sonny Schovanec

      Man that’s crazy. I really hate to see this. Brandon worked his tail off to get an offer this summer at OU’s camp. He repeatedly kicked some a$$ and got that coveted offer. His “dream” offer. Preach it everyday to the kids about doing it in the classroom. Wish him the best.

  • Sonny Schovanec

    Looks like the guy in the picture needs a coat. Just saying.

    • Sooner Ray

      Try to focus on the arm!

      • Sonny Schovanec


  • Travis Coyle

    Papi has moves, cuts, and vision. He looked great to me.

  • JSam

    John Jacobs, Dual-Threat out of Shawnee. I think OSU has made inquiry.


  • BigJoeBrown

    I am a bit curious hearing anything about the kid out of Edmond Memorial, LaManuel Singleton, DE I remember reading last year that he was coach’s turning heads in OU’s camp last summer.

  • Super Keith

    Kudos to The Brainiacs! What a great use of your time (especially in the off-season). I haven’t lived in Oklahoma in over a decade, but my heart is always in the Sooner State. I would say “if you guys could help one kid get to the next level, it’d be worth it”, but you’ve already done that. So, I’ll just say “keep it up!”.

    • Super K

      Thanks SK!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Worth noting that OU just offered two 2015 QBs, Jarrett Stidham and J.W. Ketchum. I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, though.