North Shore’s Defensive ‘Dynamic Duo’ – Dorance Armstrong & Darius Mouton

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I have a couple players from down in my neck of the woods, i.e. the Houston area, I wanted to highlight for you, our readers. They are both on the defensive side of the ball for North Shore HS and members of the 2015 class.

The first is CB Darius Mouton, who we actually highlighted in an Open Post last week. I had a chance to catch up with Darius last night, and it sounds like he had a great camp at LSU recently. Darius ran a 4.47 40 at the camp. He is a very quick-twitch type of athlete who is built similarly to Lawton’s Darreyl Patterson, but Mouton’s arms might be a little longer. Darius has a few notable offers — Colorado, Indiana, Nevada, Utah — but is still fairly unknown in this area. He’s a kid who I really like on film and believe it’s just a matter of time before that one ‘big name’ school finds/offers leading others to follow suit.

The other North Shore defender, who to date we’ve yet to talk about on the site (so let’s remedy that shall we), is OLB/DE Dorance Armstrong. I really love this kid’s length and ability. He checks in around 6’4″ 220 lbs and plays predominantly at rush end. When you watch some of his film, you can tell he’s got good flexibility and runs well in the open field. He’s not quite as long Burton’s Louis Brown, but Dorance plays in a much more physical league in the state.

I’m not normally one to rely on a player’s offer list as an indication of their talent. But when I looked up Dorance’s offers, I noticed he holds one from Michigan St and that is one offer that certainly corroborated my initial sense about him. Year in and year out, the MSU coaching staff manages to find long, athletic pass rushers who hold up well against the run, develop them, and send them to the league. So I was already a buyer when it came to Armstrong, but holding an offer from the Spartans only reaffirms my initial opinion.


  • Jason Vos

    I think we should look very strongly at Armstrong for 3 reasons

    1.) Proximity, he in from Texas. He must be flying under the radar, as he has no real offers from any Texas schools except Houston. Perfect type of player for OU to get in on early & quickly.
    2.) He has a Michigan State offer, we all know how good they are at evaluating Dline talent especially DE’s
    3,) Our depth and need to get some quality LB’s in this class. He looks like he would be a great fit in our 3-4 defense.

    • Super K

      He looks like prototypical long rangy rush end/LB that in the right system ends up in the league. And honestly darius is quickly becoming a favorite CB for me. He’s not a huge kid like Mbanasor but he’ll negate any height issues. Him or Baity are both cbs I wouldn’t mind seeing on the opposite side as Mbanasor

      • Jason Vos

        We are in on a lot of highly rated CB’s. Wouldn’t mind a player like Darius but if we get 2 CB commits this early what happens to the recruitment of players like Patterson, Ykili Ross, Langley, Lane, Baity


        • CcrBoomer

          The Langley kid in Cali is very impressive on film. It would be great to keep the Cali pipeline going. Is Langley being recruited strictly as a CB or more as a athlete?

          • Super K

            He is impressive unfortunately everyone I’ve talked to that knows him said USC will be really hard to beat. But you never know. We were dead wrong about mixon last year.

      • hOUligan

        Similar build to Patterson..similar ‘game’ too? Would be nice to get one of the two but then there’s Baity. Figure OU signs 2 more to go with Mbanasor?

  • HoustonChiver

    Super K, what part of Houston are you in? I live in the Washington Ave corridor and the OU Club of Houston watches most of the games down the street from me at Little Woodrow’s on Shepard!

    • Super K

      I live down in Richmond…just outside Houston bud. I’ll have to come by and meet y’all this coming season!

      • HoustonChiver

        That’d be great, usually its a very solid and loud crowd. I’ll try to comment on here somewhere if the location changes, there’s a huge OU fan base down here