Marquise Overton Commits to Oklahoma

Big time 2015 DT, Marquise Overton, has officially committed to the University of Oklahoma. Before Oklahoma offered Que we were big fans of Que and were beating the drum for an early offer. Here is JY’s breakdown of Que from a while back (prior to Que’s OU offer) – it’s a great read if you haven’t seen it:

I don’t expect this to be the last commitment of the weekend.

  • soonerthunder

    Wow! This is big! (literally)

  • Dr. Doobie

    Yessir!!! This weekend keeps getting better and better!! We are starting to see recruiting efforts of the new line coaches with this 2015 class!!!! BOOMER!!!

  • Coach Warren: Who factored in your decision to commit to Oklahoma?

    MO: My family, seeing that big win they had against
    Alabama and their improvement on defense especially how Coach Montgomery
    has the defensive line playing.

    BOOM! Monty strikes!!! HAHAAAAAA

    • Super K

      lol yes sir 🙂

    • leatherneck1061

      Love when we keep OK’s best right here at home…..the way it should be

  • Indy_sooner


  • Borba22

    Huge get! Also, what does this do for OU’s chances to land Parker? Can only help right?

    • Indy_sooner

      Read his interview by coach warren and he says that he really wants to play alongside Parker. FWIW, also said that he is 100% commited when he was asked about chances of decomitting. Cannot overstate the importance keeping the talent in state.

      • Shelby is a Patriot

        It’s definitely going to help to have him. He’ll be trying to get Parker to commit, I’m sure.

    • Super K

      The chances of getting Parker are good but I can’t say much more.

  • Ed Cotter

    Sweet pick up for OU. Keep it coming!

  • Jared Tyra

    OU’s units at the line of scrimmage are going to inspire a lot of fear in the near future. Montgomery and Bedenbaugh are going to work on these juniors

    • Super K

      Indeed. Already some great line commits for 2015 and I love the guys for the 2014 class.

  • connie usa

    I wish these “verbal” commits were binding.

    • CoachStauder

      It is a long time until he can sign a binding LOI, BUT I think a kid that grew up in Oklahoma and a Sooner fan will be a solid commit and I really don’t worry about this one sticking. He knows that if he decommits and someone takes his spot that he is up the creek…

      • connie usa

        Luckily, or maybe not luck, OU has lost few recruits after they’ve committed. But, 2015 is a long time away. What happens when USC, or Alabama come a calling? Hopefully OU is back to the 70s when kids were clamoring to sign on the dotted line.

    • soonerthunder

      Only when they commit to us, however.

  • Bill Milo

    Great pick up. You guys knew long ago what a quality player Overton is, and could be in college.

    Is this the beginning of a great recruiting weekend? Hope so

    • Super K

      If Que puts in the work he could be really good!

  • territorysooner


  • leatherneck1061

    Awesome. Keep em coming.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    This is great news. 2015 is off to a great start. Really looking forward to see who else commits this weekend

  • Shifty

    Keep em coming!!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    First of many commits within the following days I hope!