Lukayas McNeil and Tommy Stevens Note

Everyone knows Oklahoma needs offensive tackles really badly this year. We’ve currently got zero HS OT’s committed and we only took one HS OT last year. As a former OT, JY is in my ear about this a lot. I’ve been talking with Lukayas McNeil’s coach pretty frequently to make sure we’re on top of this situation for y’all.

I mentioned in the recruiting summary that Lukayas really enjoyed his Oklahoma visit but he still has two visits (Indiana and Louisville) to take in January. He’ll decide after that. Lukayas is currently a Louisville commit. If Coach Strong leaves for Texas though, that might affect how feels about Louisville but I didn’t speak to his McNeil’s coach today so I’m not certain. I’ll check with him though.

The note I did want to pass along is McNeil’s coach let me know that Coach Bedenbaugh and Coach Heupel are actually going to be visiting Decatur Central (McNeil’s HS) in January. They are going to visit Lukayas but you might be wondering why Coach Heupel would be tagging along. Apparently they are interested in Tommy Stevens who is a 2015 QB out of Decatur Central. Stevens currently has offers from Indiana, Iowa, Purdue and Cincinnati. I was told by their coach that Coach B and Coach Heup are “coming to watch him (Stevens) throw and to see Lukayas”.

Decatur Central is beginning to develop some talent and wouldn’t be a bad place to start getting a few kids. They’ve got a 2016 offensive tackle that already has offers.

By the way, for those of you who haven’t seen Lukayas’ film, he is an incredible athlete for a kid that long. Needs a lot of weight but again, a darn good athlete.