JY’s Initial Thoughts On OU/La Tech

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Hello Brainiac Brethren!  Man, am I ever glad football is back.  I wanted to apologize for not being around for the in game thread.  I had done the PPV since I’m up here in Chicago, and I didn’t get it to load until halfway through the second quarter.  Needless to say I was ticked, but not about how our Sooners played.  On the hoof, I’m very glad to see our O-line and backs able to churn out yards at will, especially in short yardage situations.  If it was 3rd and five or less, it seemed like we just handed it to the three headed monster we have back there in Ford, Perine and Ross.  It’s scary to think of what might have been if Mixon stays in that rotation.  Still, you can give each one of these guys between 10 and 20 carries per game, and if your ground game is working, we could legitimately see three main backs get 20 a piece and run for 60 plays a game.  When you’re going with tempo, and you’re able to grind out yardage, your backs will get in a good rhythm and the ability to wear opponents down and get those tough yards late in the game is definitely going to be there.

As for last night, I don’t think I’ve seen us have as clean a performance up front in some time.  Daryl Williams got whistled for a hold, but it was iffy.  We didn’t have any motion or false start penalties and when you consider the success we had while keeping it as vanilla as we did, it’s exciting to see what we’ll be able to get done this year.  Really the game plan was a lot of zone read, some off tackle, and a power play here and there in the run game, along with some outs and dig routes over the middle.  We didn’t see any bootleg and not much to the tight end either.

Since we haven’t used the tight end much, I’d expect we hold that back for some tougher opponents. Because with a very legitimate run game, the play action is going to be there.  I like the fact that we didn’t see much, if any, 10 personnel packages, and especially for a developing qb with very young receivers, you want to unclutter that secondary as much as you can.  With the fullback and tight ends in the game, it forced La Tech to keep their big packages in there and play a lot of single coverage out there on the edges.  As Trevor gets more comfortable with these receivers in game situations, the screens to the outside and the routes we’ve seen in recent years will pop for big plays simply because there are less defenders to make miss.

As for the first game assessment, this was a very solid performance.  No fumbled snaps, only a fluke fumble on a pass by Trevor where the ball slipped from his hand and a pick where the DE dropped in a zone blitz and made a heck of a play.  Still, it wasn’t ball security issues like you’d expect with three young backs or bad reads like what we’ve seen before.  I’m going to temper my enthusiasm and there will be plenty to break down in trench warfare.

We’ve got a big, fast, physical offense this year, and one that will be able to give the defense time to rest and adjust on the sidelines.  Early on there’s reason for optimism, and after watching Alabama and Florida State struggle with two of our in conference foes, the Big 12 is going to be tougher this year than a lot of the pundits thought.  That game in Morgantown just got a little tougher, and we go on the road to TCU as well.  Fortunately, we have Baylor and Okie Lite at home, so if we can come out and play well while limiting turnovers, this could be a team that gets better and better as the year wears on.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!  Me and the Man Cub will be breaking down the film here later tonight and tomorrow.


  • EasTex

    Good to see you on it, JY.
    My ppv was glitchy early on here in Dallas on Time Warner.
    I agree with your assessment on the O line, no off side or formation penalties shows good concentration and focus. The penalty on Williams seemed to be called because he was being a little nasty with the defender, which doesn’t bother me very much.
    The abilities of the RBs and the O line are as limitless as I have ever seen an OU running game.

    I hope your young assistant enjoyed his very first OU victory, I already know his Dad did.

    • JY

      Yes sir he took a nap had a bottle and started cryin when he saw some orange. He’s on his way!

      • EasTex

        So burnt orange makes him puke cry?
        He is your “grasshopper.”

        • JY

          At this point he spits up for just about anything, so I couldn’t decipher whether the orange made him puke…we’ll work on that. But the crying part I can see.

          • EasTex

            The delete on the word puke was a take off on the famous Boz quote.
            Since he is such a young fan he gets the benefit on any doubts.

      • ToatsMcGoats

        That’s EXACTLY what I did!

  • I’ve been telling everybody over at LT that the BIG XII will be nastier than anybody thought this year. They still don’t believe me.

    • Daddy R

      Is LT down for you today?

      • brainpimp

        It’s been down a bunch for me today.

    • ToatsMcGoats

      I think it probably has to do with the fact that the SEC/FSU is overrated. Kinda like the LSU vs. TCU last season. When I watched that game, I thought “wow, TCU is going to be pretty good this year”…

  • John Garner

    Great stuff. Thanx!

  • Indy_sooner

    I didn’t even bother trying the ppv thing. I have known enough from last season to ditch it all together. Thankfully that’s the only one for the year.
    Great game . Secondary needs more reps. My man Byrd had some blown assignments but that’s teething. I loved how well the backfield tackled from the little I caught in highlights and 4th qtr. Depth at QB and ILB is worrisome.

  • ratman

    Receivers other than Shep are a serious ?? When we up the tempo we need 6 good receivers and I did not see that last night. Running backs do catch the ball well though.

    • Zack

      I think there’s less question marks about Neal and kj young. Quick and mead just need more time. And hopefully we develop the tight end passing game. But I was impressed with the running backs catching out of the backfield. While clay and finch were really good catching they mostly caught screens where ross and ford look to have more play maker ability like we were used to with demarco.

      • Daddy R

        I still think DeMarco was one of the most talented to EVER play at OU. That first knee injury he had here, really seemed to me to take a tiny step away from him, that he never fully regained, and still hasn’t. Though he was still fantastic here, and is still damn good. It’s just almost scary how good he was before his first injury as a freshman..

        • Zack

          I agree and it’s hard to say he tried to save himself for the NFL when he was as productive as he was here. But he seemed to have that edge back during his rookie year especially in the 230+ yard game.

    • SoonerinLondon

      I think we have real WR problems, but hopefully they’ll come around. We only need 1 outside guy, ala Stills, to go with Shep and we can play. If KJ comes through, Shep might be the guy, but I think we need 1 big, then Shep and/or KJ can make defenses miserable.

    • ToatsMcGoats

      Agreed. DGB could’ve made this O unstoppable…

  • blaster1371

    Byrd, Parker and Thomas have some things to work out when they are manning the safety positions- that’s to be expected. Flowers is legit. He is as every bit as good as Millard was as a freshman. He missed a few blocks or went after the wrong guy but that’s just something experience irons out. Mead looked really nervous out there but he got open a few times so he has the talent. First team defense is absolutely sick- Grissom pretty much negated the passing lane to his side. Phillips demands a double team. Alexander looked really good.

  • Daddy R

    Nice take JY. Hadn’t even thought about the penalties (probably because they weren’t happening). Very clean game. From beginning to end really..considering the subbing.

    And I think “Bringing the Power” is what makes champions…so happy to see the offensive shift, and the nastiness of both sides of ball.

  • hushnpa

    my initial tho’ts ..
    Ford held on to the ball – check!
    Phillips is back :0) – check!
    Perine is for Real – check!
    Walker is for Real – check!
    The secondary is fine ( with room to improve , but its all there) – check!
    TK is fine – check!
    Ford , Ross and Perine , could all get 1000 yds one way or another — check!
    Shepherd is still the man ! – check!

    The passing game is a zero tolerance motor that has to be fine tuned to be right 🙂

    The running game is an old straight six that can’t be stopped !

    Boomer !


    • ToatsMcGoats

      “old straight six”…PERFECT!!!! Made for power, and old school! Love it!

  • Lesslie Stanford

    I am not entirely sold on WVU and OKST. The thing about the first game of the season is you have all kinds of adrenaline going. I also think that FSU and Alabama are a bit overrated. I do think FSU slips up some where this season. And Bama will not make it through the SEC West undefeated. LSU and Auburn are solid teams. WVU looked good when I was watching, but I think Bamas struggles led to the close game as much as WVU being that great. I do think it will be a good game in 3 weeks in Morgantown. As for OSU, I watched the majority of the second half. They looked good at times, but they also took advantage of some terrible blown coverages to make the game close. They picked off Winston in the red zone other wise FSU probably would have blown the gates open early. Winston is not as good as made out to be. He is inaccurate with a lot of his throws but has had very big WR that could adjust to poor throws. I do think we should be able to take care of business against WVU better than Bama did. Bedlam should be a good game. OSU will probably come out the same way they did against FSU, with nothing to lose.

    • SoonerinLondon

      WVU had a lot of dropped passes, and yards between the 20’s, but only 1 offensive TD.

    • boomersooner

      Agree with almost everything, except LSU. If WISC could complete a pass that games over. RB gouged em a lot and 8-24 for 50 yds ain’t gonna cut it against high schoolers

      • Lesslie Stanford

        That is fair. But I think their defense will be solid as always. They have a young team. So I think as the season goes on they will get better. Kind of put them in the same category as OSU. Not much experience. Only I think they are more solidly coached. And play a tougher brand of football.

        • boomersooner

          I think they could get better, but in the sec they’ll face a lot tougher o’s than WISC. A lot more balanced as well. Good secondary but a&m etc will test em while bama etc could gouge em on the ground and get more than 50 through the air. I don’t wanna give the sec the benefit of the doubt just because sec, not saying you are, I just can’t stand em…any of em. I grew up in the middle of it

    • ToatsMcGoats

      Honestly, I think we dominate WVU…I think that Bama is extremely overrated and that they will end up with 2-3 losses this year.

  • One thing I think we all need to acknowledge is the special teams play last night and the job Coach Boulware has done. 1 blocked field goal, 1 blocked PAT, 1 long KO return, and nearly blocked a punt. When was the last time we saw any of that here vs. players just standing up after the snap and giving kickers a free pass to hit FG’s and PAT’s? Coach Boulware clearly plans to challenge any and all points and we should’ve been doing that for years.

    • Zack

      Boulware often gets overlooked but he’s done a great job. In an interview with him last week he told whichever news outlet that he expects a better special teams unit this year because he watched guys last year to see who would be best at which positions on special teams. Looks like he made nice adjustments.
      Plus he’s not going to bring in 5 stars but he’s got certain checks each year like last year. Brought in a juco TE, a freshman TE, a H-back, and a long snapper. And already has the best kicker for 2015.

    • hOUligan

      I love the commitment OU is finally making to ST with getting Coach Bouya and committing scholarships to ST, a good LS (Horky) and top kickers. 2 blocked kicks, Moneycutt was money, 7 touchbacks, great kick coverage. That will win games for you. Just ask Lil Nicky.

    • paganpink

      I honestly had begun to believe that the coaches were instructing the people on special teams not to even attempt blocking kicks because of possible roughing the kicker calls. If so I guess that’s not the case anymore.

      • soonermusic

        i think that’s for punts.

    • soonermusic

      Yeah, they were getting after it on kicks. But, having said that, it should be pretty easy to block a PAT when the other team only lines up with 10 guys.

    • ToatsMcGoats

      I remember the media hounding Stoops a few years back about a special teams coach…he treated them as if they were idiots. I guess he realizes now…

      • soonermusic

        Stoops is very prickly about that subject, and claims that just because the media/fan base didn’t know who was in charge of special teams, didn’t mean that no one was. He also maintains that special teams were “pretty good” all along, at least recently. The facts tend to support him.

        There was a brief period of a year or two, awhile back, where there were definite problems with return coverage, but he took care of that by returning the starters to special teams, instead of trying to protect them. I can try to look it up, but I think our special teams’ rankings and stats were higher in 2012 than in 2013. Not that it matters. I really like what Boulware is doing and think it’s great the way things are going with him.

        • ToatsMcGoats

          Good points. I just remember Justin Brown being our first PR w/a TD since Broyles in the 2009 Bedlam game. Saunders definitely gave our ST a boost, but we didn’t have much in the way of ST that stuck out for awhile there.

    • JB

      Agreed. All 3 new coaching hires have been home runs. Boulware, Bedenbaugh and Montgomery. This staff is loaded with coaching talent again. That wasn’t always the case in the last 5-8 years.

  • AJ

    Wade played de Peterson played In the middle

  • Kevin

    Finally started watching the replay. Was it just me or did it seem like Bell was lined up all over the place, especially in Millard’s position? Would make it pretty easy to direct snap to the Belldozer…or some sort of awesome option pass play.

    • J J

      Yes. He was in motion a lot tooo

  • Steven

    I don’t really know where to put this, but with Quick kinda swinging out on the route, does this remind anyone else of what Auburn did with Marshall/Mason/Coates last year, where the WR was kind of a 3rd option for the QB to toss to?


  • hOUligan

    Great stuff JY. Looking forward to more. On Ford’s TD, the blocking was a thing of beauty with Evans pulling, Bell got a great seal and Rip cleared the hole leaving NOONE to touch Ford. Same thing On Ford’s 2nd TD with Savage pulling. Savage had a great game. Bell had a great block on the DE on that 1st TD of the 2nd half. Flowers is so athletic but not Millard YET. Not the blocker but only a true frosh. Will surpass Millard in time, maybe. Bell lined up all over the place. He is so smart to be able to make this transition. One of my ALL TIME favorite players already. On D, held LAT to 54 yds net rushing, 1.9 per play. That is great D. Phillips jumping into the gap reminded me of Tommie Harris. How can a guy be so big and so quick and athletic. Need him in the middle. This D is nowhere near the same without him in there. Love Griss at OLB. Obo’s rush on the Sanchez INT. He is gonna be a weapon. CMike can attack with so many guys from so many directions.

  • Lesslie Stanford

    Anyone else getting some scouting in today since their is no NFL games on this week?

  • Won


  • ToatsMcGoats

    Sooner! That kid’s gonna be a football genius by the time he’s a year old!

  • Sooner Ray

    I can’t believe my TV is tuned to the sec network just so I can scout the vols.

    • ToatsMcGoats

      Believe it, Ray…you’re a football junkie…

  • ToatsMcGoats

    This is off the subject, but I have to say something before it slips my mind. Does anyone know anything about Justin Martin? He’s a 6’2 180lb CB with 4.3. speed. Currently at NEO A&M, which is just up the street from me…I may have to go check him out. Most of his highlights are with him on offense.

    • Gary Robbins

      One of the top JUCO rated players in the country. Went to high school in Nashville, Tenn. A tall cornerback with speed and size. Has 8 offers to date with Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Nebraska, and Miami most notable. Will have 4 years to play 3. Isn’t OU heading towards taller cornerbacks? Will be interesting to see what you think of him.

  • Kdubracing

    Should’ve come down here close to Peoria. I had the game on Dish. Looking forward to the first trench warfare of the season,

  • OK I’ll be the bad guy..
    I felt Trevor was sloppy especially for a QB who had 7 months of prep time..
    further more we are more talented on both sides of the ball so only scoring 17 points in two quarters of play even with backups against an extremely tired team leaves me wondering

    • ToatsMcGoats

      I hear ya…the receivers, outside of Shepard and Young, have me worried..

      • steveinok


        • ToatsMcGoats

          Neal and Smallwood. Both have me worried. Neal had a couple of catches, but Smallwood was ineffective. Also, where was Woods? I know he played, but was not productive.

    • OUknowitscomin

      To some extent you’re right. I thought they made too many wholesale changes at once. Chemistry wasn’t there on many fronts at that point.
      Bottom line, many guys got those 1st post HS game snaps where their heart is racing & adjust to new speed of game, including Quick not getting turned for ball in time/adjusting to speed of ball.
      I expect a good leap next week.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    I’m pretty happy overall with the game, especially compared to the way some other teams out there did….Our RBs are killer! Keith Ford not only did a good job running the ball (as did the other RBs) but was a great target for Trevor in the passing game which is nice to see.

  • This is a very knew team in theory. ..Josh Hypel…and the line coaches to include ST were fantastic..Phil Steele had LA Tech winning their conf…still stand behind my previous thoughts..I expect the exact same results next week with Meade and Bell getting their first tds

    • Heupel

    • OUknowitscomin

      Timing wasn’t on/jitters, but I’m pretty excited about Meade. Love his fluidity, can see why coaches like him.

  • Sooner Ray

    Here’s what I know so far, Baylor appears to be a little better than Tennessee. The Big XII may not be a cake walk.

    • FeedtheMonster

      and SMU is about the worst I’ve ever seen.

      • Sooner Ray

        Not very good, that is a fact.

        • LXXIV

          Speaking about bad D, I-State looked really bad too. Also, they don’t have a QB.

    • soonernation

      I think Petty getting hurt early hurt his throwing motion quite a bit. appeared he could not step into his throws and was surprised they left in as long as they did. Not sure about his status going forward, but believe their offense is going to go as Petty goes. Their backs didn’t seem to be as good this year as they played last year.

  • Bob Edwards

    What, no love for the special teams? 17.5 yd per return on punts. 33 yd per return on kickoffs, and two blocked kicks!

  • OUknowitscomin

    Great write up JY.
    Phillips was unreal. Hasn’t missed a beat & (I know the competition) could even have progressed.
    That play he did a swim move, in 1-second he was in backfield….taking up some serious space.
    While he was in game, everything shut down.

  • Dana Rogers

    “churn out yards at will, When you’re going with tempo, while keeping it as vanilla as we did, (saving best for last) we just handed it to the three headed monster we have back there in Ford, Perine and Ross. Nice read – JY.

  • JB

    I was very pleased with the defensive front seven. I was pleased with our CB play and safety play in the first line. I’m concerned about ILB depth, but I was impressed with Gastelum when he took over for Evans (another player I’m excited about). When we started subbing to 2nd line defensive backs, I thought we gave up more yards and points than we should have. I was impressed by Ahmad Thomas, Byrd and Parker in the safety positions. I’m excited about Parker’s future.

    I was blown away by the offensive line play. I think the OL is finally stocked with talent and can play with a serious attitude. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

    I was pleased with our running backs. We’ve got some serious depth and talent there. Ross needs to keep his feet moving when he gets hit and not let himself go down too easily, but I think he’ll get that worked out. He and Ford did great catching the ball. Perine is a load. Loved what I saw from him.

    Special teams were phenomenal. That will be a BIG weapon for us down the road. I was really hoping Quick would have one to return. I sure liked what I saw out of Shepard and Ross on punts and kickoffs, respectively.

    Okay…I have 2 concerns. 1) Receivers. Outside of Shepard and Young, I didn’t see that we have a quality receiving corps vs La Tech. I’m chalking it up to youth and nerves in their first game, but Mead seemed surprised–shocked, really–that a pass was coming his way. Quick seemed a little nervous too. Neal looked all right, I just want to see more consistency from him. I was hoping to see Derrick Woods get some balls thrown his way, but I didn’t see him on the field. I only saw one pass thrown to a TE and in spite of the interference, it wasn’t a good pass. I thought we were supposed to see more TE throws and catches. Maybe next game.

    2) QB. Trevor Knight ran the ball well, but didn’t look as good throwing as I expected. The line we’ve all heard is, “Will Trevor be the QB he was vs Alabama?”. I didn’t see the Sugar Bowl QB. He got sloppy and careless with the football and his passes at the end, and really didn’t put up stellar numbers. Not horrible, but not great either. I was expecting better vs LA Tech. He reverted to some of the things I noticed in his 1st and 2nd starts; he has a tendency to overthrow his receiver, then tries to compensate and underthrows the receiver. That fade in the end zone to Shepard was a thing of beauty. What I saw late in the game left me a little concerned. He was throwing some balls low to Mead, and it didn’t help that Mead had the deer-in-headlights look on him when the ball came his way.

    I’m also worried about depth. I sure hope Mayfield wins his appeal and soon. We could really use him. I was afraid of Trevor getting hurt on a meaningless late game play.

    I’m hoping to see a little more aerial prowess vs Tulsa than what we saw vs LA Tech. TU is going to stink again this year, so we should be able to put up some big numbers. Hopefully, after a week of game play, we’ll see sharper play from QB and WRs. On the positive side of things, our OL may be able to dictate entire games and allow those big backs to run all day against most teams we will face this season without having to worry about the passing game.