Jonathan Thomas Qualifies

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I spoke to Jonathan Thomas earlier today and I have some exciting news to share. For those of you that don’t remember Jonathan he was the raw (only been playing football for two years) but extremely athletic LB out of Georgia that wanted to play for Oklahoma. However due to qualification concerns Oklahoma discontinued their recruitment of Thomas.

By the end of the 2014 recruiting cycle though Jonathan was being recruited by Georgia, Miami, Syracuse and others. He committed to Syracuse after an official visit and signed with them.

Jonathan is a really wonderful young man. I can’t even begin to tell y’all. And it makes us happy to announce that he received a really good score on his most recent SAT and is now QUALIFIED!

We’re excited to watch him play at Syracuse. He’ll be teammates with another one of our favorite recruits, Juwan Dowels who I had a chance to spend some time with last week in Miami.

Like many of the talented NFL prospects that hail from Gwinnett County we expect to see him in the league one day as well (God willing).

Congrats JT!


Note: For those of you who want to send him a tweet congratulating him here is his twitter handle:

  • NickDangerThirdEye

    Good for him! Thanks for the update.

  • soonerborn

    Glad this young man will get a chance to play at the next level.

  • Sonny Schovanec

    Dang and the Cuse got another one of my favorite kids that were on OU’s radar the Dowels kid. Man I really liked Dowels. Syracuse got better signing those kids.

    • Super K

      Totally agree!

  • dwells

    It’s hard to tell with this photo, but that ball looks like it may come too close for comfort to his head.

    • ToatsMcGoats

      I was gonna say something similar!

      • Sooner Ray

        That picture was taken roughly 4.7 seconds before a major a$$ kicking.

        • Jed

          Heh. I was going to say something about “Mr. I-just-had-my-butt-kicked No. 26”

  • Bill Duncan

    I plan to watch the cuse defense over the next few years. It’ll be fun to watch them play and progress. Living locally to Thomas, I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see him play in HS.

    • Super K

      Ill be doing the same. They seem to be doing a good job of finding the right kids. It may be rough building in the next yr or two but when some of these guys get a little older Syracuse will have some players!

      • Gary Robbins

        Has the TFB crew thought about doing a breakdown of what OU should get in the way of 2015 commits.This would need to be based on what seniors (not early NFL early declares) leave after the 2014 season.Maybe based on need for offensive lineman, linebackers, defensive backs, etc. Just something for us to agree to disagree on till March 8th gets here. Thx.

        • J.K. Abbott

          One of the most pressing is OT’s. Thankfully OU has a stud OTackle already committed and some OT’s very interested.

          • Jed

            Steamrollers are never unwelcome.