Joe Mixon Tweets (Updated 7:42 pm)

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Earlier today Joe Mixon reactivated his twitter account after having deactivated it for a number of weeks. He put out his first tweet since his birthday:

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UPDATE (7:42 pm):Β For those of you asking whether Mixon went to class today, we can’t say for certain. We were told that he was seen “walking out of a building with a backpack” but we don’t have anyone we know that has been able to confirm that they actually saw him in class.

  • ToatsMcGoats

    Hope it’s with the good guys…

  • connie usa

    Joe. Can’t get much bigger than OU.

    • Daddy R

      Unless he found a way to skirt the NFL draft rules!

      • connie usa

        Don’t want him ending up like Maurice Clarett

        • Daddy R

          oh hell no!

      • D’Brickashaw Ferguson

        Could he play in the Canadian Football League?

  • bmrsnr


    • Super K

      haha you tell us! πŸ™‚

      • bmrsnr

        Well what are you hearing, that’s what we pay you for πŸ™‚

        • Super K

          LOL comment of the day!

          • Boom

            K, I can see the punishment of – Joe, you are going to redshirt this year. But to keep him away from team activities, what gives in your opinion.

          • Super K

            Couldnt tell you for sure bud. I’ve speculated with the other guys but nothing I’d feel comfortable posting.

          • Boom

            Thought about that after I posted. Felt like that would put you in a bad situation. I’m not protesting but it has to be a killer for a good kid who has always been a part of a team. Now he’s like a horse with no name. Mentally, he’s not the stud football good guy, he’s just a student. Tough transition which is why I posted on the leadership on the team will have to play a big role with him this year.

    • Super Keith

      It’s a line from a Drake song. But, it’s going to be funny watching folks try to decipher what it says.

      • shawn

        I’m hoping he’s simply implying that he’s gonna take the punishment and come back and use this as a growing/learning experience. Kinda like Ryan broyles did as so many have said before. Hopefully with the same results as well.

  • Mike Reed

    Forge ahead through the adversity Joe. Ride this storm out, work hard and become the next great back in OU lore.

  • sodaksooner

    The obvious question….does anyone know if he attended class today?

    • Daddy R

      I read that he did indeed. But it could have just been rumors..

    • Super K

      hoping to know tonight but we’ll see.

  • OohRahMama

    God bless ya and hugs to you, Joe Bear. You have many people who are on & by your side in spirit. Much love & prayers. Hope you stay with us. You have so many peoples’ support! Chin up and keep smiling, blessings will come your way each day. Boomer, Joe.

  • Ed Cotter

    Off topic, but I saw Ykili Ross today and he said he WILL be in Norman for the Tennessee Game. Getting him to Norman is the first step. Once he sees a game there, it will be a real eye opener.

    • Super K

      good to hear Ed! He’s been telling us the same.

      • Sooner Ray

        K, I know RB is busy right now but do you know/ or could you ask him to reach out to Joe and share his story and tell him he only needs to make it to the end of December and everything will change.

    • Kody K.

      Ed, are you family friends with Ykili?

      • Super K

        He coached Ykili when he was young. Ed connected us with Ykili before he had any offers. We loved his film immediately. Since then he’s become a massive recruit.

      • Ed Cotter

        Kody, I was Ykili’s middle school PE teacher and track coach, and he still comes by to see me from time to time. Also had his sister the last two years in my classes, so I have had some contact with the family and was able to pub OU. I really think he is UCLA’s to lose, but you never know once he gets on the OU campus and soaks in the game day atmosphere.

        • Kody K.

          Sorry Ed I just seen your reply in my email eight days later. I think it is really cool that you have an investment in Ykili. I hope he makes you proud and does well on the field and in the books. Hopefully we can get him!

  • Doobie74OU

    Question(s) that is above my pay grade?!?!
    1.) Can Mixon, now that he is not a “member of the team” or on the “football roster”, transfer right up to the start the year next year or getting his scholorship back, whichever comes first, with no penalty or is this the incentive that OU has in keeping him signed to a “financial aid” package thus not allowing him to transfer with out the one year sit out requirement.
    2.) Also if he does indeed fight this charge and wins his case and therefore is never convicted of a crime can he use the same logic as DGB (basically a force out rule) to transfer and play immediately this year?(I know because of timing the later is less likely to happen because getting this resolved in court, transfering, and getting a ruling by the NCAA will take more time than he has available this season)

    • Doobie74OU


      • ND52

        Delete your post then.

      • Boomer4life


    • OUknowitscomin

      I just remember the ND cb a few years ago that had participated in practices and ND would not release him due to that. From that situation, it would seem as though releasing is up to OU. But not sure.

    • CoachTalk

      he’d have to sit a year regardless of transfer, unless he went juco or d2.. (not happening)

  • SoonerinLondon

    Joe, everybody you will ever meet has made mistakes…big and small. What matters is how we come back afterwards.
    We believe in you.

  • EasTex

    To Joe:
    The price of greatness is responsibility.
    -Sir Winston Churchill

  • OUknowitscomin

    An interesting side note is his Twitter seems to have all OU related photos & cover photo removed. Not sure it indicates anything of course. He’s also favorited a bunch of replies, but none that mention coming back next year that I could see. Maybe just being careful, maybe a sign.

    • Zack

      You might check again. I’m not sure what his cover photo or background was but he’s a kid they change stuff like that all the time. Follow John Humphrey the kid is always messing with his profile. Plus he spent almost 4 weeks without twitter. So I wouldn’t look into an avi or background update as a sign he’s leaving. He has retweeted a ton of ou related twitter profiles such as tfb today. And he still has all his photos of headington hall, Blake griffin, quickmix, and other ou related photos on his twitter.

      • Zack

        My bad actually he didn’t retweet anyone.

      • OUknowitscomin

        My bad on older photos, I’m just used to seeing many OU images when on his twitter feed. He has favorited many OU fan statements, but stops short on ones that mention specifically coming back to OU is all.

        • Zack

          Well like you said he probably is being careful. I think this situation is an injustice to him though. I think for one mistake to cost you all of this. And yes it’s a mistake I and no one condones but it’s not even close to the worst thing that could have happened. If he was any other kid normal student and this happened he probably doesn’t even get a full paragraph in the paper and probably gets let go on a bogus charge with community service and probation.

          And I’m tired of hearing the moral compasses of the world say that what he did is the worst thing they’ve ever heard of. And that he should be gone for good and all kinda of stuff. My question to those people is are they funding foundations for battered women. are they giving as much time of day to all the other real victims of abuse to shed light on this subject. My guess is no so why are they up in arms about it now trying to tell others what’s right from wrong.

          • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

            This is wild speculation. Maybe, just maybe, with Shannon’s and DGB’s issues going on they want to play the PR game. This is what some football talking heads/mouths on satellite radio discussed at length yesterday after the news broke about Joe’s suspension. They said it was issue, primarily because they made it an issue.

            In my opinion, the PR issue is nonsense. I can’t imagine that players from other universities care one bit about what’s going on elsewhere.

            One could argue that future recruits and parents would care. If that’s true, then we’d have to examine Florida and Texas recently. Both programs led the nation in arrests such as robbery. Bama has had some issues with players lately, and LSU. These schools still get top recruits.

    • Borba22

      Well, I haven’t looked at many of his favorites, but I saw one that said, “can’t wait to see @Joe_MainMixon rock the crimson and cream! Looking for a fast year!”

      and another one that said, “keep your head up, you’re going to be a Sooner legend.”

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    A lot of OU fans have been tweeting him today and he is favoriting them.

    Today is not a test of his decision or how determined he is. That’s two months from now.

    • blaster1371

      Good point.

  • Jackson1006

    I was at Duke years ago when that infamous lacrosse scandal broke. Because of my line of work I had some inside perspectives on the matter and it was a textbook on how NOT to handle a student crisis. Duke faculty and staff jumped to conclusions about the not exactly saintly (euphemism) but ” innocent” players. In the end the students successfully sued the school if I remember correctly for selling them out sans due process. The lesson to be learned was that schools need to stand by their students until guilt is proven.

    By comparison, I think OU gets a solid grade for standing by BOTH students in this case and not making reactive statements that would suggest otherwise. I think they could have done a better job of discouraging the harassment and rhetoric against Amelia though. I am Not proud of us Sooner fans for all the speculative rationalizations that we all can admit occurred primarily because of the situation’s relevancy to football. I wish Joe and Amelia the best and hope they can both move past this once the legal issues settle. Great people are defined more by their resilience through their most humbling failures than the sum of their accomplishments.

    • Super K

      Great post. Classy and interesting perspective.

      • soonermusic

        yes. excellent post.

  • blaster1371

    There are assumptions Mixon will be out a year. The OU press release said suspended for the entire 2014 season. The 2014 season concludes before second semester begins. Of course he won’t be available to play for a full calendar year, but that would be the same had he red shirted. If the suspension is indeed just for the season he can resume workouts and participate in spring ball. Would like to hear confirmation from Admin if they meant a calendar year or the football season.

    • Billy Jackson

      I think he would be allowed to participate in bowl practices since the regular season would officially be over….I know the coaches like the younger guys to take advantage of those extra bowl practices, so I believe he’d get started getting reacquainted with the team then. Don’t know for sure, though.

    • Sooner Ray

      blaster, I’ve heard a few different people today say that a season suspension would be over at the last regular season game, makes sense but there are a lot of bad info providers out there right now as you know.

      • blaster1371

        Seems like the educated kind at Admin would know what to say so I take a season being over in December and a year 365 days. The year angle is coming from people,just talking, the “official” wording is season. I declare his suspension over after the bowl game!

      • Shifty

        That would be nice if he got some december practice in as well..that’s when a lot of young guys get some reps and take a step up in their game before bowl prep begins with the contributors

  • blaster1371

    Mixon, just lay low on the social media. That’s an area that can get under Stoops’ skin Ricky tricky quick.

  • WilliamJack

    You are a Sooner. Remember that. This too will pass and the Sooner Family will see you play in Norman next season. Look at it this way, it’s better than a knee injury. Get stronger, get good grades, keep your head down, Trust in God and watch a lot of film. BOOMER!

  • Sooner Boi

    Yo Mixon!!!! Yo Mixon i would love to see you in crimson and cream next year. Just know that God has a plan and path for us all. It wasnt meant for you to play right now. Go hard in the weight room and get your speed to a level where you are unstoppable. I live in Nebraska and love the sooners but this decision eas based upon race. Theres a reason why the judge sealed the release of the tape! !! So if you a sooner nxt year i will follow you and if not I still will roll with you. God bless a d know that everything happens in life for reason

    • Decision was based upon race?!?!?! Come on, man.

      • Jordan Esco

        Gonna go ahead and put an end to this now. Thanks for understanding.

  • CoachTalk

    Maybe already discussed but does he open his twitter to communicate with other colleges??

  • Gregory Jones

    According to Joes Instagram he’s already back in Cali…

    • kt-raida

      I saw that instagram post and maybe he was saying the picture was when he was back in California not necessarily be was there. Hopefully.

  • Kevin Moore

    I was led to believe someone posted a pic somewhere today of him sitting in class next to Quick. Can anyone confirm that and maybe even post the pic here? Oops! I see the pic was posted on the Staff Picks thread 45 minutes ago. Looks like good news to me. ; )

  • Travis Hill

    So is there any way to get some clarification on Mixon, whether it’s “a year” or “the season”?