Joe Mixon – the Recruiter

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Put aside, for a moment, the fact that he’s a very big and very elite athlete. How amazing is it that he’s just recruiting like crazy for Oklahoma?

I mentioned in another post that I talked to someone who knows him and the person praised his work ethic and teamwork. I also mentioned Steven Parker’s father told me how much Steven likes Joe. But seeing him hitting people on twitter and trying to bring players to Oklahoma with him just gives you the sense that he really get’s it…and perhaps moreso than most kids his age! He knows that Oklahoma will be at it’s best when the best kids are at Oklahoma.

And now it seems he’s got Samaje Perine (who is a quiet young man) in on the recruiting train. Samaje was hitting up none other than Jovan Pruitt (Samaje is a smart kid – he knows he needs OL to block for him haha). I also feel like Joe has already begun to bring the team together. Sure some of the recruits were tweeting at each other or talking to each other here and there before he committed, but he’s really taken it to another level.

Bravo Joe. Bravo! Team chemistry in the locker room and off the field is way undervalued by fans and Joe seems to be getting an early start on creating that chemistry between the incoming players and of course trying to bring the best players to Oklahoma.



  • Billy Jackson

    A field general of sorts. Love his enthusiasm, and this tells me quite a lot about the likelihood of UCLA or anybody getting him to flip. No way that happens with the recruiting he’s been putting in.

    • Super K

      Great point Billy. He’s so “invested” which is not only great in what it says about him…but as you so astutely pointed out…it’s a great indication of his conviction in the commitment.

      • Billy Jackson

        Agreed. He understands the better the talent around him, the better chance he has to have a great career at OU.

        He’s so charismatic, I think he’s doing more damage on the recruiting trail for us than the Sugar Bowl win is…..

  • bjwalker82


    The momentum train is running out of control

    • Super K

      We do seem hot right now!

      • madbrad

        We are like Hansel…So hot right now.

        Zoolander reference for the day.

        • Super K


          • ctsooner

            This is where team chemistry starts. It brings all the kids, regardless of background, together. I love seeing this even though we may not get a ton of the kids he’s going after, but it becomes the first common goal for future teammates. As much as these kids love the fans to tweet them, I’d think they’d really like it even more if a whole recruiting class went after them. Those are who they will be playing with for a long time. I think he’ll help OU get a few kids in who wouldn’t otherwise have come. Once on campus you just never know. That was a magical weekend back in Oct or so. I wonder if he can actually get Adore to change his mind. He already has him listing OU in a top 6, so that’s a start. THAT’s another game changer if we could get him. That would be HUGE and transform OU from a playoff contender for the next few years to a playoff favorite I feel. I think the lines will both sort themselves out as without them we dont’ have a great O or a great D, but with the speed these kids would bring (along with Quick) it would make OU stupid fast. Look at the game last night and see what just won the Natty…..speed.

  • Kelly Turner

    Any updates on Kerrick huggins status?

    • bjwalker82

      Still has to spend one more year in JUCO.

      • Kelly Turner

        Ok Thanks.

  • Travis Tyra

    He has been going nuts hitting up recruits! I think he may even be making a bigger impact on the class of 2015 class he said that a group of recruits was about to commit! This kid is going to be huge for us.

  • The Legendary Carl

    Haha I hate to be the wet blanket here but… Lest we forget… De’Vante Harris 2012

    • Guest

      I don’t think we’re losing any coaches this year though. If I understand the situation right that’s why De’Vante Harris went elsewhere.

    • dahldennsull

      based on his play this season and that bowl game, I’m not very sad he decided to do that either….

  • Borba22

    Just a couple tweets from last night and this morning for those who don’t have twitter:

    Got my boy @NatrellCurtis to commit to OU! @TreyL55 @IAmTheOne_9 @ItsQuicker is next! Lets get it! #Boomer”

    TreyL55 = Trey Lealaimatafao
    IAmTheOne_9 = KD Cannon
    ItsQuicker = Michiah Quick

    “Steven Parker ‏@Lil_Stevie2113h
    Good talking with my bro! @Joe_MainMixon that talk is what I needed yo!”

    Man Idk what I gotta Do to get my boy @IAmTheOne_9 to Norman but this when the Magic come in! #LetsGetIt KD Jump on the Road to Glory!”

    • Leroy Jenkins

      If that K.D. Cannon flips to OU, the sky is the limit with the offense. I hope Norvell hasn’t given up on recruiting him

      • I like Boomer Sooner

        I would bet he hasn’t.

    • Sooner Ray

      Thanks for the info Borba, I’m one of those that don’t do the “T” thing!

    • akbuc

      Does it make old that I can only sort of make out the grammar of twitter? I can gather that he’s recruiting hard though.

  • Adrian

    What’s the status on KD Cannon? He is quiet about Baylor but he favorite and retweets everything Joe puts up. Joe keeps saying he wants him but is this someone Coach Norvell still is pursuing??

    • Super K

      I’ll see what I can find out.

    • Cary Newman

      Cannon flipping would be huge. Never have enough speed.

  • Greg H

    I’m jumping on the Joe Mixon bandwagon with both feet! I believe in a couple of years we could very well have two Sooners invited to NYC

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Perine, Mixon, Ford, Ross; we’re stacked at RB. It’ll be interesting to see who steps up and gets the most playing time. What a great problem to have.

    • Ed Cotter

      David Smith and Daniel Brooks are also in the stable, just sayin’.

      • KellyB

        I think David Smith is the sleeper. He’s a workhorse that was heavily recruited by Bedenbaugh when he was at WV.

  • Steve Cooke

    Whats also cool is OU’s twirler Sarah Harris is also recruiting for us on twitter!

    • Sooner Ray

      How could you say no to that face?

    • I like Boomer Sooner

      the funny part is that she went to Bama and came here to twirl. First we take their twirlers, then we take their bowl.

  • Jive Turkey

    I’m jumping on the bandwagon as well, this shows me a lot. He’s serious about coming on board and building chemistry right away, sounds like a solid leader in the making.

  • pitbull17

    This screams natural born leader to me. When a kid as talented as he is immediately tries to start bringing talent with him you gotta believe he’s all in. If he develops like he should, with his attitude and team mentality, this kid could be something very special!

    • Sooner Ray

      Agree Pit. If He’s got skin in the game it makes signing day look more positive. Hope AD can visit with him sometime just to reinforce how important hard work is for success.

  • SoonerInNorCal

    First of all, its a step in the direction of team captincy, and he is not even on campus yet….leading from 1600 miles away is pretty impressive. Secondly, I know that there are different thoughts on Twitter, but it IS the way that kids communicate. It surprises me not one whit that the leader of that bandwagon, from the minute that he signed on board, is from Northern California.

  • Indy_sooner

    Looks like we got the most important recruit on Saturday in the UA game. Quality recruit (hire?) for the low low price of a scholarship…lol
    At this rate, Bob is gonna be having nightly fireside update with him so he knows when to slow down

  • KellyB

    More posts from Joe. Man, he’s giving Gundy a run for his money. I’m in sales and would hire him in a heartbeat! Looks like Trey could flip. Also curious about the 2015 “group” of commits in California. One is Kahlil McKenzie

    Trey Lealaimatafao ‏@TreyL5554m: Officially 100% decommitted from Texas.
    ⚡PRIMETIME!!!⚡ ‏@Joe_MainMixon39m @TreyL55: Officially 100% decommitted from Texas.”OU baby! Lets get it trey

    ⚡PRIMETIME!!!⚡ ‏@Joe_MainMixon6 Jan
    “@BigBallin28: A group of us 2015 recruits bout to commit to the same school so we can win that natty

    • Ed Cotter

      BigBallin28 is Khalil McKenzie, the 6’3″ 260lb DT from DeLaSalle HS in Concord. Man, this could bode really well for 2015 if they are working the group commit thing. Wow!

  • Ed Cotter

    Is OU in-line for Otaro Alaka if he decommits from Texas. Since OU lost out on Dwight Williams thought there might be a chance here. He is rated around the same as Williams. Hey, if we have a chance at Trey and Courtney, why not?

  • KellyB

    Will we miss Starks? We had been recruiting him for a long time. Seems like he was waiting until after Joe’s decision to see where he would commit

    • bjwalker82

      He’s already committed to UCLA. The problem is it looks like he won’t qualify. So he’ll be spending 2 years at a JUCO probably.

  • Jason Rudd

    What’s the latest on Trey Lealaimatafao?