Eric Striker Getting Some New Moves?

Image from (Photographer: Nate Billings)

Eric Striker is an elite pass rusher. Everybody can see that. And I’m probably not the only person that thinks there is still plenty of room for development. There are times when I’ve felt Eric could use an inside move to beat an OT. And despite his size, his ability to get OT’s on their heals could really set them up for a bull rush. If you’re like me you might have been wondering whether or not there is more to come from Eric Striker in terms of development and it seems there is.

I was chatting with one of Eric’s high school coaches and didn’t really have any intent on sharing anything that was said…it was just a casual thing. But I know many of y’all are as interested in these random nuggets as I am so I wanted to share a few things he told me. I asked him if he’d seen a more explosive pass rusher than Eric and he said, “First step and overall explosiveness, not too many can match Eric. Ryne Giddins, USF DE, was a monster in HS, is the closest I can compare.”

Then Eric’s coach mentioned that after the TCU game he specifically told Eric that he needed to add to his pass rush arsenal so that the OTs wouldn’t be able to run him wide around the edge. He said that “he (Eric) will definitely get better in the spring…I’m sure coach Montgomery will teach him a few new moves…so Eric becomes more effective”.

Eric is so devastating as a pass rusher that it’s easy for me to forget that this past year was his first year to see meaningful action. Eric’s coach really summed up my thoughts about Eric pretty well when he said.”the scary thing is he will only get better!”

Think about that. He made a potential 1st round OT look silly a couple weeks ago! And he hasn’t even begun to incorporate additions to his pass rushing arsenal and will still continue to develop physically. That is indeed scary…for other teams!

  • Swanny
    • Super K


    • vargo05

      If Eric can get that spin move down, it’s just gonna be straight nasty what he does to opposing teams passing game.

      • eastoksooner

        Not bad for what ESPN had listed as a 3 star recruit. Took those 5 star Alabama boys to school!!! ESPN can take their SEC love affair and those stars and shove them up their….

        • Sooner Ray

          Heart and desire trump a star everyday!

          • eastoksooner

            Yeah and I think when we get a player ESPN downgrades them and when they go to an SEC school ESPN upgrades all wrapped up in the ESPN/SEC love affair…screw ESPN

          • Sooner Ray

            WITHOUT LUBE!

          • eastoksooner

            Yes sir…

  • Atlantasooner

    Super K, Do you think OU needs to adapt Striker’s role to include more pass coverage? With Bond being added to the mix at the other OLB slot, dropping Striker at times will confuse spread attacks even more?

    • Super K

      They did it throughout the year. They kept adding to his role. Initially, as you prob noted he was almost exclusively a pass rusher. Then they added zone coverage drops – first the flat, then deeper into the curl, buzz. And later I believe they added some man coverage. Striker can play man, which is scary as well. In fact (I may get flamed for this) but I believe Striker could be used in the NFL as a do-it-all safety if a team wanted to play him there. But yeah with all the pass rushers on the field next year I think you’ll see him in coverage even more.

      • Cary Newman

        Eric will have a pic-six in 2014. Book it.

      • Jason Rudd

        You are absolutely right. To start the year out, he was exclusively used to rush the qb. By OSU game, you could see him dropping into coverage. In fact, he appeared to have had more coverage responsibilities in OSU game than any other prior to osu game. Also, we should not overlook that he continually got better against the run.
        Lastly, as much as people have expressed their frustration about Kish, he should get credit for his development.

  • Jared Tyra

    Could you imagine striker adding extra moves AND 15-20 pounds of muscle with that ability and mentality he has? I can’t see it through the smoking wreckage of offensive lines I’m envisioning haha

    • Super K


      • Shifty

        what do you think his max weight is? 230-235?

        • boomer-d

          I’m thinking 5-10 lbs more is the max with his frame. He’s about 6 ft. and you don’t want him to lose any speed.

  • Nathan Brenneman

    maybe we get to see the “endy” package variant again soon…I was always amped when I saw that…I miss CFB already….when is spring practice lol

  • How do you guys think they will use Striker and Bond on the field at the same time?

  • Sooner Ray

    One of my biggest worries going to the end of the season was that offenses were going to use his rush against him and power run underneath it. I couldn’t believe Bama didn’t exploit him somehow. If people are afraid of him now, look out in the future because he can only get better and some versatility in his game will make him a well known monster!

    • Indy_sooner

      Now think what happens when we add another rusher in Bond. Crazy

  • pitbull17

    Not only a a first round OT from ‘Bama, but a grown ass man! Striker is
    still growing and could potentially be one of those defenders that an
    offense has to have an entire game plan devoted to keeping him

    • Sooner Ray

      And hopefully we’re building a defense that will make it nearly impossible to game on just one guy!

      • pitbull17

        Absolutely! with the amount of talent returning and some of it coming in, this D could be flat Nasty! next year.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Striker is a beast, and his name is perfect.

  • Ed Cotter

    Striker is going to light it up even more next year and OU is picking up some other guys, like Curtis Bolton that will be able to learn from watching Eric and will become monsters as well. Good stuff happening in Norman!

  • 38Special

    Striker makes me wonder what it would be like if Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu played OLB. He just makes plays. I bet he could be an in the box safety if need be.

  • Michael Pendley

    I was a DE in high school in Eufaula OK (Home of the OU famous, Selmon brothers) another good move would be to grab his shoulder pads in the chest area and use his momentum to bull rush him the opposite direction 🙂

  • Bill Milo

    Striker owned all night the best OT in college football. Striker hasn’t even scratched the surface of his abilities. I hope he stays humble and works hard.

  • KellyB

    Scout ranked Striker a 3 star and the 61st best OLB in the country. Only other “major” offers were Cincinnati, Tennessee, Iowa and WVA.

    Interesting side note, last year I spoke with Mike Stoops at church when he was visiting. This was right after he was voted Big 12 recruiter of the year. He was really high on Ahmad Thomas. I think he see the same potential as Striker