Dorian Leonard

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Height: 6'3.5
Weight: 200
Position: WR
Brainiac’s Average Grade: Football 4.0 / 5.0

Photo from courtesy of LISD

Dorian was recruited by Oklahoma but ultimately chose to sign with the Texas Longhorns.

Exceptional athlete. This guy has a knack for the big play. His eyes are always up the field looking for the endzone. He is not content with the reception he wants more and you can’t teach that. He has good acceleration off the line, which will be good for the next level. He catches the ball and drops his hip well to make a cut. He has great feet, which will allow him to gain separation and improv after catch. He tracks the ball effortlessly. I see this guy being a very productive starter his first year in college.

Grade: 4.5

Before you can talk about Dorian as an athlete and a receiver you’ve got to talk about his size. At 6’3+ you don’t go turn on his tape an expect the kind of agility and suddenness that you see right away. Dorian is one of those kids that Coach Briles at Baylor would put on the outside and let him blow the top off defenses…only bigger. That is scary. I’m sure some will argue that he doesn’t have that elite top gear and they might be right. But who cares when you’ve got the kind of stop and start explosiveness that Dorian has? He’s so quick off the line that once he gets some size on his long frame you aren’t going to want to press him. And if you start getting corners to play off on a kid that can sink and turn like Dorian and have the physical build to shield the ball like Dorian then you’ll be giving up first downs all game. And just when you start to creep up or jump those routes they let him fly on a go. This is an impressive receiver that you could probably line up in a number of spots. He is awfully thin and it isnt always a given that a kid that lean can put on the muscle to not get pushed around at the next level but if he can he could be awfully nice. Not sure Texas’ will know what to do with him but OU fans should be glad he isn’t going to Baylor.

Grade: 4.1

Kid has great size at 6’3″.  His hands are huge and he uses them very well.  I don’t think there was one play in his film where he caught the ball with his body.  As long as his arms are, that will be a tremendous asset as he does well shielding the defender from the ball and using his length to make the catch away from his body.  He does well after the catch even though he doesn’t have elite breakaway speed.  For a big receiver his change of direction is good, and he does well breaking tackles after the catch.  Still has some growing to do or at least growing into his frame.  Seems to be a little out of control at times.  Not as physical as you’d like to see a big receiver at this stage.  Overall a very good player, and there’s a lot to build on.

Grade: 3.6

Shows a physical stature to a former Longview Lobo and Oklahoma Sooner, Malcolm Kelly.  Impressive first step against vs. man coverage, he has a natural ability to separate once he gets into route. He is a very polished receiver a high school player  and this will help him have an easy transition to the next level. His forte at the next level will be intermediate routes and his innate ability to find space allows him to a very good possession receiver. I do not see him being a true deep threat. His ball skills and explosion in the air aren’t as strong as you might like. However he does have big strong hands that allows him to really excel going across the middle to take shots. His savvy route running will catch the eye of the UT staff early and should help them early. His ceiling is not as high as Oklahoma commit, Dallis Todd. but he does posses a good double move in man coverage situations and quick enough feet to beat corners in man coverage.

Grade: 3.9

Love the way he explodes off the line. Gives him an upper hand  against DBS playing a little off. Perfect size to play on the outside. Needs work on route running to use his quick first step to his advantage. Doesn’t have elite speed but makes up for it with his quickness and size.

Grade: 3.8