DE/OLB Prospect to Watch – Mufi Hunt

Image from Desert News (Photographer: Kristin Murphy)

Sorry I meant to post this last week…

It looks like Oklahoma has gotten involved with 2015 DE/OLB, Mufi Hunt out of Brighton HS in Utah. This news might be a bit dated but I only recently heard about it. I can’t confirm that OU has offered but I came across an interview with Mufi where he claims an Oklahoma offer. I’ll work to confirm it shortly. I do know that we have offered his teammate Osa Masina.

More than anything I really wanted to bring him to y’alls attention because he looks like a good prospect. He plays DE in an odd front but they move him around quite a bit. He’s very flexible and has a great great great initial burst. He looks really long and thin. He’s athletic enough to stand up and play OLB and may even have the frame to hold the weight play the 4i but at this point it’s probably premature to assume one way or another. He gets a little tall when he tries to turn the corner and if the QB were stepping up he looks like he’d have trouble leaning and getting around his OT. Might just need to run some hoops. He’s not consistently violent when he closes and finishes. But all the athleticism that you want is there even though he plays “young” – the typical things like standing up too high at times and not being as violent as you’d like to see someone be with their hands. But  there are a few times in his film where he coils and pops and it’s really something! If Coach Montgomery is after him you’ve got to think it’s that flexibility, length and initial explosion that he is capable of that’s intriguing.

If y’all are interesting in following Mufi here is his twitter account:

And here is Osa Masina’s account as well:


  • Martin (Highlights, Mufi = #2, Masina = #3). Impressive film.

    • JY

      I thought so too.

    • Masina looks a lot like Clowney in this film. Not sure about the competition, but he looks very impressive.

  • ohiosoonerdevildog

    Ive wondered the last few days what kind of player Ronnel Lewis would have been if Coach Montgomery would have been able to coach him up.

    • JY

      Would have been completely, utterly and entirely unfair to the opposition. We’ll see a glimpse as Devante Bond is pretty much the same size as Ronnell was.

      • ohiosoonerdevildog

        Yeah I cant wait to see him unleashed along with Striker. Have fun as an o coordinator trying to slow them down.

        • Ed Cotter

          And then you have Curtis Bolton waiting in the wings as well.

      • blaster1371

        Bond appears to be relentless. He may become my favorite if he sees the field next season.

  • Sooner Ray

    I really like Masina. Bad thing is that every one else will go after him also. Coaches will have to work extra hard on him.