Dalton Wood Commits To Oklahoma

Image via McAlester News-Capital/Matt Goisman

Yesterday, Oklahoma picked up their 14th commit of the 2015 recruiting class. First reported by the Oklahoma Rivals website, ATH Dalton Wood (VIDEO) out of McAlester, Oklahoma committed to the Sooners.

I’m sure many of you don’t know much about Dalton. Up until very recently, not many coaches even knew who Dalton was. So we’re going to try to get y’all up to speed after having a chance to catch up with him yesterday. JY reviewed his film and Ace has actually seen him play, so here we go.

Background and Position

Dalton plays multiple positions, including quarterback, for McAlester, but he let us know that OU is recruiting him as a tight end. Apparently, Jay Boulware got in touch with him recently and then came by last Friday to watch him play. An offer was then extended and the rest is now history. If you think this is a surprise to you, Dalton himself couldn’t believe it. During his sophomore season, Dalton wasn’t able to play due to a surgery he had to undergo. Then he had another setback his junior year suffering a season-ending injury in his team’s fifth game.

I asked Dalton if he has attended any OU camps, and he said he has not since his freshman year. But apparently he started turning heads this season and while everything happened fast, OU wasn’t the only school taking notice of the big athlete. Oklahoma State and Clemson had both reached out to Dalton a couple weeks ago and were getting pretty serious, but the Sooners were first to pull the trigger. And, in the end, the in-state power won out. He comes from a Sooner family and the joy of this offer was truly a “dream come true” as he expressed it during our conversation.

In fact, I (K) even got a little emotional myself hearing Dalton talk about the unexpected offer. He sounds like a typical small-town Oklahoma kid; the subtle drawl, the respectful mannerisms, and the slightly austere but kind tone. Dalton admits that even though he isn’t an emotional guy, he isn’t too shy to say that he shed some tears when OU offered.

Dalton the “Athlete”

I asked Dalton how tall he is flat-footed and he said 6’4. He said he currently weighs 255 lbs, but he’s listed around 6’3″ 230 lbs. Ace has seen Dalton live and said at the time his listed size was not accurate. He (Ace) confirmed that Dalton is indeed more like 6’4″ 255 lbs. As of last year, Dalton told us that he ran a 4.74 40 and jumped a 31 inch vertical. Those are great numbers for such a big athlete!

Obviously he doesn’t do a lot of blocking given the role he’s asked to play for his h.s. team, but he said in the few times he’s been asked to do it he’s very comfortable. He said he enjoys the physical aspect to the game and that can be as important as the athleticism itself. Some guys are just tough, ‘bring your lunch pail’ type guys that are going to get after their opponent on every down. Those guys can be a menace even when they’re not athletic. Dalton seems to be that type of player. But don’t misunderstand, he is an athlete.

We asked him if he’s ever wrestled just to see if he had any innate sense of leverage. He told us he wrestled one year in middle school. And get this…he won 2nd place in state and 2nd place at Tulsa nationals…in his first year wrestling!

JY’s Thoughts

– Really fast for such a big kid. Also, has some nice feet and good ball skills.

– Will probably make a really nice tight end down the road. Probably more athletic than a Blake Bell, but not quite as tall.

– Huge kid. Could end up being a jumbo TE/H-back.

Ace’s Thoughts (Ace had a chance to see Dalton live)

– Swiss Army knife player for McAlester. I’ve seen him line up at QB, TE, OLB, DE. He is a jumbo athlete.

– Overall, a good athlete who has deceptive straight line speed.

– I believe he will be used initially more as an H-back, but does have many of the blocking tools that you like to see with his length and overall body strength.

– He isn’t afraid to deliver a blow. Against, Pryor he showed his willingness to get nasty with two pancake blocks on a jet sweep. Has good hips on initial contact and excellent drive.

– He has a little wiggle in him, which allows some double cuts when he sees a hole developing late. However, he is more of a one-cut and go type of guy.

– He isn’t necessarily a quick twitch athlete, but he’s got good speed and he is a good athlete (Note – Dalton actually described himself similarly).

– He is much bigger than the reported 6’3″ 230 lbs. He’s like 6’4″ and probably 245 to 255 lbs. To be honest, he could even grow into a guard or tackle.

  • drew T

    Boom! Hopefully will be a great player for us and it’s good to see small town kids show enough that the big schools are coming around

  • Zack

    Great write up. Glad to have to commit it’s refreshing when one comes out of nowhere and especially for an oklahoma kid.
    Does this mean were going to go after McNeal for the other spot for this class and no one else? Or is there a backup plan like sternberger?

  • SoonerfanTU

    Prospects like this may not be flashy or sexy, but they are definitely important in building a winning football roster.

  • Bluegrass Sooner

    I love seeing guys come here that really, really want to be a Sooner. This kind of hard working, tough guy should bring with him a great attitude and can only add to the great chemistry this program seems to be developing. A kid like Dalton could end up being a huge signing a few years down the road.

    • Billy Jackson

      Exactly! You see what all those sure-thing 5-star players did for Mac at Texas, Brady Hoke at UM, and Will Muschamp at Florida. They even ran off Urban Meyer at UF, as they got too out of control.

      I’ll take a blue collar, hard-workin’ sob who wants to play for Oklahoma any day of the week.

      • soonerinks

        Agree 100%. Every team needs at least 2 or 3 players just like Dalton. They never quit, are very coachable and besides he is an Okie. Love it!

    • Indy_sooner

      Read somewhere that Striker always wanted to be a Sooner and the MNC against Fl sealed things. Look how that turned out…
      Kid is a good one.

  • Billy Jackson

    At first, I was thinking (kind of hoping) they would consider him at middle linebacker.

    • Jordan Esco

      Heard some speculation he may eventually wind up in Jerry Montgomery’s group, but I’m a little skeptical. Also seen some Brody Eldridge comps, which kind of make sense.

      • JY

        I could see a Brody Eldridge type guy, but he just seems a bit faster and has better hands. Brody was a manimal blocking, so that’s tough to live up to. I could see him going 6’4″ 275 or 280 and being like an extra tackle at that tight end spot. He could be a big 4i guy too. It’ll be interesting to see where it sorts itsself out.

        • Boom

          With our offense, that’s all JH wants from a TE. To me, it’s sad not to have a TE or H-Back involved a little in the passing game. JH track record is not good w/TE’s.

          • JY

            Which is odd considering how much he leaned on Trent Smith, and Sam did the same with Gresham

          • Boom

            Pro team lean on the TE’s too. Watch the draft, you will see at least 1 or 2 athletic TE’s going in the 1st round. In the WV game, Bell was open numerous times for a 1st down only for Trevor to throw into dbl coverage for Shep. Also, don’t understand why we can’t do a play action and quick pass to TE on 1st dn to pick up 5 – 8 yards. I don’t get it.

    • hOUligan

      Dalton apparently said as much in an interview; Coach Montgomery might steal him. I’d be just fine with a big, athletic kid with good speed playing on defense. This guy just plays football.

  • John Garner

    Thanx for the evaluation. Won’t see that anywhere else. Nice pic too. If Boulware liked him then he must be good.

  • LongBomber

    Thanks for the write-up and video. The comparison to Blake Bell is spot on. He looks a lot like Bell on film.

  • Boom

    Kid is from my hometown. My dad has seen every home HS game for 50+ years. He’s been talking about Dalton for some time. Said he is a good kid and not in any type of trouble and makes good grades. He plays wherever they need him and he is football fast. He is not Blake Bell from a movement standpoint as he’s quicker and faster. He also plays baseball and is good but football is where his path will lead him. I see him as Rips replacement as that tuff blocker who is athletic and can catch too. Fun to get a small town Okie who has dreamed of playing for OU. Congrats Dalton.

    • hOUligan

      Agree. A lot of comparisons by folks to Bell but my initial impression is he has quicker feet, faster. More compact at 6’4 250+ vs 6’6 260. Like the Dan Cody/Brody Eldridge comparisons. Now if he can just show out like any of those 3.

    • Super K

      Thanks for the notes Boom!

  • Jhwig

    OU is recruiting versatile athletes that can play multiple positions. It sounds like Dalton (Bring The) Wood fits that description perfectly. I’m on board regardless of his star rating or offer list (or lack thereof).

  • rphokc

    gentlemen…….thxs for the write-up

  • Steve Cooke

    Sounds like another Lane Johnson to me.

  • Sooner Ray

    Hey fans, It’s game week! BOOMER!

    • Super K


  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    The fact that many are issuing conjecture on so many spots he could plays is quite refreshing and positive. That implies to me that he has the size and athleticism (haven’t watched his video yet) today that is sufficiently useful and malleable for many positions.

  • James D-Space

    Congrats Dalton!

  • Ed Cotter

    Great to see another Oklahoma kid that wants to play for OU get the chance. At least he is going to get a chance to come in, work with Schmitty, and figure out where he will best help the team. Gotta love guys that fly under the radar and are so versatile. BOOMER and welcome to Sooner Nation Dalton.

  • Brent

    I heard he got his name because his parents really loved Road House!

  • SoonerJon

    He sounds like Joe Jon Finley as far as his current experience.

  • connie usa

    As always, good stuff!!!!!!

  • Steven

    He’s so big, and athletic, and I’m so happy to have him. On film he looks to have the same body build as Bell, although he’s a little smaller. I bet he’ll fit right in with our TE/FB Flex position we run.

  • leatherneck1061

    Wow, for a big kid he does run fast. Looks like he enjoys plowing over people too. I can understand why they offered him as quick as they did. His potential seems very high indeed, and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they ended up developing him into a tackle. Stoops likes to get fast athletic guys with a good big frame and then beefing them up.

  • Cary Newman

    Of course he will not be a QB, but looking at the tape, Dalton throws a very good ball. Quite the athlete

  • nate g

    Already 255 at age 17? Sounds like an offensive tackle at age 20!