Dallis Todd

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Height: 6'4.5
Weight: 205
Position: WR
Brainiac’s Average Grade: Football 4.0 / 5.0

Image from Midvalleysports.com

This guy has good feet for his size. Seeing his coaching staff throw him screens and letting him makes moves on defenders tells me how much they believes in his quickness. His quickness is rare for his size. He can run short, med, and long routes which makes him very versatile. He gets good separation at the line vs pressman. He has good speed but not great but will grow into his body as he develops more strength. With his size he will be tough to match up against at the next level. He will be a contributor early in his college career.

Grade: 4.1

Dallis sets up camp behind the opposing teams’ secondary. At around 6’4 he’s a long strider with long speed. It’s obvious enough that he’s your big fast kid that can force defenses to defend him deep. On the rare occasion that he can’t beat you down the field, he can go over you. But, while he doesn’t always show it, Dallis is also pretty shifty. I don’t love his start off the line but coupled with his size and his change of direction he can do more than enough short to set up a college DB for deep route. There are a number of tall receivers in this years class but Dallis has a one of the bigger frames. He’s not one of those rail thin lanky explosive kids. He’s your big, physical, fast kid that Coach Norvell is going to love on the edges to block when OU runs those sweeps and swing passes. There is something about him that screams “consistent” and “reliable”. He strikes me as the guy you go to when you need all 10 yards on a comeback. And he strikes me as the kid you go to when you need a big play on a deep post. Dallis is a football player that may grow into the kind of mismatch that has other teams wishing he’d leave early for the draft.

Grade: 4.0

I wanted to keep watching Dallis’ film.  Dallis is a big, fast, physical wide receiver.  There are several long runs after the catch he breaks on his tape. And I like that, while you can get him on those quick out routes, he’s truly a guy you can depend on to stretch the field.  You can tell that he loves to play the game as he plays it with a lot of passion.  There were a couple of nice pancake blocks he had in there.  He high points the ball very well, and once he gets out there on go routes, I didn’t notice very many defenders who were able to run him down.  There’s a lot to be excited about here if you’re an Oklahoma Sooner’s fan.  He may be that true big deep threat we’ve been missing since Malcolm Kelly.

Grade: 4.2

A very well built Wide Receiver that even looks to have a build of a Mike Williams (USC). Easily will be 225 at the next level and not lose any speed, however how he is able to use his body while the ball is in the air is borderline blue chip. He contorts his body for back side shoulder catches which will translate very well to the next level. He shows above average foot speed in and out of his break and shows much better acceleration on quick screens than most 6’5″ receivers I’ve ever seen. Heupel seems to want a guy that will truly stretch the backend of the defense and with Todd you have a guy that will have the strength to even beat double teams over the top. Shows a  good understanding of zone concepts and easily finds holes within the defense. Overall, you see a guy that truly loves to play the game and shows it with a lot of moxie. In my opinion he’s the most talented deep threat that Jay Norvell has received a commitment from in his his tenor at OU.

Grade: 4.2

Has good speed for a guy his size. His first step off the line isn’t as quick as you might like and early on, despite his size, he might have trouble with press coverage. Has great hands and always looks the ball in. It’s hard to see a player with his size and speed not be your go to receiver down the field.

Grade: 3.7