Courtney Garnett Note

I talked to Courtney Garnett last night. Most of y’all have probably seen on twitter how excited he seems to be about the Sooners. In fact he tweeted out that his top 3 schools in order are: Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

As I’ve mentioned before, Courtney is going to visit Oklahoma on the 17th and Tennessee on the 24th. However, I was curious to find out how the Charlie Strong hire would affect his decision. I asked him about the hire and he didn’t seem very excited. In fact he basically said he was not excited about the hire. Perhaps that will change if coach Strong starts recruiting him but for now it doesn’t appear to have swayed him back in Texas favor. Things can change but you’ve got to like where Oklahoma is right now.

Courtney did mention that his teammate, Joseph Paul, will be coming with him. Joseph is a big offensive tackle that was at one time committed to Florida. He’ll be visiting Oklahoma on the 17th as well (that is looking like a HUGE weekend). I don’t know Joseph at all but Courtney said “I think y’all (OU) are going to get him”. He didn’t say much more but when I asked him why he feels so confident he said, “I just know” and left it at that. I didn’t pry but Courtney certainly makes it sound like OU is in a good spot for this big OLineman. Who am I not to trust him? After all, it was Natrell Curtis last week who told me that he felt we’d get Mixon and look how that worked out. I’ve got to think Courtney knows what is up with his teammate.

I did ask JY to do an evaluation of Joseph Paul so we’ll have that up for y’all later. JY did like what he saw of Joseph but he said he’s more of a right tackle.