Carson Meier
Height: 6'6
Weight: 220 lbs
Position: TE
Brainiac’s Average Grade: Football 4.0 / 5.0

Image from (Photographer: Paul Hellstern)

He looks to be a hybrid TE/ WR at the next level. The way college ball is going this will suit him well. He blocks very well. He drives his feet on contact and gets to the next level to seal the block. He can run well which I see more and more with TE’s these days and it’s incredibly important. When he’s split out wide he makes great catches, shows good body control and high points the ball. Out wide his size will overmatch most corners and inside he’ll be tough to stay with for LBs and is such a big kid that he has a size advantage there as well. He’s a mismatch pure and simple. His coaches believe in his playmaking ability and so do I.

Grade: 3.9

This is what a freakin’ TE looks like! First, off Carson has a pretty good burst off the line. After seeing how big he is I definitely wasn’t expecting to see that kind of quickness off the line. He’s got soft hands. Not exceptional body control at this point but he can catch the ball in traffic and he’ll wait till the last second to show his hands and snatch the ball out of the air. Carson even shows good long speed. If all he was was a receiving TE he’d be a pretty good prospect. But fortunate for OU fans he’s a lot more than that. Call me old-fashioned but I want to see a TE who is a freakin’ TE! I want to see physicality, I want to see violence, I want to see a mean man that finishes. Meier is all those things. He’s violent. He’s got an excellent punch and he’s not satisfied with just moving his guy out of the way. He wants more and you see him finishing blocks to the ground on the regular. He’s great coming off combo blocks and effectively blocking in space. Probably my favorite play was seeing him clear out about 3 or 4 guys in the red zone all by himself! And Meier is big. He looks all of 6’6 to me. Once he gets a chance to physically develop at a school like Oklahoma he’s going to be a very big problem for opposing teams. He can set the edge and he can burn you on a seam route. If I had one knock on him it would be that I’d like to see him be a little more physical with the ball in his hands and consistently punishing tackling defenders. But all in all Carson looks like a very complete HS tight end that could really be a big time player by the time he’s in third year in college.

Grade: 4.0

First thing that jumps out at you is that he has great hands and nice body control.  He is faster than what his frame would indicate.  Has great field awareness and knows where he is in relation to the sideline while making the catch.  His hands are very strong.  He is a very nasty end line blocker which I love, and he finishes off his blocks with enthusiasm.  He’s very physical blocking, and helps get the red zone mismatch because opponents have to account for him in the run game as a blocker, so he can come wide open on play action.  He does play a little too high blocking, but he runs his feet well and pad level can be learned.  He understands how linebackers and players flow in blocking schemes and is rarely out of position while blocking.  Can break tackles with ease.  In summary, I love the blocking ability and frame and mismatch ability.

Grade: 4.2

Excels at everything you look for in a Y-TE. He possesses excellent size and once he arrives on campus will easily put on 30 pounds. Since Meier does play at one of the premier high schools in the country it is no surprise how fundamentally sound he already is. He plays with great leverage allowing him to get up to the second level seamlessly to seal off linebackers and finish off a block. He is a very good intermediate route runner and at 6’6 he adjusts to back side throws pretty effortlessly. This is due to being an excellent basketball player as well. He has very good hands and may not have as much wiggle as a guy like Goolsby he’s still got plenty for a guy his size. Plus with his cerebral understanding of the game already he is able to pluck holes in zone coverages. Overall, there is a lot to like in Meier. Excels in many facets of the game and has an excellent frame to develop into an excellent blocking TE that causes mismatches in the intermediate routes.

Grade: 4.0

Traditional type of tight end who has great size and above average speed. Blocks very well in the trenches. Once he gets his hand on a defender he does a very good job of finishing through the end of play. Pancake city! Catches the ball very well in traffic on seam routes. Needs work on routes and footwork. Seems to be a little stiff in his hips which affects his lateral movement. He’s athletic enough to where they can line him up in different spots but in the slot he’d need to get a little quicker off the line to beat the Division 1 DBs but his size might be all he needs. He’s a big boy! Overall he is a great pick up because of his all around ability to do everything you ask from a tight end and do them at a high level.

Grade: 3.9


  • ctsooner says:

    He may have to play next year, but he really needs to get some strength and put on about 40lbs. I have a feeling that he’ll get to OU around 240 or so. Thanks for the breakdown guys. I hope that he wants to be that nasty close to the line, blocking TE who can slip out and beat someone deep or for a long first down on those third and long deals.

    • JY says:

      Yeah, I think he’s further along than Gresham was at the same point, and he’s a guy you might be able to use as a true freshman. Sam Grant I think after another off season is going to be a guy we’ll begin seeing a lot of come next fall as well. I’ve missed that nasty edge presence for a while man.

  • Johnny t says:

    Any chance he grows into a lane lohnson