Bullet Point Preview | OU vs. TCU (Defense)

When TCU Has the Ball

– Kenny Hill should scare the pants off OU fans. He is the third very athletic quarterback the Sooners have faced this year, but Hill would not start at Houston or tOSU. Still, Mike Stoops’ history versus highly mobile quarterbacks is not exactly what makes folks sleep well at night.

– Speaking of Hill, I think he exploits the Sooners early should he see man coverage. Look for him to pull the ball down and just take off up the middle.

– Turpin being out is very bad for TCU, both offensively and special teams, and probably makes the Sooners secondary breathe a bit easier. At this point though, after what the nation has seen, why would a TCU receiver not believe he could have a career day on Saturday?

– Look for the corners to VIOLENTLY turn their heads to the ball this week. If they do not, and I mean it is not very obvious, something needs to change.

– TCU’s offensive line is their weak spot, in my opinion. This is a day the Sooner defensive line should be able to be in the backfield a bit more.

– The problem with being in the backfield more is…you have to actually make the tackle when you get there.

– Count the missed tackles.

– Who will not hold their breath every time a ball goes in the air more than 20 yards downfield?

– For some reason, I expect to see TCU run a lot of double moves with their receivers. Watch film on OU’s defense this year and you will see the glaring weaknesses. TCU’s offensive coaches know for the last two weeks the Sooner staff has pounded aggressiveness into the heads of the corners. What do you do when someone is flying to the ball aggressively? You give them a move one way and then take yourself somewhere else leaving the over-aggressive defender flat footed and burned.

– Remember when teams would not dare run to the outside against an OU defense because OU’s defensive speed was simply too good? Look for TCU to try and exploit, what I feel is a lack of OU speed, to the outside