All American Bowl Recap (Thursday)

My last day at All American Bowl practice concluded Thursday and it was a good one for the Sooners. To see highlights and practice reports check the earlier thread.

Stacey Wilkins

Wilkins said he hasn’t practice on the interior of the line this week. He said head coach Lincoln Riley insisted he stay at tackle this week, which goes to show where the plan for Wilkins is at the next level.

Wilkins said he weighed in at 286 pounds at the beginning of the week, but hopes to get up to 300 pounds by the time he arrives in Norman.

I brought up joining the Joe Moore Award winning offensive line and Wilkins lit up.

“It’s exciting. It means a lot to be able to come in and work after those guys and see the path that those guys have already set,” said Wilkins. “It’s a lot of expectations coming in, that means I have to come in and work because there’s a lot on the line. That award means a lot.”

With Cody Ford declared for the NFL Draft and Bobby Evans on the fence, at least one spot will be open for the taking. Wilkins described his ideal freshman season as such:

“Coming in and working. Staying to the script and being humble, and stay praying to God,” said Wilkins. “Working hard because anything can happen ya know, so I’ll have a chance to compete for a spot next year, so it’s only right if I start working now and come in ready to work.”

Austin Stogner

After dominating another day of practice, Stogner is eager to get to Norman. The recent TE talent OU has produced is something that Stogner has been a big fan of.

Stogner said he is currently at 240 pounds and hopes to get to 250-255 by the start of the season.

While there are currently 5 OU signees participating in the All American Bowl, that group could certainly see its size increase by the end of the week. (cough* Jadon Haselwood cough*)

“I’ve talked to (Jadon Haselwood) a little bit,” said Stogner. “I’m excited about that one.”

As for the group already signed with the Sooners, Stogner said it is real fun establishing that friendship in a big scene like this.

“It’s a lot of fun to catch balls from [Spencer]. It’s going to be a good 3-4 years.”

Stogner mentioned that he was real impressed with the fight the Sooners showed during the Orange Bowl after going down 28-0 early. He will move into campus on Monday and get ready to begin the semester.