2014 Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl (UPDATED: Monday 7:20 am)

The 2014 Semper Fidel All-American Bowl airs tonight at 8:00 pm CST on Fox 1. There will be a number of OU commits/targets playing in this game:

Tito Windham (DB) – OU commit

Deondre Clark (DE/OLB) – OU target

Kenyon Frison (OT) – OU target

Marcus Green (DB) – OU commit

Carson Meier (TE) – OU commit

Steven Parker (DB) – OU target

Dallis Todd (WR) – OU commit

Kendall Randolph (DB) – Kendall tweeted out that he spoke to coach Bobby Jack Wright yesterday. We’re working on getting you confirmation.

Jordan Brailford (DE) – not an OU commit or offer but an Oklahoma kid

UPDATE: Some of us watched the Semper Fi game and discussed it so we wanted to add a few notes on what we saw.

– Kenyon Frison is athletic but really raw. Missed a number of blocks and it had a lot to do with his technique.

– Tito Windham is an explosive athlete. Also looks raw in terms of his footwork but no denying he plays above the rim and has great recovery speed. Also had really good acceleration in the open field on a kick return. I always though Tito was fast but he got to his top gear quicker than I expected.

– Jordan Brailford is a really nice pass rusher. He thoroughly impressed. Great inside move and definitely flexible. Can get skinny and split a double team. Wasn’t as sold on his physicality against the run but there was a lot of obvious holding calls that weren’t called. And he has a frame to add weight. OSU might have grabbed a player.

– Didn’t really see much of Marcus Green other than the penalty on the sideline. He is a very long kid. Impressive frame. Not sure he runs like a corner though. It’ll be interesting to see him in 7-0n-7 this summer.

– Steven Parker is a big kid as well, though I already knew that. Thought it was funny that the announcer listed a number of schools and left off Oklahoma (he was clearly mistaken because OU is the favorite). Saw Parker make a tackle where he lost ground but it just looked like he didn’t really get his hips into it and strike the ball carrier. No matter…we all know Parker is a physical safety that can lay a hit.

None of us really noted anyone else.

  • Jared Tyra

    Wait Marcus is still a commit right? Please tell me he didn’t back off…. We need that dude.

    • Borba22

      Yeah, he’s still committed. Especially after looking at his twitter.

      • Jared Tyra

        I thought so haha

      • Super K

        Thanks for the assist. fixed it.

  • Harrison Briggs

    Are we going to receive a commit from Deondre Clark or is he still set with attending Louisiana State..? I heard the in-home visit went really well but I wasn’t for sure on what our status was with him..

    • Super K

      It’s way more possible than it seemed at one time. His mama wants him to stay close to home and he’s warmed up to OU. But he is still a firm commit to LSU.

      • Leroy Jenkins

        Saw on 247Sports that he was playing great during practices for this game. Hope he decides to stay close to home for Coach Montgomery

  • Sooner Ray

    Any targets announcing during game?

  • Indy_sooner

    Wow…this is going to be an OU show.
    On a side note, I’ve noticed a HUGE presence of OU fans on Twitter doing serious repping for targets. Gotta love our enthusiasm and passion ! Alot of non okies ask ” why go to OU when you have beaches in south Cal” – Maybe the fact that when you step out of the plane you know we love OU football.

    • Sooner Ray

      We have beaches at a lot of our many lakes and without sharks and jellyfish!

    • Stephen

      Had the same discussion with someone in Cal trying to convince Mixon there is nothing to do in Oklahoma. First, he couldn’t use correct grammar so his argument was null from the start. Second, they don’t realize the time commitment that college athletics demand, which is why I decided against playing in college. That said, Cal has no championships in NCAA D1 football. So don’t get worked up, Oklahoma’s record and history speaks higher volumes than any west coast fan.

      • Ed Cotter

        Being a Californian and OU fan I want great players to go to OU from California. Besides getting a first class education the players are in a situation that fosters success, both in football and beyond. The beaches in So. Cal aren’t that great and players won’t be going out to them all that often anyway. And Cal is in Berkeley and the beaches are seriously crappy. If a kid really wants to get to the beach then go play at Hawaii. Where a kid goes has to do with school and football. If they are going for anything else, then probably don’t want them at OU.

  • Adrian

    Who is @D1prospect_1 on twitter? Dallas Todd said he’s a new OU target out of Mississippi

    • Shifty

      Jamoral Graham

      • Sooner Ray

        Appears he’s committed to Miss. st.

        • Shifty

          He is but apparently he’s a new target for us…prob hard to get him out of state though

  • territorysooner

    interesting that when the announcers first talk about Parker, they mentioned Arkansas, Texas A&M and Ole Miss, but did not include Oklahoma.

    • Super K

      Because they don’t know what they’re talking about lol

      • territorysooner

        As shown by their comment about Stoops interviewing for an NFL job. Not that it won’t happen, but the initial rumours that came out have already been noted as being false.

      • bjwalker82

        Yeah I think people were getting into to much of a fit. These guys were clearly reading from a paper.

        The whole production looked thrown together.So please don’t read too much into those announcers.

        Still them putting out a message that Bob might leave is not good. Especially during the dead period.

  • Stephon tiger

    Could you guys put up the Twitter names so we can get ahold of them?

  • Stephon tiger

    I need all the line target.

  • Swanny

    Tito is putting in work right now

    • Indy_sooner

      Deceptive speed. Probably given his team the most yards at this point. Blue team QBs are not very good tho…

      • Super K

        Good recovery speed.

        • Indy_sooner

          Can’t remember the last time OU had a db return punts . This dude can run!

          • Super K

            yeah he can indeed. Dowels can return as well. Only reason he didn’t start as return man at American Heritage was because he was new to the school and the guy in front of him is one of the best in the country.

  • Ed Cotter

    Randolph just returned a kick off and the announcers said he was uncommitted, and would he take his skills to Louisville or Kentucky. Mark vs. Mike for his services maybe.

  • Ed Cotter

    Marcus Green got called for a personal foul late hit. Playing in same defensive back field with Steven Parker. Parker made a tackle two plays earlier. Announcers talking about how athletic Marcus is and how OU is getting a really good DB.

  • Rob Turner

    I thought the Stoops boys weren’t going to recruit the same kids oh well
    go get,em Bob

  • Kuzi

    I only watched the first half but a few things I noticed…
    1. One thing I really liked about Todd is that there were a number of running plays where he was the ONLY WR really working hard and blocking his man.
    2. I don’t like putting down high school kids but I didn’t like the way the Texas commit WR (Foreman, I think) carried himself. He didn’t block on running plays either. Again, small sample size and he may be a great guy, but from what I saw he looked fast and talented but may not fit in with our locker room.
    3. Tito looks like a tough, quick twitch athlete. I think he is going to be a player.