ST2K18 Update | Game 2 | UCLA

Image via Lincoln Riley Twitter

The first Oklahoma recruiting class with Lincoln Riley as head coach, the 2018 class, was one that got Sooner fans excited. The top ten class brought in talented players who can both contribute immediately and help stock up depth.

Last year, TFB looked at SS17 each week to see how they contributed on the field. This year, we’ll do the same with ST2K18, looking at stats and big plays.

Game Stats

ST2K18 - 2018 Game 2 - V5

* Injured players Baldwin, Redmond, and Thompson are currently assumed to be on a path to redshirt.

* The share of each stat category that ST2K18 was responsible for is shown on the right. 

Game 2 had 12 players from ST2K18 play, with two players making their season debut.

Season Stats

ST2K18 - 2018 Total (Game 2) - V3

The new NCAA rule allows players to participate in up to four games and still classify the season as a redshirt. 

On the season, an average of 12 members of ST2K18 are playing per game. Tackles and rushing are the areas that the class is most impacting the stat sheet.



Two games into their first season on campus, over half of ST2K18 has played. Of the 13 who have seen the field, most of them have played in both games, already halfway to their four game limit for redshirting.

Overall, there wasn’t an eye-popping statline for the class. However, they continue to make their impact felt all over the field.

The next game will be very telling of who the staff sees as contributing the whole season; if a player plays in all three of the first games, it would be surprising to see him still redshirt.