The Latest On OU Cornerback Target, Tee Shepard

If you’re on Twitter and you follow The Football Brainiacs account (and why wouldn’t you!), you probably saw the following tweet Monday night:

The mystery surrounding junior college cornerback Tee Shepard, a long time Sooners recruiting target, and the recent change in terms of his current status started to make its way around OU message boards earlier in the day. With the speculation quickly centering around whether or not Shepard was going to be a part of not just OU’s 2014 class, but whether or not he’d be a part of the 2014 class period.

Well, Shepard provided and answer to that very question Tuesday morning.

The reasons for both his return to California and why he’ll now play another year of JUCO ball — thus becoming a part of the 2015 recruiting class — are not known at the moment so we’ll choose not to speculate, though rest assured the feelers have been put out.

While this is obviously disappointing news for both Shepard and OU, it also open up a potential spot for the Sooners to possibly take both of Juwan Dowels (Brainiacs eval) and Kendall Randolph (K’s thoughts on Randolph) rather than having to decide between one of the other. And of course don’t forget about Cornelius Floyd as well.

Back to Shepard though, one would have to think given all the leg work the OU coaches have already put in that should they choose to pursue him in the 2015 class their chances would be just as good as many believed them to be this year.

As discussed here last week, the number of spots remaining in OU’s 2014 class are filling up quickly so those that are remaining should be highly coveted.