Sooners Pick Up Their Fifth 2015 Commitment

Maybe we should have known this was coming?

As first reported by Josh McCuistion of, Oklahoma added the fifth member of their current 2015 class late Friday morning in the form of 6’1″ 190 pound defensive back Jamile Johnson (Dallas, TX).

Johnson was one of OU’s earliest 2015 offers back in early October when he visited Norman during the weekend of the TCU game. Johnson also reportedly holds offers from Arkansas, Nebraska, Texas Tech, and Washington State among others.

While he plays primarily cornerback for his South Oak Cliff squad, on film Johnson looks like a guy who could also have the capability to play safety at the D-I level. He’s also very much in the mold with Mike Stoops’ now well known preference for bigger, physical corners. The younger Stoops long been known to covet guys for his secondary that can not only defend the pass, but also hold up in run support.

Unfortunately, there is no available film we could find that allowed us to easily embed here in the post. But you can check out Johnson’s Hudl highlights here.

Hope to have more from K and the other guys soon, but with this news just now breaking we wanted to get something up quick just to make you all aware.

UPDATE: Bob wanted to weigh in as well.


  • Sooner_Ace

    damn…i do like seeing “BOOM” tweets 🙂

    • Andrew

      let’s keep’um coming BOOM 918/713!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Awesome! keep ’em coming! Boomer Sooner!

  • Doobie74OU

    2015 Recruiting in FULL SWING! Going to not only address needs but getting attention from a lot of the best recruits in the country! GOING TO BE FUN TO WATCH THIS RECRUITING YEAR PLAY OUT HERE ON TFB!

    • Sooner Ray

      If you’re gonna watch the entire recruiting process, you better keep that travel trailer hooked up and ready to go!…..Or just do it on the down low.

      • Doobie74OU

        Well I must say I’m a very fortunate guy! I told her as long as I was being obcessed with OU Football she could be obcessed with shoe shopping! I know that sounds stupid but she HATES to pay full price for anything! She will literally spend the day going to 10 differend 2nd hand stores looking for name brands shoes and come home with 10 pair and she just smiles and says “I got the all for under $15.00 TOTAL!!!!” The only down side is I may have to build her a bigger closet! LOL! ANY WAY BACK TO FOOTBALL!

        • Sooner Ray

          Believe me, I know all about tripping over “but I got a good deal” shoes!

  • Sonny Schovanec

    Nice Flat Force player from the corner position and heck of a Alley player from the safety position. Wonder how his man skills are. He diffinitely can play the flat force. I know open sets are becoming a dinosaur now but he could play FF on the Nub side of an open set. Big, fast and physical DB.

  • Sooner_Ace

    Trey M. at it again? …. geez…e#.UvvnFni9LCQ

    • Andrew

      WTH is wrong with this kid?????

      • Sonny Schovanec

        Maybe his man skills. His FF zone instincts are exceptional.

    • Sooner Ray

      Did his momma not let him play with it as a child or what?

    • Won

      Praying for this young man…

  • Andrew

    I know, right!!!!!! It just sounds LOUD. BOOM 918/713!!!!!

    • Gary Robbins

      Wow great-go OU coaches. Jamile Johnson 5th commit for 2015. Also Justin Hilliard OU in top 15; Jarrett Stidham OU top 10; Kahlil Mckenzie OU top 10. We need Barnett and Sunderland to pull the trigger, then it would be 5 o’clock somewhere the rest of this week for me!!!

      • Sooner Ray

        I love to feel excited about all these young commits but damn, a year is a long time to hold on. The bad thing about getting in on the top in the nation is the fact that every other top program will want to get their hat in the ring. Just glad these coaches know how to work hard and you can’t win anything if you don’t jump in and compete.

        • blaster1371

          Yep. I see it as they would be ok with going to OU but right now they are just holding themselves a place while they continue to shop around.

  • Zack

    Any idea who josh mcQ is talking about as far as LB’s we are close on? And how close?

  • Malicong

    Love the big DB’s! Keep ’em coming boys!

  • beavmiester

    It must be awesome for Dallas players to play in the biggest rivalry in college football in front of their hometown every year.

  • beavmiester

    Looks like his teammate Prentice McKinney was recently offered as well:

    S/O to DB Prentice McKinney just picked up OU and Boise St offers….can number 4 get 4 offers today?— SOC Football (@SOC_recruiting) February 14, 2014

  • Sooner Ray

    Looks like Bob’s BOOM key is gonna get worn out!

  • Ed Cotter

    Good get.