Open Post | Tuesday, May 6th (Updated 5:00 pm)

– As I mentioned yesterday Coach Montgomery will be heading up to New York to visit DL prospect Austrian Robinson. I talked to Robinson a little bit and no surprise, but he seems to have hit it off with Montgomery. An offer hasn’t been extended yet, but perhaps that will change once Montgomery has a chance to see him.

– Coach Montgomery will also be down in Yazoo City, Mississippi to visit stud DE Gabriel Campbell. While in Yazoo City, he will also be taking a look at Campbell’s teammate and Mississippi State commit, Timothy Washington. Washington is an excellent pass rushing OLB, and apparently he has expressed interest in the Sooners. So Montgomery is going to see him and perhaps an offer will be extended.

– A while back I came across film of ATH Billy McCrary III out of Leander, TX. I really liked what I saw. He’s a very explosive athlete who is being recruited to play a host of positions, including RB and safety. This past weekend he posted a 125.73 SPARQ rating. He ran 4.48 laser timed 40 and jumped 40.8 inches on his vertical! I talked to his father yesterday to congratulate him on the great numbers, and he actually told me that Oklahoma came by to see Billy last week. Apparently Bobby Jack Wright stopped by McCrary’s HS. His father said they hope to get up and see Oklahoma.

– While Jerry Montgomery is up in the NE visiting Austrian Robinson, he’s also going to be crossing the border into Canada to visit another DLineman. He’s going to be stopping by to visit OU DL offer, Neville Gallimore for the first time.

UPDATE (5:00 pm): Sounds like coach Wright stopped by Burton today to see Baylor OLB/DE commit Louis Brown. Louis also said that coach Montgomery went by there last week.

  • Ed Cotter

    Wow, Coach Mont is going to be racking up some serious frequent flyer miles.

  • Steve Johns

    Man it’s great to see coaches being aggressive on the recruiting trail. On a side note: I can’t read Yazoo City, MS without thinking of the late Jerry Clower.

    • SoonerGoneEast

      If you haven’t heard the story of his playing days at Mississippi State, you should youtube it. Classic.

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    (crosses fingers, hoping for Gallimore)

  • vargo05

    I am ecstatic that Monty doesn’t seem to give a f*@# where the guy is. He’s going after them.

    • Kanfdog

      I totally agree! It is great to see a guy that is so obviously working his tail off recruiting and it seems as though he is really great at selling OU across the entire country. Hawaii to Canada to Virginia! Amazing to see what Monty did with the D line last year I just hope he is around for a long time to see what he can do with the guys that he recruits.

      This may be reading into it too much but the more that time goes on and the inroads Monty makes on the trail doesn’t it seem to anyone else that Lampkin was scared off by the competition? It would be almost funny if we landed guys like Gallimore while Lampkin ended up in Stillwater.

      • Zack

        It would be funny especially if we land a couple of dlinemen to fill up those spots this year. I know we would hold a spot for fehoko still even if were “full” but if lampkin wanted to commit I don’t think the coaches would take it until closer to NSD now.

      • Super Keith

        There’s always a possibility of a recruit being scared off by competition, however, I don’t think that’s the case with Lampkin. He’s going to be facing really stout competition wherever he ends up.

        I think the kid simply had a change of heart, and realized he wanted to look around more. That’s why I’m never overly-enthused about “early” commits.

        With that being said, I’m not sure how open OU is to taking Lampkin back. I’m sure he still has an offer, but I think there are some bigger players that have interest in OU, and it’s possible that Lampkin won’t be able to come to OU if he changes his mind again.

        One thing that seems to be consistent with Stoops, if you aren’t sure about committing, the train is going to keep moving forward. You have to be an exceptional talent (like AD) for OU to keep a spot open.

  • ToatsMcGoats

    Monty on tour…I love that guy!!!

  • Jim

    I live less than 10 minutes away from McCrary. I’ll have to go check him out this fall. And you know, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good redneck name on the team, so I already like him. This kid’s name is Billy Ray. Not William Ray. Billy Ray. And his mama’s name is Carolina. Already sounds like a sweet lady. Of course, his name reminds me of Trading Places, but that’s besides the point. Anyone know what the rules are about alum talking to recruits just to say hi/congrats/good luck?

    • dahldennsull

      If you are not a donor to the program you have no worries about anything legal. That said, if you have season tickets or anything, you are a donor because of your sooner club commitment when buying tickets. Obviously the Athletic Department can’t stop all of their fans across the country from talking to potential recruits, they try to get fair warning out to not do it. So if you say something like hi/congrats/good luck, there wouldn’t be any kind of issue, but anything beyond that can get you in trouble (rare but possible).

      It seems silly sometimes, have a cousin from Austin that grew up liking OU because of our family, and he was a soccer player. He started kicking for his HS football team as a junior and at that point we wouldn’t have been allowed to take him to an OU game or around OU’s campus (technically couldn’t even house him for the weekend per recruiting rules) since we were donors and he was a potential recruit. We could in theory make the OU coaches have to eliminate him from being able to be recruited.

      Just wanted to show a story we had personally that shows how silly some of it all seems.

      • Shifty

        Even though he is family…not doubting you but that sounds like it wouldn’t stick

        • dahldennsull

          No, my brother in law works in the athletic department and he was the one telling us about it. Was basically a “this would be a weird and random scenario”, but schools have self reported less. Was just passing along what he told us since he has classes and meetings about all the rules

      • Jim

        Not a donor or a season-ticket holder. I probably wouldn’t do anything more than answer questions he or his family have about Norman and OU in general. I would certainly talk up the program, but there’s just certain things he and his family would have to witness for themselves.

  • Will Narramore

    Have you guys heard anything about the LB in Hoover, AL. Apparently there he is really high on OU

  • Zack

    Penn state is going to end up with a top 3 class. That’s insane if you ask me

    • Super Keith

      I’m not too surprised, O’Brien worked a miracle there and Franklin is riding the wave. PSU sits in a hotbed for talent, so even probation won’t completely kill their recruiting. What could change things is how they perform on the field. I have a feeling they are going to really be hurting this year (too much youth), and that can certainly curtail the momentum.

      • Zack

        I’m just surprised because of all that’s gone on there including the probation and the fact that they weren’t all that relevant in the national title picture in a very long time. But I guess they should still recruit well when the only legitimate competition they have in that region is ohio state.

  • Steve Cooke

    @5HenryMitchell5: My motivation is.. Norman, Oklahoma I’m going to get there by any means! #SoonerNation

    • Steve Cooke

      I think I’m going to like this young man!

  • akryan

    I haven’t done it in awhile, but I’m going to go back to my AK recruiting. Just youtube the 2014 alaska state wrestling championships and look at the HWT match. There is no one that can tell me that the Kodiak kid (or the North Pole kid that actually won on tie-breaker) isn’t athletic enough to be coached up as a guard. Those guys wrestle for 8:30 of mat time, which in reality is about 15 minutes. Serious conditioning for guys making a hard cut to 285. They were both stuck on terrible football teams (in AK, which is even worse) and never went to any camps so they are the definition of “under the radar”. Just take a peek. I promise you’ll be impressed, especially with the poly from Kodiak.