Injury Updates On Geneo Grissom & Dimitri Flowers

Image via ESPN

If you were watching Saturday’s Red/White game, there were a couple tense moments for OU fans as both DE Geneo Grissom and FB Dimitri Flowers both suffered what looked to be some sort of knee injuries.

As Bob Stoops was meeting with the media shortly after the conclusion of the game, he already had the answer to the question he knew everyone would have. And, fortunately, the news was of the good variety.

Grissom had his legs taken out from underneath him on a cut block from Keith Ford that the coaches certainly could not have liked in a practice type setting. While a sprained MCL and six week recovery time is certainly no picnic, it beats the heck out of an ACL tear. So thankfully Grissom will be fine for the coming season.

Stoops also confirmed what one particularly astute fellow self-diagnosed Flowers’ injury as a hyperextension of his left knee. So, again, fortunatley the stand out true freshman won’t miss any time and will also be ready to go once late August rolls around.

Really good news for both on what looked at the time like could have been potentially serious injuries.

  • Shifty

    Good news Jordan

    • SoonerKevin

      Bond was limping around early on, but came back from his what looked like an ankle roll.

      • Shifty

        Yeah he came back in so he’s fine…Flowers looked the worst but looks like Grissom’s will have the most time off…he’s going to have to learn to avoid that block to the knees better now that he’s a backer..that’s the main way a rb will try to block him during the season and he needs to stay healthy

  • soonerinks

    Flowers injury really scared me. He looked so good out there as a true freshman, it would have been a major bummer if he would have had a significant knee injury. Thankfully, it sounds like both Grissom and Flowers will be fine by the time August rolls around.

    • Shifty

      BStoops looked almost sick when it happened…he knows that Flowers is going to be a big part of our plans this season and on

      • soonerinks

        Yeah, I noticed that when they were interviewing him and he started walking towards where Flowers was. I think he had visions of losing a day one starter as a true freshman and how valuable he truly is.

        • Shifty

          Yeah when the tv zoomed in he went off screen and I assume he said something to Zach (good tackle but take it easy on our guys or something like that)…Zach was there to apologize when he got up

  • Learguy

    Good news indeed Dr Jordan!!! Flowers was very impressive today

  • Jason Vos

    why didnt Alex Ross see much time?

    • Shifty

      The good news is that it looked pretty hard to run against our 1 D and the D as a whole really…a patch O line against a pretty stout veteran D will do that..hopefully the talk about Ross is true and the coaches were just being precautions since they know what they have in Ross..he had injury issues in the past so maybe they didn’t want to risk too much since he was talking 1 snaps

  • ND52

    Grissom had his legs taken out from underneath him on a cut block from Keith Ford that the coaches certainly could not have liked in a practice type setting.

    Why on earth would you do that when your QB is wearing a blue-jersey and is virtually untouchable?

    • j l

      QB’s got sacked like 10 times, he was probably trying to avoid getting chewed out lol. So he ends up getting chewed out for a different reason.

  • Rees Bear

    Ford probably regrets this more than anyone- just playing in the moment with the voices of his coaches resounding in his head that any starting RB at OU WILL BE a good blocker.

    Good thing everyone will be alright.

    • Shifty

      Grissom is going to have to learn to fight off that block since he will see it a lot playing backer