Five Sooners Invited To 2014 NFL Combine

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Thursday afternoon the NFL released their official 2014 Scouting Combine invite list and the University of Oklahoma was well represented with five invites to now former Sooners. The combine will once again take place in Indianapolis and will be held February 22-25.

Aaron Colvin, Gabe Ikard, Trey Millard, Jalen Saunders, and Damien Williams were the five OU players who received invites. While Colvin and Millard will be unable to participate in the actual drills and/or workouts, with both recovering from knee injuries, they will take part in the interview process, which many believe can be just as important (if not more so) in terms of helping — or hurting — your draft stock.

Meanwhile, the trio of Ikard, Saunders, and Williams will of course also take part in the interview process as well as the physical workouts. All three of whom probably having something to prove to NFL scouts.

Ikard: There are no questions about his athletic ability, but there have been some concerns with respect to his overall strength and ability to hold up against the bull rush.

Saunders: Speed is certainly not an issue, although it will be interesting to see what kind of forty time he can put up, but size is something that is continually brought up in this evals. It’s not changing, so will the other aspects of his game be enough to overcome those doubting he can hold up? Didn’t seem to be a problem at Oklahoma.

Williams: Pretty obvious what the red flags are here after being dismissed from the program late in the 2013 season. Williams has always had NFL talent, the only question will be whether or not he can convince NFL personnel his off-the-field issues are behind him. A forty time in the low 4.4’s could help erase a lot of those question marks.


  • Swanny

    I think they’ll all have good showings. I think Gabe will freak some people out with his 40 time. Probably like Chester did a couple years ago. Very similar stories as far as move from TE to OL. I wonder if Saunders is faster than 4.45. I think his shuttle time will be ridiculous though. Williams could put a mean 40 together, but I question his shuttle time.

  • Steve Johns

    I understand why Damien Williams was invited but Brennan Clay should’ve been as well.

    • beavmiester

      So true. I though he really showed what he could do late in the season in high pressure situations. He’s got the talent, but he really showed the fight he has in him. Looking forward to Keith Ford showing that next season.

      • j l

        All they need to do is watch him get that 3rd down on the winning drive vs bama. That play was all heart and toughness on clays part.

        • Shelby is a Patriot

          Or the run for the win in OT vs Okie St! Brennan Clay is clutch.

    • Rees Bear

      I couldn’t agree more- to me, Clay was arguably the heart and soul of this team- always coming up with a big play when needed, never in trouble and always a team guy. Gotta think he’ll find a roster spot somewhere in the NFL, he deserves a shot.

    • SoonerinLondon

      Yep. Have to agree. Clay was a key part of this year’s team.
      On another note, anybody know if DWill is prepping at OU or if OU is supporting his efforts in the combine?

      • Sooner Ray

        I don’t have any facts but typically when you are dismissed from a team, you lose all access to the facilities. He will likely have to find his own workout facility and hope he can get some people interested in him.

  • Doobie74OU

    Clay not being invited is a bit of a shock! Especially since this year he showed the ability to make the “BIG PLAY” more often. I think he would be a great third down back for years in the NFL. Average Speed but Good Power, Great Blocking and Great Hands. Throw in that he can be a return guy and a core special teams guy and it really surprised he didn’t get a invite!

  • Sooner Ray

    Will Clay have his own pro day?

    • pitbull17

      He’ll most definitely be participating in the pro day that OU puts on for scouts wanting to get a look at him and the other players not invited to the combine.

      • Sooner Ray

        Someone will take a chance on that boy. He’s too damn tough to pass on.

        • pitbull17

          Couldn’t agree more!

  • OUknowitscomin

    Someone is going to get a steal with Saunders I think.

  • Adrian

    OU has a pro day also so Brennan Clay will get his chance to prove himself as well as our other Seniors. I think Bronson Irwin could get drafted late and I really hope Gabe Lynn and Corey Nelson get opportunities. Nelson could be a good Safety if the right coach mentors him

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    we have so many great players leaving, it’s hard to see not all of them are getting an invite. Gabe Lynn, Bester, Clay, Finch, etc. I’m cheering for them.

  • JJsooner1

    I’ll throw this out there. Is anyone reminded of Wes Welker when you watch Saunders play? Maybe with more speed? Am I nuts here?

  • JJsooner1

    How does Brennan Clay compare to Demarco? Or does he?

    • Doobie74OU

      IMO Murray is just a way better athelite! Murray was taller at 6′ compared to 5’10” heavier 213 lbs compared to 196 lbs Faster 4.41 avg 40 YD compared to 4.56 avg 40 YD. I will say that Clay stayed healthier which was a plus but even considering Clay was healthier he only ran for 1913 yards and 13 tds during his OU carrier compared to 3685 yds and 50 tds for Murrray. If Murray would have stayed healthy which is a big IF he would have really filled up the stat sheet even more. LOVE BOTH PLAYERS THOUGH!

      • JJsooner1

        Completely agree with you Doobie. Both are outstanding. I hope Brennan meets with a good measure of success. He was so clutch for us. Thanks for the analysis:-)

  • 38Special

    Kind of a slap in the face to Brennan Clay, if you ask me. A 4 year contributor, never been in trouble, led the Sooners in rushing as a Sr. and played an important part in late season wins vs KSU, OSU and a team called Alabama. Yet, they invite a guy with multiple suspensions who had zero to do with the team that finished the season on a roll.

  • JSam

    I don’t know how he’ll test out, but Bester is big and fast. As he came on late in the season, he really began to show that. That size and speed can’t be taught. I could see (and hope to see) him get a camp invite and maybe hang on somewhere for awhile.

  • Mr. CHE

    Does Corey Nelson have a shot at all in the league? Loved watching him play.

    • Jordan Esco

      He’s a good enough athlete that he should get a shot somewhere. At best, probably a late round pick I’d think. But at that point, you’d almost rather not get drafted so you can choose the best free agent route for you to potentially make a squad.

  • John Garner

    Thanx FB! Like some posters below I am surprised Clay wasn’t invited. I can’t imagine what the knock on him might be. Given a chance, I’m sure he will impress. Wish all the invitees the best.

    • j l

      Biggest knock is likely speed. A few times he broke through holes and couldnt pull away from defenders.

  • Tim A

    Best of luck to them all. More Sooner to root for I hope in the NFL.