Open Post | Monday, May 5th

– Oklahoma is still looking for a pass rusher in this class. While Marshall Bo Wallace is still on the board and Oklahoma remains a major player in his recruitment, OU has not given up on Baylor commit, Louis Brown. Brown and coach Montgomery are still in regular communication and Brown is still telling Oklahoma he will take an official visit. As a matter of fact coach Bobby Jack Wright will be down in Burton this week visiting Brown. I think the issue with Brown right now is simply that he hasn’t had a chance to get on campus but it sounds like Oklahoma isn’t letting up on him and the fact that he continues to communicate regularly with Oklahoma is a great sign.

– Coach Wright will also be in the Austin area visiting CB PJ Mabanasor at Hendrickson HS in Pflugerville tomorrow. Another DB prospect Oklahoma is going to want to keep their eye on when they get to Hendrickson is Keshawn Somerville. Somerville has speed to burn. He is a track star but unlike a lot of track runners, he’s a football player first and his track speed shows up on the speed. Coach Wright is a speed freak so I suspect he’s going to like what he sees out of Somerville.

– We also expect coach Wright to stop by Manor, HS this week to visit a couple of prospects that we’ve mentioned. The first is 2015 OG, Henry Mitchell. Mitchell actually grew up an Oklahoma fan so if an Oklahoma offer comes and other offers follow (which would likely happen) OU would still have an advantage. The other prospect at Manor is 2016 pass rush extraordinaire, Erick Fowler.

– I’m sure many of you have put Breiden Fehoko in your rear view mirror and moved on but I can tell you that while things are going to be tough, Fehoko and Oklahoma are not done yet. Oklahoma and Fehoko are still communicating and from what I gather coach Montgomery still plans on visiting Fehoko in Hawaii during the spring evaluation period. I haven’t confirmed but the visit may have actually happened late last week. It’s all being kept pretty quiet. I still believe Fehoko will take an official visit to Oklahoma.

– Random note that I thought was interesting…I was talking to a recruit last night and he actually mentioned coach Jerry Schmidt. He said he really liked him when he met him and said…”that dude reminds me of Captain America!” I thought it was interesting because you rarely, if ever, hear someone compliment a strength and conditioning coach. Schmidt needs to go ahead and embrace this Captain America thing and start walk around with a red, white and blue shield 🙂

– A new DLine prospect that y’all are going to want to keep your eye on is Austrian Robinson out of Pawling, New York. Robinson is a defensive end in our scheme. Robinson let me know that coach Montgomery will come by his school to visit and evaluate him later this week.

– I caught up with 2016 DL offer, Isaiah Chambers. From everything I’ve heard, Oklahoma coaches love Chambers (we haven’t looked at his film yet). Chambers seems to have really hit off with coach Jerry Montgomery but TAMU seems like it will be team to beat with him. Though I suspect TAMU’s momentum will have slowed even further by this time next year.

  • Jim

    Awesome weekend updates! Thanks! Interesting notes all around!
    FWIW, I had a dream we landed Mbanasor last night. I hope that was a good sign!

    • JY

      That’s a great dream!

  • Steve Cooke

    Boomer Sooner

  • Sooner Ray

    Sounds like we are still in the thick of things with many recruits, good to hear. I thought Schmidt already wore a Captain America outfit.

  • Steve Cooke

    Go check out Henry Mitchell’s twitter profile he has #BoomerSooner in it. @5HenryMitchell5

  • John Garner

    Thanks FB. Great updates.

  • Steve Cooke

    Finally found out how to do a screen shot on a galaxy s5.

    • Jim

      So he’s committed??

      • Zack

        I had the same reaction I don’t think he’s been offered yet and I think one reason might be the nsfw pics on his twitter. We don’t need another metoyer.

        • Jim

          Exactly. I pulled up his page, scrolled down for a sec, and said, “oh $h1t. That’s not good”. In general, I’ve got no problem with porn, but it’s not something meant to be on FULL public/internet display (i.e. Twitter); ESPECIALLY for a 17-yr old.

          • Zack

            He’s not the only recruit out there with stuff like that on twitter. I don’t get understand where these kids get the idea that is acceptable.

          • Super K

            Henry grew up a sooner fan. Trust me. When we found henry his page was all Sooners. In other words he didn’t post that stuff because an OU website suddenly found him. That’s just him. His uncle is a sooner fan and he indoctrinated henry with it at a young age.

          • Zack

            I like that he’s an ou fan, we were talking about some of the photos he’s tweeted are pretty much porn.

          • Super K

            Yikes. Didn’t see that

  • Jordan Esco
    • Doobie74OU

      WOW! he was really high on Tennessee after visit and they are not in Top 4 now! Guess signing that other QB lowered them quite a bit! Interesting to see were OU ends up on the list!

      • soonermusic

        this is the kind of stuff that bothers me about the whole process. Top 15…in order…at 6:30 pm.. the world is waiting with baited breath, I guess. I’d better get over it. These kids are gonna be made to feel entitled no matter what. Btw, he just said those four would be on the list, he didn’t say they were near the top. Tenn is probably still there.

        • Zack

          The funny thing is it says “in order” but my guess is he will release the list and then reiterate several times that it’s in no particular order. Either way I still like this kid he doesn’t seem to act like a kid on twitter. I haven’t listened to pat jones in awhile but I know he would lose his mind if he saw what goes on, on twitter.

  • Richard North

    Denton Guyer HS just got a move in quarterback from the high school where my cousin coaches. He will be a sophomore next year and I have heard he already has an offer from Nebraska. Anyone know anything about him? Is he on our radar?

  • Jordan Esco
    • rphdenton

      ….don’t remember, did ou recruit this guy and he never had an interest?..thxs

      • Super K

        We did in HS but there was no communication between OU and Mitchell for this transfer thing.

  • Richard North

    My cousin is the head coach at Fort Worth Chisholm Trails and his quarterback just transferred to Denton Guyer HS. He will be a sophomore and, supposedly already has an offer from Nebraska. Anyone know anything about him and are we looking at him?

  • Stephen

    Not really anything big, but I was watching some arena football yesterday and found one of OU’s former receiver Adron Tennell playing for the Spokane Shock.

    • SoonerPhins

      Highly regarded recruit, but never started a game for OU

  • SilverFox

    Can you smell whats cooking?

  • Stephen

    Torrance Gibson just tweeted out his Top-15, top 5:
    Ohio State

    And Oklahoma bringing up 6th place…

    • Zack

      I think ou has a chance to move back up especially if they get an official visit from him. I know Tennessee already has a 4* verbal and I think lsu might also. And since torrance is waiting til after his season at least I think ohio state might have a 4* verbal by then at qb. I think ou has the luxury of waiting him out.

  • bmrsnr

    Good news on Darrell Williams.
    Can you guys give any info on him?

    • Jim

      Yeah, I was shocked to see this last night. Sounds like someone is really putting in some work on this guy. I would love to hear some extra info on this guy.