Open Post | Monday Jan. 20th (Updated: 10:35 pm)

Figured we’d do an open post today as well. If you see anything out there please post it in the comments section. Also, let us know how you feel about us doing these “open post”s more regularly in order to try and catalog the little bits of information that might be floating around.

– Last night Jason Jewell confirmed that OU LB target Ismael Murphy-Richardson has committed to Arizona State.

– Also, wanted to bring to y’alls attention that Louisiana safety Donovan Wilson will be taking a visit to Texas A&M this weekend. Why is this of interest? 1. It’s of interest to me because I know Donovan’s coach and I’ve always been confused by the lack of interest in Donovan so I’m personally glad to see he’s starting to get some attention 2. Donovan actually camped at OU – and had a good camp in fact 3. The fact that TAMU is getting involved with Donovan this late might corroborate what we’ve been saying about Steven Parker, specifically that we will feel very optimistic about where Oklahoma stands. In other words it might indicate that TAMU doesn’t feel good about where they stand with Parker.

– Coach Montgomery is on his way to Hawaii. This is his second time to visit Hawaii in a fairly short period of time so he’s clearly making his recruits down there a priority.

– Talked to Tristan Hill, the OT out of Mustang that we’ve been publicizing and Coach Bedenbaugh called him again yeseterday. Coach Bedenbaugh was up front with him about the current scholarship situation. He let him know that they might not have room but they do like Tristan so there is a chance. Either way we are happy to see him go from being a relatively unknown prospect with only division II offers to a prospect who has received multiple division I offers and is now receiving attention from bigger BCS schools like NC State, Baylor, Washington State and Oklahoma. There is a lot more talent in Oklahoma than people truly realize. It’s not always polished but it’s there.

UPDATED (1:17 pm): AtlantaSooner below notes that Coach Montgomery is traveling to Hawaii to see Brandon Fehoko and Canton Kaumatule

UPDATED (1:19 pm): Natrell Curtis confirms that coach Stoops and coach Kish did an in-home visit today.

UPDATED (1:20 pm): JUCO OT, Dominique Robertson has committed to KSU. If OU really had the choice here, it would seem they made theirs and let him know this morning. Got to wonder what this says about how they feel about their chances with Frison and McNeil

UPDATED (1:22 pm): Didn’t get a lot of details from McNeil’s coach since they are off for MLK but he confirms that Lukayus had a good visit to Indiana this past weekend.

UPDATED (9:08 pm): Juwan Dowels commits to Syracuse. Big pick up for them!

UPDATED (9:40 pm): I know some of y’all are concerned about the tweets that Steven Parker put out earlier. The tweets were: “Makes me so mad when I think I’m close and then something comes up and yet I get farther away from my decision.” and “I have 2 weeks left of this process and man it’s going to come down to the wire…” The TAMU in-home visit was today and that may very well have prompted the tweets. I’ve only had a little communication with his dad today and it was before the visit and we were talking about something unrelated. I’ll catch up with him later. I know I’m not giving y’all much specific info on this front but I’m limited in what I can say. However, we’re still very optimistic. Steven’s father understands this process and is guiding him through the process and trust me that’s a good thing. If I start to sound less optimistic – then you know what’s up.

UPDATED (10:35 pm): Seminole HS star RB, Papi White has committed to Southern Miss!