Offensive Line Targets – Jamal Danley

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Last week we talked about Oklahoma’s OL situation and K mentioned that he’d try to summarize where our recruiting stands with a number of our targets. Needless to say with two talented OL already committed a number of very interested targets Oklahoma is sitting in a pretty good spot. And at the OL position that is critical.

I wanted to talk a little bit about one the JUCO OL that Oklahoma is targeting right now.

Jamal Danley is a JUCO offensive tackle that has been talked about a lot. Jamal plays at Eastnern Mississippi Community college which is LaColton Bester’s old school. In watching his film he looks to me like he’s a right tackle or a guard. He’s athletic enough to play tackle, but he’s not necessarily the kind of prototypical athlete you’d expect to see on the left side. Make no mistake, the guy is plenty athletic, but just projects to the right side in my opinion.

Jamal goes 6’4″ 305, and is very thick in his lower body. He’s a December grad, so he’d have the opportunity to come in at semester and go through a spring. With Tyrus and Daryl graduating, along with Frison, Paul and Brown(if he makes it in) being freshmen, the guys you have on campus who wouldn’t be considered a developmental prospect are few and far between. Farniok would be the only guy who will have played any considerable time, so the need to get guys in the fold who are ready to go for 2015, is of the utmost importance. You never know, a guy like Sam Grant or Christian Daimler could be at the weight they need to be by next spring, so the offensive tackle position is going to be one of the more intriguing story lines entering spring 2015. But clearly Oklahoma feels their safest bet is to bring a JUCO tackle in that can man the position right away.

With Trevor Knight entering his Junior year by then, and perhaps established as a star in the league and maybe the nation, the emphasis on protecting him and opening holes for that stable of studs that Coach Gundy keeps churning through the backfield couldn’t be at a higher level.

Recruiting Notes:

– We’ve had a chance to talk to Danley and he said that coach Bedenbaugh is indeed recruiting him as a tackle but he is personally open to playing either position.

– As noted last week, Danley has changed his visit date to Oklahoma to July 14th.

– He has publicly stated that his top two schools are currently Oklahoma and Mississippi State

– Jamal also told us that he expects to make a decision shortly after his trip to Oklahoma.

– He did recently take a trip to Mississippi State and when we asked him about it, he didn’t have anything to say nor did he having anything glowingly positive. That might mean something but it also might simply be that as a JUCO player, this decision for Danley isn’t so much about glitz and glamour but more a business decision. In other words, where is the best opportunity, the best coaching and the best opportunity to make it to the next level.

– Related to the previous note, in talking to Danley it’s clear that Oklahoma has impressed upon him their track record as coaches in developing NFL caliber offensive linemen. And of course, as mentioned above there will be two open tackle spots that Danley will have the opportunity to come in and win.


  • thegoodmagneto(CJ)

    JY-If you were to give him a score what would it be from 3.5 to 5.0?

    • JY

      I don’t know about a score. I think the guy has the potential to be very good for us or whereever he chooses to go. If he polishes up his technique I’d say that he’s got the potential to be a four star type of guy. If I had to put a score on him now I’d say a 3.5 or 3.7. He has the tools however to become a 4.2 or 4.3 type of guy.

      • Boom

        If he chooses OU, coming here in January will be advantageous for him. Coach B would have plenty of time to work on his technique. Glad he has the tools.

  • Sooner Ray

    I don’t mind Juco’s when we have a gap between experience and newcomers. I hope this kid pans out.

  • Doobie74OU

    Great that we are in a good spot to land this guy! I agree with Sooner Ray that Juco’s are great to fill between our new guys and inexperienced guys. It would be great to get him and it also keeps open the Mississippi connection in recruiting!

  • Brian

    Don’t forget Josiah St. John! He redshirted last year so he’ll be a RS Junior this year…senior going into next season.

    • hOUligan

      Hope you’re right and not the Sooner Sports roster where he’s listed as a SR.

      • J.K. Abbott

        I don’t know the Double A in’s and out’s of the redshirt rule but if my memory serves me St John played some last year

  • Eric Tauriainen

    “With Trevor Knight entering his Junior year by then, and perhaps established as a star in the league and maybe the nation, the emphasis on protecting him and opening holes for that stable of studs that Coach Gundy keeps churning through the backfield couldn’t be at a higher level.” — Oh, how I love it when a plan comes together!

  • Ed Cotter

    Thanks for the update. Was wondering where OU was sitting with Danley, and it looks to be a very good place. BOOMER!!

  • J.K. Abbott

    My eyes tell me that Bobby Joe’s boy starts at Tackle as a redshirt Frosh. Evans is a special talent. Future NFL Left Tackle talent IMO.

    • Boom

      Unfortunately, that still leaves a year gap. Hopefully one of the OLmen steps his game up this year.

      • J.K. Abbott

        I hear ya Boom. That’s why getting a Juco tackle that can play is a priority. In a perfect world maybe a Juco that can play LT to allow Evans to play RT for a year as a redshirt Frosh before moving to LT. LT is a different animal but Evans is your protypica LT prospect. TE type athlete.

        • Boom

          With you brother and that would be the perfect scenario. There are a couple of JC guys out there but the one we wanted committed to TT.

        • Boom

          Really interested in Frison and his development. Based on TFB’s long ago post, he’s really athletic but raw since he hasn’t played football that long. Can’t wait for Smitty & Coach B to work with him.
          To me, Brown needs time for Smitty to work with him so it could be a couple of years.

          • J.K. Abbott

            Hopefully Frison and Evans will be anchors at Tackle for years to come. I know Coach B and Mont went after Frison hard like no other. They flew out on like a Sat night right before the final dead period before NSD. That tells me he has bigtime potential in the grand scheme of things.

  • hOUligan

    JY, who do you see taking the LT spot in 2015? If OBrown doesn’t make it in, it’s FR Frison, Daimler, Farniok or Grant. Was thinking the staff was bringing in a juco LT prospect but sounds like Danley is best suited to RT or OG. And OG isn’t much better with only Nila and Alvarez and whichever FR they can sign. I am uber concerned for next season.

    • Fear The Magic

      We desparately need to get some of those kids some playing time this year. Hopefully we have a few blowouts so that Farniok, Daimler, Grant etc can get some real game experience. Id hate to think they’d be starters next year and going in cold turkey.

      • J.K. Abbott

        I hear you FTM. Get them reps in games that are out of hand.

    • J.K. Abbott

      For LT?? Out of the above mentioned hopefully OU finds a quality Juco this year who can play LT in 2015 while Evans Redshirts and Evans will be the man at LT for years to come. If Evans continues to grow in size, strength and technique I could see him starting as a red shirt freshman. Evans has been blessed with special ability and frame that NFL executives salivate for in LT’s.

      • J.K. Abbott

        I don’t make it a habit too hype athletes that haven’t started their Senior year in HS but Bobby Joe’s kid has a skill set that can’t be coached. He has a chance to be special.

        • Boom

          J.K. after some newness wears off on the school down south, maybe Little will re-think his decision and give us a shot. Evans would be done with a year and could share his thoughts of the OU experience. Tackle to Tackle talk, maybe you and JY understand this better than the rest of us.

          • J.K. Abbott

            that would be nice. I haven’t watched much of Little to TBH. When I first watching some Allen film last summer I was actually watching the Sams kid. The more I watched the more I became enamored with Tay. Tay just makes plays all over the place. Younger bro was playing Allen’s blocking TE when they went Ace or two TE package for short yardage. You could tell he was going to be a tackle. Used to be a hard sell to get kids to make that switch. Based on the last half dozen NFL drafts it’s a no brainer now. Not to mention with all the spread stuff a lot of teams have junked the traditional TE. The Sexy term now is the “flex ” TE.

  • Stephen

    Kind of off topic, but is the Board of Regents meeting today?

  • sooner4ever

    Thick in the lower body. That means he’s fat.