Cornelius Floyd Note (UPDATED: 4:21 pm)

Last month we reported that an official visit had not be set up yet for Florida DB, Cornelius Floyd, but Oklahoma was in the process of working on that. I’m still trying to confirm from a second source but it does appear that a visit may happen on January 24th.

Once I’m able to confirm one way or another I’ll update this post.

UPDATE: Alright just spoke to someone else about the Floyd visit and he said that a visit is indeed scheduled for January 24th however he said there does seem to be some uncertainty as to whether it’s going to happen. We aren’t sure if the lack of final confirmation of the trip is coming from OU’s side or from Cornelius Floyd’s side but there is a bit of uncertainty. I know that sounds strange but that’s what we’ve got for now. Again a trip is scheduled for Jan. 24th but whether it is going to happen is still somewhat uncertain.

Also for those who haven’t seen it, here are some older notes about Cornelius from right after his OU offer: