Cornelius Floyd Note (UPDATED: 4:21 pm)

Last month we reported that an official visit had not be set up yet for Florida DB, Cornelius Floyd, but Oklahoma was in the process of working on that. I’m still trying to confirm from a second source but it does appear that a visit may happen on January 24th.

Once I’m able to confirm one way or another I’ll update this post.

UPDATE: Alright just spoke to someone else about the Floyd visit and he said that a visit is indeed scheduled for January 24th however he said there does seem to be some uncertainty as to whether it’s going to happen. We aren’t sure if the lack of final confirmation of the trip is coming from OU’s side or from Cornelius Floyd’s side but there is a bit of uncertainty. I know that sounds strange but that’s what we’ve got for now. Again a trip is scheduled for Jan. 24th but whether it is going to happen is still somewhat uncertain.

Also for those who haven’t seen it, here are some older notes about Cornelius from right after his OU offer:

  • dahldennsull

    Tee Shepard now saying he will play sophomore year at a juco so looks like we can take another of the HS corners

  • ccmosaic

    Tee would be a great add, but I really think we need some 4 year guys. Grab Tee next year if he is able to finally qualify for a D1. As of now we need some 4 year depth that can grow into all conference type of backs. I hope we get Floyd.

  • Super K

    Added an update y’all.

    • dahldennsull

      Hate all the visits set for January 31, but hopefully coaches can kind of get a feel for what kids will be committing. Just saw Randolph has cancelled his visit to Louisville and will only be visiting OU, so have to think that one is a done deal, and from all the sounds of it Dowel will commit too.

      • dahldennsull

        And as I say that, I see Dowels is set for this weekend, so hopefully get that one there, can tell Floyd he can take a visit elsewhere to let him further his college search, and then get Randolph 31st as our other corner/safety prospect. Then we have room for other positions, as corner really isn’t an extreme need in my mind with crazy young depth at corner:
        Soph Taylor
        Soph Sanchez
        Soph Austin
        Junior Johnson

        Freshman LJ Moore
        Freshman Tito Windham
        Freshman Dowels
        Freshman Randolph as possibility

        That’s 7 corners who will have eligibility through 2016-17 season