CLUES: Offensive Line Recruit Speculation

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For those of you who didn’t see our post in the “Open Post” yesterday, Kenyon Frison decommitted from Utah. This happened almost immediately after he returned from his Arizona State trip.

If you’re like me you probably thought that means Arizona State is about to land him. And maybe they are. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone around Kenyon and I haven’t spoken to him in a while so I really can’t be certain. So I’ll give you all the “clues” I have been using in order to try to and speculate on where he might be going:

1. Decommits from Utah immediately after the ASU trip. Very suspicious and would seem to favor ASU.

2. Talked to a friend of mine that is committed to ASU and he said he’d try to find out some information but he did say, “I heard a lot about him (Kenyon)”. This particular commit isn’t an OL commit so the fact that he’s heard a lot about him might be saying that the ASU coaches have talked about Frison a lot to other commits because they feel confident. But again that’s just me guessing.

3. But then there is discussion I had with someone last night who got information directly from a coach at OU. He said the coach told him they are “trying to decide whether to take a HS OT or a JUCO OT”. The person I spoke to didn’t know the names but I’ve got to assume that the JUCO OT is Dominique Robertson who I mentioned in the recruiting summary last Friday. The coaches visited him recently. However the way the source relayed the information to me was as if Oklahoma could pick – as in my maybe they know they can get either this JUCO OT or this HS OT. I’m assuming the HS OT is Lukayus McNeil or Kenyon Frison. But then again maybe I’m reading too much into “trying to decide whether to take”.

4. Coach Montgomery is the lead recruiter on Frison and about 2-3 hours after Frison tweeted out his decommittment Coach Montgomery tweeted out:

Again, might not mean anything.

I know it’s just a mixed bag of information to speculate on something that we’ll all know the answer to soon enough, but that’s part of the fun of recruiting. So I figured you detectives might be enjoy it! If I can uncover anymore “clues” I’ll pass them along.

  • Sonny Schovanec

    For what it worth Ive heard that OU will take a HS OT over a JUCO OT at this point.

    • blaster1371

      That would make sense taking a HS OT over a JC player. After next season the o-line cupboard is mighty shallow in experience and depth. Taking another JC player now does nothing for 2016.

  • Indy_sooner

    Worth noting that BJW and Coach Mont. were the primary recruiters for Jordan Thomas, so he could’ve been responding to his commitment. Admittedly, I don’t know jack, so still keeping some fingers crossed for Frison

  • Cary Newman


    Is Mr. Hayes that “friend”?


  • Atlantasooner

    So the real question/mystery is 5 OL or 6 OL?
    If OU settles for 5 then Frison ends the class.
    But if OU pushes to get 6 if they can, do you go HS
    or JUCO?

  • John Garner

    I apologize for not being tweeter literate but what does Monty’s tweet mean? I hope it’s good news for OU.

    • John Garner

      Whoops! Make that “twitter”. Duh!

      • blaster1371

        Tweeter is tougher dialect of twitter; something like What speaking American is to How the English speak. But you have company…. I understand neither of them.

        • Sooner Ray

          Are tweets related to twits and twerps or are they all different animals. I’m glad I only had to learn English ( the American version, not England’s!)

          • blaster1371

            Twits and twerps come in any shape and size but are usually in between 11 and 17 years old. Now if someone says they get down with twerking they need to get off the the Miley Cyrus kick, because she is a tweaker who should not be twerking.

          • Sooner Ray

            Thank you bub for making all of that perfectly clear. I wasn’t sure if she was a twerking twit or a twitting twerker. Now I know! Lol.

  • Pokerman

    One of the tweets said 3 commits tonight. Of course, I don’t speak tweet so I could have misinterpreted it. 🙂